Nada mas lindo que poder compartir los frutos de tu trabajo con tu familia ❤️ @nauty_360
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The world’s first floating IMAX cinema will be installed on a 93 meter superyacht this Spring 2019. Dan Snyder, the American billionaire owner of NFL team, the Washington Redskins, will be the owner of the world's first private IMAX cinema on a vessel called Lady S (Project 814). The state of the art kit installed on Lady S includes a two-deck, 12-seat IMAX cinema that has been estimated to have cost around $3 million, plus 8K televisions in the guest cabins. IMAX has very strict and specific technological requirements so the company was heavily involved in the build and design process. The IMAX specs were so large that Lady S had to be built around the cinema. And adjustments to minimize sound and vibrations coming from the engine were a requirement before IMAX approved the project. Lady S the superyacht had an estimated purchase price of $100 million. (📸: Feadship)
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NTA’s #aboutlastnight 🙏🏻🙌🏼😃 @bbcstrictly
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چ سوپڕایزێکە دەرگا بکەیتەوەو بەم شێوەیە ڕازابێتەوە بەس بڕوا بکەن ئەوە بۆ من بکرێت یەکەم شت ھەمو میزەڵانەکان نەتەقێنم دڵم ئاو ناخواتەوە😂 خوا باش بەندەکانی خۆی ئەناسێ😄 جوانترین موفاجەئە بۆت کرابێ چ ڕۆژێک بو؟؟💕 #باخچە
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Entrar al Live grabado de @Venezuelalucha #vzla2
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Fall / Winter 19 Preview. @aimeleondore
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