TRAGIC CRASH: The woman saw the Tesla coming, stopped, and threw her arm across her husband before the Tesla hit them both. Her husband did not survive the crash. Click the link in our bio for the full story.
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A man from a suburb of Sydney, Australia led police to an estimated $140 million of crystal methamphetamine in his van after crashing into two police cars, the New South Wales Police Force said. The cars were parked right in front of a police station. The van contained more than 600 pounds of the drug commonly known as “ice,” divided into 13 boxes each with 21 one-kilogram bags. The driver took off in the van after the crash but was quickly tracked down and arrested. “This would be one of the easiest drug busts the NSW Police force has ever made,” NSW Police Detective Chief Inspector Glyn Baker told media. “Incredible, absolutely incredible.” Read more by clicking the link in our bio.
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Canadian authorities had been searching for Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, after their car and camper were found burning near Dease Lake in British Columbia. The body of a man had also been found about a mile south of the car. Authorities say the teens are now considered suspects in the unidentified man's killing, and of a young couple whose bodies were found along a British Columbia highway with gunshot wounds. (📸: Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
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#فقره_مشاكل_مع_فادي استلم تلي fadyyy5 تابعوا بيجي الثاني @bag@bag@bag@baghdadeyon @baghdadeyon @baghdadeyon @baghdadeyon . #فادي👤 @8c8g
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