Ready to save you from the storm 🌊 🐚 What is your favorite Disney character? And let's try to guess who is my favorite x) Spoiler: this is not Ariel, but I anyway like this girl and especially her character design ❤️ Awesome wig by @cosplaybuzz !! Thank you so much, this wig is perfect for Ariel! 💕 And thanks to @ttd_eye for amazing "little star" lenses! ⭐ Wigstyle by @holish_cosplay 💋 Хотела написать, что эффектно врываюсь (вплываю) в Дисней фд, но потом вспомнила, что косплеила Эльзу ещё в 2014-м 👀 #ariel #arielcosplay #littlemermaid #thelittemermaid #littlemermaidcosplay #disney #disneycosplay #costest #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaygirl
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One of the best pieces of wisdom I have received for maintaining perspective and continual growth in sport, a piece of wisdom I keep coming back to year after year, is that you are not the same athlete this year as you were 4 years ago or will be in another 2 years. You have to keep evolving. I wrote a blog about this idea on because sometimes trying to be the athlete you used to be is what holds you back from being the athlete you could be. Portrait by @manueluribe_photo Link in Bio
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When we set a dark and sweaty @mixedmunicharts on 🔥🔥🔥
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Never miss a moment. — The new @flosports app is now available on Roku, Apple TV 4, and Amazon FireTV🔥 (Link in bio for more info)
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Real or Fake?🤔 @gai@gainz - Follow 👉 @gainz for more! - 📽 @pavlo_kordiyaka #Gymbeaston
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EMO NIGHT BROOKLYN PRESENTS: The Booze Cruise 2019 on Friday, June 28th. — Open bar all night long, gorgeous views of NYC, insane special guests, performances, and surprises — Ticket link in bio. 🖤💕⚓️
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〈拋嚟拋去〉 昨晚9時許,警察一哥向記者表示,「醫管局系統嘅問題,你都係問番醫管局啦」。不過醫管局代表則強調,並無授權同事列印病人清單交予警方,亦無記錄有列印過清單。 醫管局強調,如果有同事列印清單予警方,會嚴肅處理。 #反送中 #逃犯條例 #612
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