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I attempted to make an OC based off of the polls I put in my story earlier, but in the end I just ended up designing this sweetheart. She doesn’t have a name yet so for now I’m just calling her the Vatican’s bride bc that’s where she’s from in her story.✨ hope u guys like her ;w; #nunoc
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毎日お腹すいて起きる😂✌️🌈 夜にどんだけ食べても 朝お腹すいてるんだもん🥺 セブ留学中は、勉強と並行してトレーニングもたくさん出来てるので、身体もシェイプアップして帰りたいなっ!!💕😍🔥 ・ #短期留学 #セブ #フィリピン #gymgirl #fitnessgirl #トレーニング #ジム
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6u State Champs for Miss P & her team! 🥇 So very proud of these little nuggets, they steal my heart every time we’re on the field! She got her first ring, on her way to catching up with her brothers! 💍
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Pop corn By @eden_table . Tag temanmu Awas @laperbaper . .
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#fathersday My Life My Happiness My Strength
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