The past few weeks have been rough and life on social media isn’t always as perfect as it seems. It’s been hard to stay positive some days but I can promise you every moment I spend with this angel is pure perfection. You keep a smile on my face with your infectious personality. Whenever I find it hard I see your face and remember my purpose. Mamas got you forever baby girl 🔐💕
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** #لأول_مرة_في_عُمان 🇴🇲 🥇 لاتحاتي كيف بتدفع قيمة تطبيقاتك بعد اليوم! وفرنا لك الخيار الامثل والاريح والاسرع جرب خدمة الدفع المباشر💰 اشتر تطبيقاتك او زيد من سعة الكلاود وإدفع عن طريق رصيدك او فاتورتك الشهرية للهاتف😍. Now for the first time🥇 in Oman 🇴🇲 paying on the App Store just got easier! We’ve brought to you the simplest and fastest way to pay 💰 - directly to your bill or with your credit balance. 😍Enjoy our direct billing service.
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Sacred Games Original Mini Episode | Malcolm Murad | #ShotonOnePlus
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Nothing in this world is more annoying than this. Tag that friend who types like this. #mem#memeswakoof #memesdaily #fun#funa> #comedy #memes #gags #fun #annoying #typ#typingerror #fail #error #typing #sad#sadreality #sad #skull
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–Yo: hoy va a ser un gran día, estoy feliz, todo me va a salir bien. –La vida:
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Meliana & Somad. Minoritas VS Mayoritas #Kenyataan
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फिर से राज करने की है कांग्रेस को आस...है केरल और 'लुटियंस' पर विश्वास ! देखिए #SoSorry का ये मज़ेदार वीडियो !
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