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Perception is what shapes our reality. . You see, people always have a perception about who you are, before they even talk to you. . Think about a moment in your life, where you walked down the street and saw someone you didn't know. . You instantly had a perception about that person's personality. . And that’s why it’s critical to dress for success. . Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. . And what I’ve noticed is, when you look good, you feel good... . … and when you feel good, you perform 10X better. . So why not give yourself that extra advantage in life and in business? . Comment below if you're always looking for the slight edge.
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Armed with three film cameras, @inscotts captured her Fashion Month experience in a series of candid shots; they offer a glimpse at the lighter moments that occur within each model’s international show tour. To wit, when asked for her fashion month high, Scott replied: “It’s hard to pick just one high of fashion month because every day is filled with such worthwhile moments!” Tap the link in our bio to see more.
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Hi baby..Congratulations to my beautiful cousin and her hubby to be..We are getting married baby..well they are😂 @nneka_nlo u baby
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Domingo de canciones... .... coleccionista de canciones. 🤔
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The boots are literally wearing me , why my face so awkward 🙃ps in the last pic I look like a who from whoville?! Init ??!
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cuantos asi?🤣🤣
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#verbier #skivacay #swissalps #switzerland with #friendslikefamily❤️ #funmemories❤️ for once I’m not dancing with a chiffon saree on!😂😂😂😂😂
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