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EPIC DAY IS EPIC. in about an hour i’m going to do my first ALL-PATRON WEBCHAT. join anytime in the next hour - before 4pm nyc time - and come online with the whole community. i have been told i can be as naked as i wanna be on crowdcast. why not. x
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⛔️CE POTE « MAFIEUX » QUI AIME TROP S’INVENTER UNE VIE IMAGINAIRE... 😫😂 #StopFrereTesGrillé #ThugOuThugetteDuCoup #IlKiffRaconterDesComptesDeFees #IlYCroitVraimentTrop 📍Tag quelqu’un qui se reconnaîtra... 😭
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Strike a pose. // @peter_o
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Bekleyenim var... 🇹🇷🦅💪🏻 (Normal de emre itaatsizlik edilmez. Burada maksat filmde aksiyon olsun.) -@vecihiari #türkhavakuvvetleri #turkishairforce #havaharpokulu #havakuvvetleri
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been going to the gym for a solid 2 weeks, I’ll only answer to ‘HULK’ from now on, thank you .... on the level tho I know I’m still a noodle but I’m trying 😂
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