Come join @nba + @nbacares at Park Slope & Watch the NBA LIVE Canvas Come to Life
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Eita! O do estagiário deu Griezmann por 46 milhões! ⠀ E o seu? ⠀ #VascoDaGama
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Bless me with your presence .... @blairrpena 🌹💄😍 . . . #makeupbytaniamariaglow #makeupbyme #glow #beauty #lamua #losangelesmakeupartist . . ( details on my next post )
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¿Preocupado?🙅🏻‍♂️. . Eso pasará el día que ya nadie hable ni bien o mal de mi Persona . Así que sigan pensando y juzgando sin saber.. todo en esta vida tiene un precio y Nadie se va sin pagar y desgraciadamente nos Arrepentimos de todos nuestros daños y errores demasiado tarde. Pero todo lo eh dejado en manos De Dios y a lo mejor no salen las cosas como yo quiero pero hoy encontré tranquilidad y Bienestar que meses atrás muy pesados , les quiero dar gracias por seguir conmigo en altas y bajas , y así como les tengo malas también tengo Buenas eh jaja , excelente tarde. 🤟🏻🤨❤️
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When’s the last time you took a true day off: no email, no work, no tackling the to-do list? It’s probably been awhile, right? I worked for five years straight without ever taking a day off, I know the feeling. But it hit me, did I leave that windowless office to work 24/7 or did I imagine freedom in being my own boss? I visualized freedom but found myself on the hamster wheel of more. The biggest shifts in my life and business have come from defining what “enough” is. Because more? That’s easy to chase but truly drawing a line in the sand and saying, “I’m good, I’ve worked hard, it’s time to rest” is hard. It’s easy to find worth in doing, to feel accomplished in crossing off the items on our to-do lists, and in a culture that glorifies busy, it feels countercultural to prioritize rest. We’re on a plane about to spend a month in Hawaii and the island is my rest zone, where I ground myself, where I create space for dreaming and soak in the freedom that entrepreneurship has given me through the business I intentionally built, day by day. A month slow down soaking in my fam has me feeling like this: 💃🏼. Are the things you’re doing today a part of that vision or did you get lost in the hustle? Tell me: when was the last time you truly took time off?
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Who do y’all think the Knicks would’ve traded for CP3? 🤔
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