SUMMER IS BACK 🔥☀️ (where are you traveling?)
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Lol lil smurf😭💙2 More Days Of school Left‼️ (Wby?? Drop Your Comment Down Below👇🏽) #explore #viral #explorepage
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The Lakers power structure looks...different 🤔
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Eles estão muito lindos, né?❤️😍❤️(📸 @choquei)
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We have had an incredible time in Nairobi this weekend. Revolutionary community & conversation has a way of recharging and reminding us of the individual roles we play in creating a safer, more equitable and more FREE world for ALL. . Swipe for some clips from the conference we attended on Sunday. The focus was moving BEYOND whiteness & the role artists play in the revolution. Professors, poets, writers, musicians, pastors - young folks, older folks - those who create and those who consume art. . One thing we were reminded of on Sunday was the need for all of us to recognize the ways in which we are still aligning ourselves with whiteness. Working to become anti-racist is not just a process for white folks. We have learned, we have internalized many of the same lies & toxic belief systems. . So no, white people are NOT the problem, white supremacy is & anyone can choose whether to continue to align themselves with or actively move away from it.
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I’m cutting em off it’s not too much small talk 🤞🏾
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After Don McGahn skipped a House hearing, Rep. Jerry Nadler said the conduct is 'not remotely acceptable.'
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