Self-confidence is the best filter ✨💖
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Nuestros convocados de la selección mayor envían fuerzas y los mejores deseos previo al debut de la tricolor sub 20 🇪🇨 en el mundial de Polonia 🇵🇱. @antoniovalencia2525 @GabrielAchilier @ayrtinho18 #MiTriMundial #U20WC
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“Which one I use to talk to?” neither one . 😂😩 @brittkayek
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Natalie Portman controls the wormhole. "A History Channel Thanksgiving" - s15e13
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„TOXIC LOVE” JEST JUŻ ONLINE!!! 🦠💚🧪Nowe klubowe brzmienie! 🎵 Oznacz komu dedykujesz TOXIC LOVE”!🔋♻️💚Zapraszam na mój kanał na YouTube! LINK W BIO 👆🏻 #lilmasti #toxiclove
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@MargotRobbie on portraying Sharon Tate: “I saw her as a ray of light and I just wanted her to be light…and that was my job and my role to serve in this story. And in doing so, I felt like I could honor the memory of real life Sharon Tate, who so many people said was such a bright light in this world.”
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אוניברסיטת תל אביב ! יא אלופים! תודה רבה על הכל ❤️
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