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« Believe me when I tell you that I love the color pink » . . . #JuliaMichaels #Pink 🔞
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Deus o receba meu irmão, vai deixar saudades 😭 #thiago obs: A ficha não caiu 😢
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仮面ライダービルド 日付変わって本日28話放送です。 さぁて、紗羽さん😢 心がチクチクのズキズキ。 朝9時から、是非ご覧下さいまし!
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While you've spent the past 2000 days on planet Earth, our Curiosity rover has been exploring another world entirely. The rover just hit a new milestone: its two-thousandth sol on Mars. A sol is slightly longer than an Earth day at 24 hours and 40 minutes. This mosaic taken by the rover looks uphill at Mount Sharp, which Curiosity has been climbing since 2014. Highlighted in white is an area with clay-bearing rocks that scientists are eager to explore; it could shed additional light on the role of water in creating Mount Sharp. The mosaic was assembled from dozens of images taken by Curiosity's Mast Camera (Mastcam). It was taken on Sol 1931 back in January. The formation of clay minerals requires water. Scientists have already determined that the lower layers of Mount Sharp formed within lakes that once spanned Gale Crater's floor. The area ahead could offer additional insight into the presence of water, how long it may have persisted, and whether the ancient environment may have been suitable for life. Curiosity landed on the Red Planet in August 2012 and has traveled 11.6 miles (18.7 kilometers) in that time. In 2013, the mission found evidence of an ancient freshwater-lake environment that offered all the basic chemical ingredients for microbial life. Having studied more than 600 vertical feet of rock with signs of lakes and groundwater, Curiosity's international science team concluded that habitable conditions lasted for at least millions of years. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS #nasa #space #mars #redplanet #curiosity #rover #spacecraft #mountsharp #planet #sol#solstem #life #search #science #rocks #explore #2000 #sol #day
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B777 Touching Down! Rate this landing 1-10 😍✈️ 🤙🏻👎🏻By 👤 ©️ @syd@sydneyspotting ➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖ 🌎Airline: Cathay Pacific 🇭🇰 ✈️Airplane: B777 📍Location: Sydney ➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖ VIDEO BY ©️ @sydneyspotting ➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖ AVIATI0N1 BY CHARLES
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