Remembering the good times with Charles when he ran good! Kinda sad to be letting him go after so long 😭🖤
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Happy birthday @therealec3 !!!
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Who’s Ready!? 😱 @theslumpgod
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다시 열심히😷
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Two years ago at 22 I was sleeping on my mama couch. No money, no job , just writing songs all day, tryna make 20 dollars stretch for a week. Couldn’t afford to buy my new born diapers , even had to steal sometimes to eat. Everybody was confused as to why I was putting so much energy in a dream that was so far fetched. Studio time , posters, cds. Some people didn’t see what I saw. The odds were against me 10 to 1. But one thing is facts I always told my mama and my family. just give me time. Ima be somebody. I don’t know when it’s gonna happen... but it’s gonna happen. I got talent , I got drive, it’s gonna work out ! Just trust and support me , help me along the way! I left my city broke a year and a half ago to go pursue my music, 2 years later after leaving my city on the bus , I pulled back up bossed up in a foreign , Able to feed my family, buy a 1000 boxes of diapers if I wanted to , buy anything I want to eat . I say that to say ! If u gotta dream. Don’t get discouraged. Believe in yourself. Be your own biggest fan regardless of what people think ! April 5th 2018 my birthday !!!! I’ll be 24 and im proud of what im accomplishing so far plus it’s only getting bigger ! First Yung nigga under 24 from my city doing shit like this without selling a brick or going to The nba or nfl ! They still hating but I’m just tryna motivate this shit only get sweeter with time ! Still Aint dropped a album or went gold yet but god willing that’s Otw to ! none but mixtapes 💪🏾 #Investments🔥🔥🔥🔵 #BadazzMusicSyndicate
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