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Official IG. Awarded R&B Singer. CEO @BentleyRecords|@MIXZtv|@LuxoAir|@LuxoTravels|@BentleyModelsNY|@XKONshop President @LuxoGroupIntl 🌎 #BentleyGang
I live in the 60s... What happened to the Gentlemen who opened the doors for the Ladies? 📸 @cpr____ @LuxoAir @LuxoGroupIntl
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Happy to have the incredible @Tina_Karol as a part of the @BentleyRecords family. She is one of the most IMPECCABLE vocalists I’ve heard in my life, and also a very genuine person. So you already know we are about to make some PHENOMENAL music! I promise this album is gonna be SPECIAL. S/o to her team & all the amazing people who’s a part of this great project. “Artists”/“labels” nowadays use all types of cheap gimmicks to push the music, but we will let the music speak for itself ;) “We don’t just make music, we create Classics” #TinaKarol #BentleyRecords #BentleyGang #BGOD #History #GodsPlan
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It was a privilege to be flown to one my most favorite airports in the world Paris, Charles De Gaulle 🇫🇷 by these two empowering ladies flying the worlds biggest aircraft, the giant Airbus A380! Captain Sophie is Etihads first female captain & First Officer Aisha Etihads first Emirati female pilot for A380. These ladies are an inspiration for all the young girls out there to aspire higher! S/o to @EtihadAirways & crew for welcoming me as always & to the upper deck chief purser my friend Michael who made sure the journey was fun! #EtihadAirways #LuxoAir #LuxoGroupIntl #BentleyGang #Paris #AVGeek #A380 #BlessUp
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7 years ago I was homeless, I recall sleeping inside elevators at train stations during cold winter nights. I literally lived on tuna. Tonight I sleep at the Presidential Suite @StRegisAbuDhabi.. S/o to my good people there for the complimentary upgrade! I tell the kids you can do what I do, just focus. I wanna share my blessings with as many people as possible. Cause I know that‘s why God put me in this position. Todays also a special day @MIXZtv officially had it’s first worldwide broadcast. And @BentleyRecords moved to our new office at 14 Wall. S/o to @Teevx for lookin into that. S/o to the team and everybody behind the scenes who share my vision, even when i‘m in a plane somewhere LOL. At the end of the day it ain‘t money or possessions what matter, it‘s what we create. Cause that lives FOREVER. #StRegisAbuDhabi #BentleyGang #LuxoGroupIntl #Vision
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Happy New Years 2019 my good people! Wishing all of y‘all more success, good health & most importantly happiness & inner peace. 2018 was an incredible year for me. I appreciate everyone who supported me during the year. It was ALOT of work. We worked on many projects, some succeeded, some we had to put on hold, but my good people stick with me at all times❤️ appreciate y’all! I was on the road non-stop, which was tiring at times, but i‘ve learned to enjoy it. Met some great people in different parts of the world too. Being an #AVGeek flew on many top class First & Business products on many different careers American, AirFrance, Emirates, Etihad, China Eastern, China Southern, Delta, FlyDubai, Jet Airways, KoreanAir, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, SriLankan Airlines, Thai Airways, Trans Maldivian etc. And on a wide range of aircrafts Airbus A320, A321, A330, A340, A380 & Boeing 737, 737 Max, 777 etc. Still haven‘t had the chance to fly the A350 or the Dreamliner, hopefully this year tho :) Thanks to all the crews who take care of me like a lil baby lol. I ended last year by making some major lifestyle changes by quitting smoking and alcohol(finna stick to wine tho lol). And started this year by signing one of the biggest deals of my career, best believe we finna ELEVATE this year. God is GREAT! Wishing erryone an incredible year! WE CAN ALL WIN THIS YEAR! Lets work hard! Lets Get It! 2020 is gonna be the biggest EVER! ✊🏽 #2018 #2019 #HappyNewYear #LucaDayz #BentleyGang #LuxoAir #LuxoGroupIntl #Vision2020
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Feels damn good to be charted alongside the likes of greats such as big bro Pharrell, Ellie Goulding, MAGIC!, Kelly Klarkson, Michael Bublé, Kendrick Lamar etc. Big s/o once again to the @WarnerMusicSG fam & to @BentleyRecords #BentleyGang!! After all these years of hard work & dedication I still ain’t had a record on Billboards :/ But I promise on errythn next year tho(like i said i got some major records coming out with some major artists🔑+ i literally speak shit into existence lol)! I owe it to everyone who’s supported me over the years, even in small ways💯. LD truly appreciates y’all! #LucaDayz #RnB #Classics #🐐
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My new official single after 3 years just came out. Ever since it became so easy to make music, music has become merely a gimmick for cheapskates for „views“ & „likes“ than art. I don‘t release music all the time cause I invest my time to make ART of the highest quality. Putting the best producers, artists, songwriters, engineers etc from all around the world together. Special thanks to Kai Boon, Lennat and the whole @WarnerMusicSG team for making this project a reality. Specially to the boss Mr.Simon who‘s been supporting my career since day 1 🙏🏽! Very proud of the producer, my longtime friend from Cologne, Germany @DJSQ for perfecting his sound for this record!(I bugged the shit outta this dude for like a year tweaking shit lol). S/o to @WestCrav who‘s been a part of @BentleyRecords since day one. S/o to the two talented boys all the way from Australia @Lenken_I & @MathewGarufiMusic. S/o to the Bentley Records team and everyone else who was part of this project. For all you artists out there, invest in your craft. I got some major projects coming out next year with some major acts(not cardi b). Stay tuned LD ❤️ STREAM: BUY: #LucaDayz #BentleyRecords #WarnerMusicSG #BentleyGang #NewMusic
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The hate is REAL but the love is REALER! Y‘all welcome my brotha @AyooKD1 to @BentleyRecords A star in the making 🤘🏽🤘🏽
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