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MIRË SE T’GJETA MOJ KOSOVË ❤️ videoklipi dhe kënga më e re në youtube 💥
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#PressPlay: #RickRoss continues to pay tribute to #NipseyHussle by having his image on his elevator doors!! 💙
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When American entrepreneur Chris Burch (@jchristopherburch) set out to restore a 1608 Hôtel Particulier outside of Paris, he and friend @marcoscarani faced the challenge of maintaining the historic home’s essence while instilling it with all the functionality of a modern one. Four exquisite hand-carved doors dating back to the 1600s that had been randomly dispersed throughout the house have been reunited in a guest bedroom. The nine bathrooms and two kitchens, which had undergone “horrible” renovations in the 1950s and ’70s, were reimagined as they might have existed 300 years ago, save for brand-new plumbing. In the main kitchen (which, Burch admits, “I haven’t stepped foot in”), Scarani and French architect and decorator Michel Pinet reproduced antique tiles and sourced ancient stone. The fabric cushioning the rustic chairs is an antique Braquenié check dating to the 1700s; Pinet had just enough in his archive to cover the eight seats. To say that everything has been executed with scrupulous accuracy would be an understatement. Yet the atmosphere is relaxed. “It’s definitely not precious,” Burch says. “That’s one thing I don’t like at all.” Scarani was of the same mind-set. “Usually French is formal and uncomfortable,” he observes. “I said to Chris, ‘You want a home that looks like it’s been there forever, like you’ve lived in it.’” See more inside the home via the link in our profile. Photo by @miguelfloresvianna; text by @janekeltnerdev
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