#Tha#Thanks2You Merchant Rekanan Pertama OVO Untuk sampai di tahun kedua ini, dan dipercaya oleh jutaan pengguna di Indonesia, kami tidak berjalan sendirian... tapi bersama-sama kalian yang sudah percaya OVO dari pertama kali kami ada. Salah satunya RM. Sari Manis, merchant rekanan pertama OVO. Bergabungnya merchant ini adalah awal dari jutaan transaksi OVO hari ini. #Thanks2You Cukup #pakeOVOaja
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One of this year's biggest risers, @mrsidofficial is on top of his game in the studio and climbs 47 spots all the way to 15 in the #Top101Producers2019. Link in bio for the full list!⁣
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Maintaining his place as the 2nd highest trance finisher, and up another 4 spots this year, @giuseppeottaviani lands at 16 in the #Top101Producers2019. Link in bio for the full list!⁣
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Another huge year for the talented Swedish trio results in a third straight top 20 finish in the Top 101 Producers for @brohugofficial, who earn 18th place in this year's rankings. Link in bio for the full list!⁣ #Top101Producers2019
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