Life’s not that complicated, if you want something go work for it. Nothing is out of reach. @Jed_North
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Time to Step up your ab game😏 . Try these 2 killer variation💀🔥 . Tag someone who you wanna challenge (or more like torture😂) with these🙋🏾‍♀️ . ✅ Muscle target: abs, core . Hanging ab raises are the best way to develop your abs and strengthen your entire core. . 💌For training & diet click on the link in my bio @anita_herbert or send me an email at
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#FBF It was 5 years ago this month that this musical episode of @theneighbors aired on ABC. Possibly the most fun I’ve ever had, singing and dancing as my recurring character, “Dominique Wilkins.” (Upper left photo with my dear @tolykay & @randicee . Lower left with Simon Templeman). . #flashbackfriday #lazythrowbackthursday #TheNeighbors #TVseries #sitcom #musicalepisode #actors #actorslife #singing #dance #dancing #DougJones
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Silas: I’m not sure about this 5min of vitamin D! Sander: Clearly they haven’t realized I have a natural tan! Silas: Man, just do it for the Gram! It’s #flexfriday Sander: The Gram? Shoooot I’m doin it for the food! Trying to get on your level! Silas: Bruh, everyone likes a chunky baby but just be you! Sander: True. True. Like Papa always says “Trust and Believe in who you are!”
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Are you worthy? (via @styledbymarvel) #StyledByMarvel
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A Moving Portrait : visual experiment I took part in created by @derekbradphotography. . He captures unrehearsed, raw video of artists without audio, left without influence to project whatever they wish to project. . When Derek came by I told him I was just watching Black Mirror on Netflix, drinking a beer & doing my makeup in preparation for a show. He said, ‘perfect, as you were then....’ ... I laughed, he shut the door & left the room. . Best photoshoot ever. . He will soon be doing a Musician Portrait Project exhibition in which dozens of moving portraits are displayed onto individual video screens, at select venues, in major cities across the U.S. pretty cool abstract concept! So here’s a snapshot of me doing a rather mundane nightly ritual. I didn’t understand the concept at first, but more & more I’m also realizing humans are quite peculiar and fascinating enough without doing anything special. @musicianportraitproject . Ps. Exactly 5 weeks till album comes out. Woh. . x
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