Make com a paleta #forthethrone da @urbandecaycosmetics! Quem quer tutorial comenta aí 😍😍😍
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Sometimes I wear sweaters 🤪 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #CaroSukiOOTD #BuenosAires #Argentina #Winterstyle #Tularosa #RevolveMe #RevolveAroundTheWorld
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"My work as a visual storyteller is about people and usually brings me to communities and places outside of my own. These images are personal moments from time with my family near our home. The light and tone reflect the peace I feel when I’m in these places with the people I love.” #nature #ShotoniPhone by Amy T. @amytoensing”
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Шоппинг выматывает посильнее похода в зал😂 Хотя, откуда я помню, про поход в зал? Я в него ходила еще в прошлой жизни😬
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good morning ☀️ #kylieskin
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Безумная роскошь 🤩 This is so glamorous , chic, brilliant and amazing,so I can list infinitely because I am overwhelmed with emotions😍🔥 Thank you Patrick for creating cosmetics that highly inspires 😍✨
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