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In my life I can count on my hands the amounts of times I've flown, but best believe this is blasting during takeoff, during flight and during landing, #idontplayaround #giantmetalbirdinthesky
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The thirst is real..... #sundressseason
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A force of Nature #happymothersday
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To the woman that raised 6 kids and made it look effortless and the reason why I would get up early on a Sunday morning, A cruise was the least we could do for you cuz we owe you so much more.... Happy Mother's Day Mama. #mothersday #enjoyyourvacation
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Since today is supposedly #oldheadshotday, Gotta bless Tha internets with ya boy!!!!
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When Wakanda gotta get a shout out at the end #WakandaForever #wedding #weddingweekend
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They said freestyle and we took it from the #weddingweekend
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