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Do you like rainy days or sunny days? I’m sunny side :p ✨ ☀️
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Walau nyesek Indonesia kalah, tapi lawakan Junhui yang gagal buka baju berhasil membuat Mimin terhibur hehe Congratulation Team Thomas China who goes to final! . Video: @yuni.kartika73
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头发终于能扎起来了 晚安
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Muchos besitos para todos... Feliz viernes y a que no adivinan que hay detrás del sombrero jejejee visitan mis historias.
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After requests by the Sales Department for a cheaper entry-level model below the Porsche 911 Coupé, the four-cylinder Porsche 912 was presented in 1965. #Porsche70years
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Mmmh mmmh lizard ❤️ What’s one of your favorite poses?
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The infinite amount of love is fine but skipping that work thing is 👌
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