Ben ve mütevazi duruşum 🤓
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Night Night 😴!!!
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AGBAYA😋😋😋🤣😂😂😂😂 Post from @kunlereal
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Foto Dulu Sama Bossku Ketemu di Istana Bogor @axtonsalim Life is a journey where we always learn and meet new people While everyone talk about others, why not learn from other people You know what, life are too short to be spent without a good purpose When you have one, make sure that purpose is to help others No matter in what stage you are God will show you a good path for you PAST : Learn from the past NOW : Prepare for the future, dont take advantage from others and never do something that ruin other people FUTURE : Believe that Tommorow will always be better Quote of the day: So guys no matter what happen, never let anyone say that you Cant, because there will always be a chance in whatever problem you have #Quote #Of #The #Day
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Happy birthday!! To my sweet,loving,caring & strong cousin! You deserve all the success,happiness & love in the world! Love u @norin.f #sentiasabersyukur #alhamdulillah
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