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I live vicariously through @lil@lilmigsbigworld. He lives everyday as if it’s his last. He’s done more in 21 years than most do in a lifetime. Hopefully he inspires you like he does me. Follow his journey through his blog located in the header of @lilmigsbigworld
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Feliz cumpleaños a mi hijo, te quiero mijo. At 15 years old Miguelito @lilmigsbigworld left home to pursue a career as a professional equestrian. He traveled the country coast to coast , riding horses for top trainers and competing at big horse shows. He took himself on a college tour across the country and chose #americanuniversity where he studies international business. Since starting school, he’s traveled abroad (Alone, by himself) to England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and India. Last year He was a victim of police brutality in MADRID SPAIN (still dealing with this), and it was the biggest nightmare of my life. Many people look at me crazy for allowing my son to leave home so early and to allow him to travel the world ALONE. However, they never met my son. He’s incredible, he’s amazing, he’s fearless, he’s one of the most loving souls on earth and TODAY HE IS 21 years old! He can finally have a drink, legally (drinking age is probably 14 where he is now lol). To the best to ever do it, Happy Birthday Miguelito. Daddy misses and loves you. Travel safely and party responsibly! Until I see you again, I’ll be praying for your safety and happiness, Love Daddy!
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Nothing says confidence like a shirtless brother in a suit! If you have any doubt or weakness in your system, do not attempt this fashion trend! Tag somebody you feel could do this. #miguelwilsoncollection #tailoredsuits #customsuits #fashionstatement #menwithstyle #blacksuit #passionforfashion #menswear #formalwear
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I was recently asked by a friend “ Where was my bottom?” My lowest point in life. It wasn’t the days I was without money. It was the day my good name was destroyed. A friend called me to say he heard some bad things about how I was doing business with a large group of guys. They were very influential, and this was an opportunity to help me recover from my failed business. He asked me “What did I do to piss them off?” Fact was, I didn’t do anything. My point person in the organization had made some mistakes, and he knew they wouldn’t give him the money to fix it, so he lied on me and blamed me for the issues to get them to put the money up to fix the problems he created. I was devestated! I couldn’t sleep. Got up at 4 am and went on a run. It was pouring down raining. I cried the entire time I was running. I wanted to kill that guy. I was on the bottom with all these problems, and now they weren’t going to pay me based on the lies of this guy. On that run, I made my mind up to put every issue and every problem behind me. I drew an imaginary line in the sand. I stepped over that line and gave myself a new start. I left every problem on the other side of that line. There are people today that I assume take issue with me based on the lies and miscommunications of others. They won’t do business with me. Maybe even bad mouth me. I’m so thankful that God showed me, He is the decider of your fate, not man. Inspite of their desires to destroy me, God showed me the true extent of his power to raise you up and reward the faithful. No matter who is against you, no matter what mistakes you have made, there’s a better tomorrow in store. You just have to put your past behind you, learn from your mistakes and have faith. He will raise you up for all to see, especially those that would love to see you fail. Eventually you won’t care about what any of them think. Your success will do all the talking that needs to be said!
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Wedding Season is upon us! Here is your opportunity to work with the #1 Wedding Designer for Men in the country. If you want to look phenomenal on your wedding day, call 404-330-8626 to schedule a consult with one our exceptionally talented and gifted designers. We offer a great selection of ready to wear options as well as limited edition pieces and custom crafted designs. We also offer remote services, for those that can’t come to us. For those that want custom designs for the entire wedding party, I will fly in personally to do the fittings. #miguelwilsonweddingcollection #becauseitshisdaytoo®️ #weddings #grooms #brides #weddingfashion #Groomattire #groomsmen #tuxedos #customsuits #tailoredsuits
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Save the date Sept 17th - Sept 20th 17th - Garden Cocktail Party 6-10 pm 18th - Polo Ball (Black Tie) 9-1 am 19th - Polo’s and Pumps Brunch / Day Party (Rooftop) 20th - Fashion and Polo Classic (Day party, Fashion Show, Polo Match)
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As an entrepreneur, repeat business is best reward for a job well done! Thanks @lilbaby_1 #miguelwilsoncollection #fashion #phippsplaza #formalwear #redcarpet #grammys
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Finally, something for the ladies. Our newest team member @desiigner_tee modeling #miguelwilsoncollection Ladies Tuxedo! Available in a variety of colors and styles. These are custom made.
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