what time is it where you’re at? here 4:23
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✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻#MarchForOurLives photo: getty images
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@iamamirjohnson uses the pumpfake for the @sixers bucket! #VetMove
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Jaden, Kendall, and Hailey. #MarchForOurLives photo: getty images
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A change gon’ come
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#Repost @karlawelchstylist ・・・ This video is heartbreaking. Imagine for one minute that you are on the receiving end of these texts. I’ll never ever not use this platform to stand up for what I believe in. And, I encourage you to do the same. This is No time for apathy. Bravo @teenvogue for leading the way, fearlessly.
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Loving this outfit🦋👼🏼
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Proud of my little cousin @anniedono out marching today in New York. It’s sad to think that a 16 year old school girl has to go and march about guns in 2018 but there she is with her friends showing how strong the future of the world is .
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