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ให้มันได้แบบนี้สิ 🇹🇭 #AsianGames2018 #nootsara13 #volleyballthailand
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今晚靚女出場呀 秀麗嘅外表 優雅嘅內涵 襯托出 最完美嘅體態 My name is Samantha! Sammy's sister #森美旅行團
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Photograph by @Pau@PaulNicklen // Travelling through the open ocean along the northern fjords of Norway, a humpback whale lunges to the surface, filling its mouth with herring. However, this mouthful of fish didn’t happen on pure luck. It was generated through a parasitic sequence of events between two species just before this photo was taken. A pod of orcas was first to the scene, herding schools of herring into a tight ball; a common and highly coordinated hunting technique. However, as the fish grew closer to the surface and the orcas began to feed, a pod of humpback whales rose from the depths of the ocean, mouths wide, bursting through the herring ball. As they broke the ocean’s surface, their mouths overflowed with an abundance of fish, made possible by the orcas. #FollowMe on @PaulNicklen to see when a large male orca swam within two feet of me.
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Strike a pose in rich damask suit. Pair it with a black eco fur coat. Available at the link in bio. #DGMen
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ขอบคุณกระโปรงสวยพริ้วจากพี่ปุ้ยค่ะ @puipimonwan ได้ทันใส่มาทะเลพอดี 😊 ใครชอบสั่งกันได้ที่ @mommy_saidyes นะคะ เสื้อผ้าสวยๆที่พี่ปุ้ยคัดมาแล้วทั้งนั้น
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