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I’m looking forward to Wednesday morning like a hole in the head, but I trust that — no matter how disgusted I may be — no person has the power to permanently eclipse my belief in the above.
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This. .. .. Thank you @laura_mckowen
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Goodnight mom. Missing you on what would have been your 74th birthday. I feel damn lucky to have gotten to know you as a friend in my grownup years. It was as if we had a second act. An unexpected, unplanned but very real second act. Love you.
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So today would’ve been my mom’s 74th bday. I’m sharing this because my dad, brother and I were just talking about what a hoot she’d have gotten out of this. I wish so much we could tell her about it. I wish so much she were here. .. .. ANYWAY: I was deeply worried about how my dad would fare, when I left Atlanta at the end of 2017. It was an IMMENSE comfort that my friend @icaresca & family moved in next door to him at about the same time. Mijha is one of the warmest, brightest humans I know. The way she and family have embraced my dad means a lot to me./ On another note: THE WORLD NEEDS @jambobooks! This is an awesome company and I’m thrilled to know the folks who started it.// On another another note: I love seeing my friend Sonya in this too. So grateful for my beautiful Atlanta Wellesley friends. They got me through my mom’s illness and passing and I love them very much.
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Farewell 2019. Thank you for your light. Thank you for your dark. Thank you for making me more resilient than I ever could have imagined. Thank you for the new friends, deepened relationships, laughter and love you’ve brought my way. Now, on to the next. BRING IT 2020! .. .. .. #NewHorizons #NYE#NYE2020 #newyearseve #LosAngeles #NYE
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Happy Holidays from Flo. #lightningmcqueen #auntlifeisthebestlife
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Happy birthday to the lady on the left: Rockstar friend, brilliant human & dancer extraordinaire... @jillianschmitz!🥳🥳🥳
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