@phil.coutinho on his loan move to @fcbayern ✍️ . 🎥: @hayterstv
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We’ve seen our fair share of backside bigger flips but it’s not everyday you side a frontside bigger HEELFLIP! @klayton_skater taking us to the next level. Yeah, we had the same reaction 😧 🎥: @tommypoplawski #skateboardingisfun #berrics
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A new Top 5 Billboard song dedicated..... to stream snipers. feat. Handsome @tsm_halifax
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Mother earth, I know you had enough of us. The rainforest had existed for around 55 million years and has been dubbed the “Lungs of the planet” as it produces more than 20 per cent of the world’s oxygen. In the last 50 years of our existence on the planet we completely destroyed her. Please, is there an end of all this? I don’t have all the answers of what we can do but waiting for a savior is not good enough. Go vegan (deforestation is majorly for animal feed), boycott companies that are known to exploit the Amazon rainforest( Nestle, amazon etc. ) And choose wise leaders who are not deforesting the rainforest!! 🌳 #PrayForAmazonia #actforamazonia #MissUniverse #MissUniverse2019 #missuniversenetherlands #missnetherlands #MissNederland #missuniversenetherlands2019 #roadtomissuniverse #confidentlybeautiful
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Has anyone tried the sandwich yet??😳 (@allthatandmoore)
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Yesterday's look very beautiful 📷 @thefashionistastories #jordanabrewster
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🗣 Boris Johnson receives boos and shouts of 'liar' & 'stop #Brexit' as he meets Angela Merkel in Berlin. 🗣
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