Happy Earth Day!!! Today we celebrate this great Earth and we must all stand up and become protectors of this great home of ours. It is the only one we have. I love @ElonMusk and what he stands for but I would rather live here than Mars. Four billion years of evolutionary perfection and we find ourselves at a scary crossroads. What we do or fail to do in the next few years will determine how this Earth looks for the next thousand years. Let’s make everyday Earth Day! #EarthDay #polarbear #beauty #nature #wildlife #adventure #climatereality #climatechange
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“He was a little too good today. But I think I've been playing well this week, and I think I'm almost there. I just need to keep believing in myself, keep playing tough.” @keinishikori
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E aí, concorda com o Melhor do Mundo de 99? . Via: Esporte Espetacular
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Como está o seu domingo? O meu se resume em pinturas haha
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O tal do 'País do Futebol'! ⚽❤️
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FIM DE JOGO! O Corinthians goleia e conquista sua segunda vitória no Brasileirão!
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Photograph by @pau@paulnicklen //Happy Earth Day!!!! A mother brown bear drops a pink salmon off for her cubs next to a river in Alaska and then surveys her surroundings to ensure the safety of her cubs. If we can protect the habitat of these charismatic species then every species below them will be protected also. We have much work ahead. We as a species are going to be either remembered for the great destruction we did to this Earth or the great last minute effort to protect it. What do you think we are going to be remembered for? #followme on @paulnicklen to see all of my favorite megafauna. #nature #naturelovers #bears #mother #family #protect #beauty #love #instagood #instagramhub #bw
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