Los memes antes, durante y después de que Cristina Pérez y Rodolfo Barili hablen de su verdadera relación ¿Vos qué opinás de esta situación?
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PERSEVERANCE & PATIENCE 🗝 ⠀ The beginning is the most important part of the work. ⠀ You learn to persevere, to find ways to appreciate all you have but still aim higher, to be patient, to take action instead of waiting for things to happen. ⠀ Working on your goal itself is the motivation you need to keep moving forward and say no to distractions from daily life. ⠀ Seeing results makes you feel accomplished, grateful and truly satisfied with what you’re doing. That makes the whole process enjoyable and you find the strength to persevere.
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Marks & Spencer. Ealing Broadway. 😠👀🥓 Overheard by @littlebruffy 📥 #hamstrung #overheardlondon
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Que es lo que te pasa a ti 🧐🤪😅 outfit @fashionnova #novababe #fashion #fashionweek #fashionnova
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Sunsets and PJ’S = Weekend Bliss. { 📸 Fierce or Cute? 😜 } Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. When I say the small things, I mean looking at the world as you walk through it ... talking to people for no reason at all, or making a nice breakfast. These are the things that matter, because if you’re always looking for the ‘future dream life’ you won’t live a current ‘happy life.’ Happiness is everywhere you let it be. Small things happen EVERY single day... It’s up to you to notice them. _________________________ Chillax thermal set @dollskill Pc @lee_lhgfx
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Allah y rahmak, rust in vrede broer.. 💔😪
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“Cesur olun. Kendinizi rahat hissettiğiniz alanın dışında pencereler açın. Farklı dünyalarla ancak böyle tanışırsınız. Ben hep yerimde dursaydım, dünyamı değiştirecek insanları aramasaydım, bugün tanıdığınız ben olmazdım. Bir insanın bittiği an, miskinliğe esir olduğu andır. İnsan, konforundan vazgeçmeyi göze almalıdır. Kendi dünyasını yerinden kendisi oynatmalıdır.” İlber Ortaylı #birömürnasılyaşanır haftasonu tüm kitapçılarda sınırlı sayıda imzalı kitap kitapyurdu, idefix, d&r sitelerinde
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