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Mannequin in studio
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Studio. With artwork by my father.
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When in Otara... you got me started @purplier
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#gotchya! #Moi #manbehindthelens #manbehindthemag #editorialphotography #fashionphotography This #studio #selfie was really popular on Facebook even though my face is pretty much obscured ( maybe why Lol). For It captures the essence of ‘the moment’ (and even a manufactured moment like this)and taps into one of my fav BW films showing the photographer as fanatical superstar who falls into mystery Carlo Ponti’s Blowup and the question what/who is real and unreal, significant and gone tomorrow anyway. Also loved the wooden propellor prop he puts in the back of his sports car. It would look good in this cobblestone studio
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The spiritual side of #compositing. #grateful thanks to @margueritapitbull wealth consciousness movement for awareness that my 2011 modelis vintage as macs go, and it’s served me well - as it struggles epileptically through photoshop in safe mode . Mind you, it could be empathy for me as this shoot of amazing indigenous designer @c_y_castle was done unbeknownst to me, with a fractured clavicle , when I was originally told it was an RC sports kind of injury,. (Like an All Black might get!)#monalisasmile #arefriendselectric #magazine layout shot at Skycity Convention Centre #auckland @tosha_silver
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