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Shag by @ladybittybeauty styled using #ADHdry
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Haircut by @etthaneverett styled using #ADHbrand
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鈥淲hen my friend @and@andrewdoeshair brought to the masses his slogan "good hair doesn't come from a jar" I remembered immediately.... In the early 90's when I was a young barber my mentor would always stress "if you don't style with a hair dryer.. how is your work going to stand out from the rest? Can you really see if its even after you cut it ? Does it fall where you want it to? Did you give your client the best result possible? Products weren't as popular with men in those days and longer hair was still a thing, not to mention [Vanilla Ice] with big hair most young guys wanted.. there was only one way to achieve that kind of haircut and style.馃敟 HEAT馃敟, today is still the same. You want great hair? Get a hair dryer, ensure your barber teaches you how to get the best out of your hair with the haircut he designed .. And do it at home. There's no magic product or pomade . I'm happy that the word is out there and I echo @andrewdoeshair voice [a modern day hair genius!!] Good hair doesn't come from a jar" - @rtgtmiami
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Haircut by @dominik_koubek styled using #ADHwet
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#ADHdry and #ADHwet were developed by @andrewdoeshair to provide texture and a (dry or wet) finish with just enough hold that your hairstyle reacts to your day. Best used after proper blow drying, as taught by your professional. Available
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Haircut by @andrewdoeshair styled using both #ADHwet and #ADHdry
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In general, if your curly hair dries straight, it stays straight until it's wet again. Heat strengthens and speeds up this process. Use a brush to pull your curls straight while you blow dry it with high heat, and don't stop as soon as it's dry, stop after it's straight. Some hair is so curly and coarse that this takes a more intensive approach or even a flat iron. Visit your barber or hairdresser who teaches that good hair doesn't come from a jar to see just what it takes to handle your own curls. Once straightened, a matte finish can be provided with #adhdry or a shiny finish with a small amount of #adhwet (apply too much and your curls will come back). Both products available at - @andrewdoeshair
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