Among our guests, @AlexaChung brought a glittering and infectious energy to the #DiorCruise 2019 party in her shimmering Fall 18 suit by our Artistic Director #MariaGraziaChiuri. #StarsinDior
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Jakun aslinya berontak _ Cr: @cattir_ 🎥
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BRAND NEW HEAT❤️⠀ Search: "Whatever It Takes Skirt Set"⠀ ✨✨
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Could be you🍉💖 But it’s NoT🤭🔥
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週末來個可惡的刷色 👉🏻滑過去影片刷色 YSL2018超美新色 這次新色就完全實用色 很適合亞洲人黃皮膚的設計 刷這個的時候完全半蹲刷色 沒有手抖有點佩服自己 覺得自己好像在練功夫😂 #ysl#yslbeauty #ysl
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Do you ever miss a chance to click a picture in front of a good mirror? Then how can miss opportunities? #actor
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