Мы плавали с пингвинами))с пингвинами понимаете)))😭🐧мы не взяли гоу про и даже чехол для подводной съемки не взяли)))в след раз экипируемся сюда по полной)))🌏🌋
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Ready?! @hm x @eytys from head-to-toe 👌🏼🖤 Official launch of the capsule collection is tomorrow, Thursday 24th, online hm.com and at the Forum des Halles store in Paris. #HM #Eytys #HMxMe
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Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Things in life will happen to you that that you can in no way prevent or control — and when these things bring pain, heartache, or suffering — take comfort in the ONE thing you always can control: your outlook. I am not saying ignore the hardship or pretend to be ok. All that you feel is valid. But when you are ready, CHOOSE to pick yourself up. Choose to focus on your blessings. All the strength you need is inside of you.🖤 #pwr#pwr #kelseywellspwr #pwr . KelseyWells.com/app
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@pic@pic@pic@picopry فلفل نبین چه ریزه؛)))) @picopry @picopry @picopry
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Find the thing that makes you feel like this when you wake up in a morning. 🌴
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Mungu atabaki kuwa Mungu tu..Muweke Mungu mbele kwenye maisha yako na yeye ataonesha ukuu wake ndani yako...🙏
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