. VIXX 7th Anniversary D-1 빅스의 데뷔 7주년 파티 영상이 24일 00시에 공개됩니다🙌 . 직접 차리는 생일상과 환장을 부르는 퀴즈타임❗️ 기대해주세요😘 . ▶️ https://youtu.be/FlZwL92LAXA . #빅스 #VIXX #HAPPYVIXXDAY #VIXX7thAnniversary #빅스7주년축하해🌟
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. هجوم پروانه‌ها به نایین #گزارشگر
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She was a masterpiece trying to master her peace ☮️
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Дарим очки от @ochki_boutique и образ I AM Studio 😎 Чтобы принять участие нужно: 🔺 подписаться на @iamstudio 🔺 отметить подругу в комментарии 🔺 поставить лайк 🔺 добавить пост в закладки *можно оставлять неограниченное количество комментариев, отмечая разных подруг, тем самым увеличивая свой шанс на победу. Итоги подведем в пятницу 31 мая и выберем 1⃣ победительницу с помощью специальной программы. Результат объявим в stories. Желаем удачи! 😊💫 #iamstudio #конкурс
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Universal Law of attraction “As you think , you shall be” “The energy you emit , is the energy you attract” Personal fact for me : What I am becoming and what I am doing in the now . Were thoughts and plans , that’s been in my thoughts for over 15 years , not knowing it would take 15 years to spill out into the physical world. I realize the power I possess. I recognize that I am a powerful beautiful spirit Having a human experience... your only giving the body your in , for a short time, To carry out why your here/your purpose and to full-fill it. And when you return to your real home/heaven which is in another dimension, you’ll have a new body , with a new mission living for eternity. Depending how you do down here . Will determine your next mission in another life.
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跟幾個High咖一起拍影片就是好玩哈哈哈~ 而且還都是美女😍 @xiaolittlem @hanayang1114 @dou95412 @miamia0409 @liya_0307 #作品拍攝 #陸筱晴 #sunnie陸筱晴 #沐妍 #亞璇 #蕭小M #紅豆 #牙牙
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Our new YT video goes live in a few hours time but for those asking it’s not our 5 million subscriber celebration video... We’ll be filming that special video when we get back from Prague which we’re so excited for! 🙈 Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten! 😋 We can’t wait to share our celebration video with you all to show how much we appreciate your love and support! ♥️ #staytuned
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. "اینجا آسمون هاش مال کرکسن  اینجا پاسبون هاش حار نفسن " دروغ۱۲ امروز ساعت ۲۲:۰۰  #دروغ۱۲ #منوتو
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