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Do you have what it takes to be a millionaire?💲 DAILY Motivational Posts Coming Your Way🔥 Leverage Our Passive Income Machine👇
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Do you have what it takes to be a millionaire?💲 DAILY Motivational Posts Coming Your Way🔥 Leverage Our Passive Income Machine👇
We all prefer to be not linked with the ordinary and rather be seen as the one who is extraordinary. It is a question that we need to ask ourselves today then, ‘have we really put in that extra effort that would make us the latter?’ People become extraordinary when they give up the desire to take up a shortcut every time and instead put in the actual required extra effort. #millionairemind
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Sitting and waiting for an opportunity to be served on a silver plate would bring you no good. The only thing that you would derive out of it would be a huge waste of your time and abilities. Rather stop whining over the absence of that much-awaited chance and take matters into your hand. Remember luck doesn’t make us rather we make our own luck. #millionairemind
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Perfection is an abstract idea; you can come close to it but not achieve it. In that endeavor you’ll come face to face with your own limitations and weaknesses, sometimes realizing it on your own and sometimes made to realize so, the very tough way. Embrace those weaknesses and limitations and work on them such that they are honed into your strengths. That would be the best gift you can give yourself. #millionairemind
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While it is good to struggle for more, you must not forget and overlook the blessings that you already have in life. Be thankful to Him for all the goodness that he has bestowed in your life in the form of your friends, family and the availability of the basic amenities that many have been deprived of. If your mind constantly keeps on shifting to all the things that you yearn for, then you will never have a moment of peace. #millionairemind
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💭 It is a fact acknowledged indefinitely that it is not possible for all to have a potential of similar nature. Different upbringing, culture, environment comes together to facilitate the ability of an individual thereby making him realize his self-worth. You cannot uproot an individual from his zone of excellence and rather test him on an absolutely different zone. That would not only be undermining but also overlooking the genius hidden in her/him. #millionairemind
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Life is meant to be a platform to experiment. You cannot and should not remain in your cocoon of comfort zone. It is only in that experimentation you realize what you are worthy of. You would then become ecstatic, ecstatic by coming a step closer to the meaning of life. It is that ecstasy that would madden you and it will be totally worth it. #millionairemind
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💭 Metaphorical indeed. All the noble people out there working for the betterment of others with great benevolence in their hearts never seek the limelight. You would find them in the darkest of places extending their helping hand to those in hand and bringing in whatever light and happiness they are capable of. That would be a life of charity and selflessness. #millionairemind
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💭 Righteousness never relied on its followers and neither will it in future. What is right shall continue remaining right even if it is just being supported by minority of a population. Not everyone is able enough to go for what is right as that is a path not alluring enough as the latter one. And what is alluring and easy would always attract more people. #millionairemind
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