Thank you for the love and confidence ladies and gentlemen! The #OnePlus6 has crossed INR 100 Crore in revenue within the first 10 Mins of the first sale on Amazon! That's #TheSpeedYouNeed Are you ready for the open sale tomorrow?
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Makeup done by me ✨ مكياجي على المودل و تصويري Model : @ramarami ✨ Dahab lens - Cat eye @dahab.lens Dalal lashes in Missy @dalal_beauty_kw
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si m vesss pasar pide un deseo🌟
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High seas ahead.
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Song : “Ain’t No Shame” Artist : @jabbaranks1 Over 140 Pics and 70 videos on my #OnlyFans Click the Link and subscribe I post monthly
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Today was a perfect day for a outdoor shooting.📸☀️ It was warm and sunny and we took a lot of amazing pics for youuu.💁🏼‍♀️❤️🙌🏼 #staytuned ______________________________________ #portrait #portraitphotography #portraitvision #portrait_vision #moodygrams #fabulousshot #bravokdcontest #lightsofbeauty #ourportraitsdays #immaginory #worldofportraits
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