Photo by @davidalanharvey | Miss Hanoi 1988. I hung around this event for a full day. I knew the part I wanted to shoot would only last for a few seconds max. Yet being tall and the American recent enemy, I came several hours early to make eye contact, lower my head, and smile with everyone connected. Easy to imagine that everyone in this picture had lost a relative in the war. 250,000 dead. So I had to make sure they identified with ME personally. By the time the new winner was announced, I was “known” by everybody. They’d gotten used to me. So by that time I could step right in front of them and shoot. Fast in deftly, get the shot, fast out so as not to be rude. #vietnam
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iPhone 📲😍 @modelshunterbr
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#Repost @wbpictureslatam ・・・ @SebastianYatra es la voz de Migo en #PiePequeño y todos quedamos así 😍 Comenta en un emoji cuál es tu cara en este momento. @smallfootmovie
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Proud of you boys!keep up the good work#🦁❤️💛 thanks for all messages it touchs me a lot...🙏
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