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First and foremost, if your barber or stylist tells you otherwise about anything I say, THEY ARE RIGHT. I’ll say that again— YOUR BARBER OR STYLIST KNOWS YOUR HAIR BETTER THAN I DO. I can’t see your hair or feel it, they can. This is all a general thing that I’ve found applies to about 70% of the heads in my chair. Some people really do need a daily shampoo, but I couldn’t tell you anything about YOUR HAIR without touching it first. For the kind of hair I do, dirty hair is usually better. Let me repeat that again, FOR THE HAIR THAT I DO (this may not be the same for all stylists). I find that it styles more nicely. I have been telling (most of) my clients for years, don’t wash it if it doesn’t smell! Maybe get it wet and touch up the style, but that grease that comes off of your scalp is actually great for your hairstyle, and day old product usually looks better than it did on day one. Most men I know are used to shampooing their hair daily, but it’s possible (and I believe helpful) to clean all the other stuff without shampooing your hair. Clean hair is often extra poofy, while dirty hair cooperates. Let your hair get dirty enough to cooperate, but not dirty enough to stink. Barbers and stylists, how wrong am I? EDIT: (please read) I don’t want to get into discussing specific recommended routines, for the exact reason I mentioned in the very first sentence here. Everyone’s hair is different, everyone’s scalp is different, everyone uses a different shampoo and conditioner, we live in different climates and work different jobs. All I meant by any of this is that GENERALLY dirty hair styles better than clean hair does. That’s it.
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This photo was taken during last year’s @kraftlookbook. Check my second to last post if you’re interested in attending this year. It’s open to anyone, even if you don’t do hair. It’s a good time. Ps: I might need some models, so if you go, maybe we can cut your hair if you’re down?
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I had a huge informative flier to post about @kra@kraftlookbook but I know you’re scrolling and I don’t want to slow you down much so here’s some bullet points. •Hang out with and learn from myself and multiple other amazing stylists and barbers who are better and cooler than me. •Super casual fun party vibe with DJ’s and stuff. It’s not a stage show situation, it’s intimate and personal, we’re chillin. •July 1st •check out @kraftlookbook for more details!!!
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Don’t wait for an invitation (or a sponsorship, or even a place on the team) before you do what you want to do... You want to do product reviews? Write em up! Want to teach? Slap an iPhone video on YouTube! People are going to thank you for what you do before anyone will walk into your salon or barbershop and tell you that you should go do it.
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One week ago I cut like 18 inches off of Sara’s hair, then today she got her color done by my friend @hairbyhuntley, so I was able to get another photo of her recent haircut. One of the hardest things for me to do behind the camera is capture an actual laugh (which looks way better than a posed smile). I think this particular photo was taken as I was failing to get a laugh out of them.
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This guy asked me to buzz the sides of his hair short and slick the top back with pomade about 8 years ago. I thought he was crazy back then, nobody I knew was doing that... Now whenever he wants something different I’m proud and excited to work with him, then after we work together I watch the trends curiously to see if he’s on to something. Trending or not, this is my favorite haircut I’ve done this month. This hair was cut to a round shape and left heavy around the perimeter (except the fringe, which was rounded and slightly undercut), then the whole thing was shattered up with some deep point cutting. It was styled with @ADHbrand #ADHdry and a few hearty scalp rubs, but no hairdryer.
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