This post was deleted by mistake 🙆🏾‍♀️😢 | so I had re-post it again
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Agreed🧐🤔 - Follow for more!
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@phoebecoaching is going to lighting up the @wbf@wbffnewzealand Stage! . Whatever you aren’t changing, you are choosing. . Strength and growth ONLY come from your continuous effort. You’re going to struggle. Get back up. Fall off again. Get back up. Fall off again... If you always get up again, you’re always choosing you. 🧠 . @wbff_aust @wbffnewzealand @wbff_official @ari_empire @pauline_wbffaustralia @athletic_iq @emma_bowman__ @emma_bowman_posing @allysangels_fitness @ryanxdrake @aliciagowans_wbffpro
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Dont Ever Give Up!!! Repost - @crowe_bocop March 22, 2012 The date of my motorcycle accident. - I had a lot of people doubt me in my ability to return to a normal life. I’m not talking about HATERS, I’m talking about DOUBTERS. The best feeling in the world is changing a persons opinion. Most of the time it doesn’t take words, It takes ACTION! No more telling people that your going to change, go out there and do it. - - And be sure to smile when you do it :)
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@raelene___ and her HUGE change in just 1 week 🙏🏻🔥 . 1 week #transformation photos! . Which side do you see the most difference in!!???? . (In the pics on the left i was wearing heels and forgot to this week! So the differences would be even better if i was with out heels in the first set)
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Happy birthday Vincent ♥️.
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