Warming up! About to get this music 🎶 cracking.
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Porque amo todas las locuras de tu mente.🎼✍🏻🥰💕
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Walking on the wild side 🐆
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Pulled up our socks and got the win! Give us your ✋ emojis! #BlueJaysWin
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. 【新垣結衣】 ドラマ『獣になれない私たち』(日本テレビ系列)のBlu-ray&DVD-BOXが本日発売となります! 特典映像も見所満載😚😚 今夜もビールが飲みたくなってしまいますね…🍻 どうぞお楽しみに! . #新垣結衣 #ガッキー #aragakiyui
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OK SO I can’t be the only one who has turned on their favorite song, locked themselves in their room and pretended to act out how your own music video would be !!??? Yesterday I was in a real life music video and it was everything I ever pretended to be and dreamed of 🎥 🎶 I can’t wait for you to see this !!!! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 a lot of you know this is one of my favorite jams 😏😏😏
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Cop said “Shred and Serve” 😭 #modernnotoriety
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