「Wasted Nights」が主題歌として起用されるている映画「キングダム」が、本日2019年4月19日より全国東宝系にて公開! https://kingdom-the-movie.jp/
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I’m still waiting RiRi
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I ain’t gone lie 😂😂😂 I’m n deep thought rn🤦🏾‍♂️
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i just signed a deal i’m on 😤
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화장실을 자주 가긴하는데 오늘아침밥먹고 몸무게 잿는데 2키로 빠져잇듐? 와우 양파즙먹고자서 그렁가.... 😌 그래도 하복부지방은 오지구요😘
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Great gig tonight in St. Petersburg, FL @ Al Lang Stadium! Thanks for the incredible energy & it was great to see so many friends after the show! Love you guys!💗
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