Who is your lady? ❤ __ TWICEZINE ONCE Halloween 2 Scans ©twicezzangfan
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헉 이거구마 방금 품절 됐어용 ㅠㅠㅠ 한정수량 500박스 가져온거 다 나가써요 감사합니댜 여러분 🙏🏻😭😭❤️
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When Keanu Reeves looks so real... Other portraits are healed, you can't say "Photoshop" anymore ! @ralfnonnweilerta2, you are in my opinion, the best black & grey artist of the game, bravo 🙏
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Di, 02.11.2019'an de li WIEN, Em li benda welatparêz ên xwe ne ku "CEJNA VEJÎNÊ" bi hev re pîroz bikin ✌💞✌
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Saya akan membuktikan kepada org yg sudah merendahkan saya... DENGAN KARYA..!!! Gitar hasil design saya sendiri yang insyallah lounching pada hari ini IR_ONE SIGNATURE Bismillah Thanks team @guitars_gore yang sudah bekerja sama dgn irwan smoga kedepannya dilancarakan amin... Dan buat teman2 yang ingin memiliki gitar sperti irwan bisa langsung order ya..
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• The Aje Report // 'After 10 years working in magazines I had an idea of the kind of content I felt was missing in the industry. I wanted to create a platform that celebrates beautiful fashion in a fun and relaxed way. And a space where the people we featured could talk about what matters to them. It’s really about being an inclusive and aspirational publication that anyone can enjoy!' Our latest Aje Insider @ChloeCHill on how her baby @CoolPrettyCool was born. Captured in Auckland by @LulaCucchiara, find the full feature live now on The Aje Report • #AjeTheLabel #TheAjeReport #ChloeHill
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"Haha that's so funny" Photo by @ycdtseng_photography
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