Wanna see HEYOON 🇰🇷 do a K- Pop medley?? Go check out her #ThisIsMeEpisode OUT NOW on our YouTube channel! 💥
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อุณหภูมิตอนนี้กับในรูป ต่างกันแค่ 35°เอง🍁 #tb #seoulโลโลโลโลโลโล่
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Running as one. 🚀
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Have been away from social media these past few days. If adulting means I can manage my whole 24 hours in a day efficiently, then heck, I'm still nowhere near 🙃🙃🙃 These past few days I've been wishing for more hours in a day. Spending time with my mom, working on my dream project (unfolding soon!), making sure photo deadlines are met, and making time for my weekly therapy. I love every second spent and I'm grateful 🖤 Just wish sometimes I can press pause and bask myself in it longer. God is good 🖤🖤🖤
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Sobat Shopee! Hayooo, Kamu yang mana di antara #TimMieGoreng atau #TimMieKuah? 🧐 Share jawaban kamu SEBANYAK-BANYAKNYA di kolom komentar! 😜👇🏻 #ShopeeID
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Tonight our family welcomed the sweetest little pea, my newest granddaughter Armani Maria Myra Littles weighing only 5lbs 9oz 18" long. Her mama was so incredibly strong, laboring and delivering all natual. I honesty have so much respect for her, she has brought me the most incredible gifts in my two perfect angels! Thank you God for keeping her safe and bringing us a tiny little fighter!! We are so in love!!!! #grandbaby #ourlittlefighter #themostamazinggift #familyovereverything #thankyouGod
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😏 Rule #1
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Not my little sister, but I wish she was! 🍬💜 #triplethreat
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