Кто знает как называется этот танец?😁 @tamirlanto
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#mylovemychallenge This woman right here is my best friend, my sister, my life coach, my human diary.. The first person I call to share my good news with, my speed dial when I'm sad, MY CONSTANT. A lot has changed in life since the day we became friends some 20 years ago but one thing never changed, that's you ❤️ My love for you has only grown stronger. I feel the luckiest to have you in my life. I love you CP. Happy birthday! It's your year to shine. I'm always here to have your back. Grew up together. Graduated together. Strong women build each other. 😊❤️
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A or B ? ____
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💖행복한 생일파티 사진💖
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sorry bro foto nya gak bilang2 😜 @ryaas_r @rafi_gimbal
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乾,距離算錯了 #人生跑馬燈
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"WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY ..." 💛 I've been trying to shoot something a bit different, more cinematic but still in my style. What do you think about that kind of pictures ? Would u like to see more like this?
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