Y este ejercicio sin peso para estirar bien el FEMORAL!! Quema muy bueno!!🔥 . 3 series de 20 @nitrofitoficial 💊🔥
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Wore three different outfits at the flower fields 😂 because it was too beautiful not too! @fashionnova ❤️ Do you all prefer iPhone pictures or professional camera pictures? This was an iPhone pic but a lot of my photos are from a proper camera
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‪Singing our way into the Sweet 16!‬ ‪#WarEagle x #UnfinishedBusiness‬
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Meninas, me corrijam se eu estiver equivocado.
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Literally got to finish lyrics for a song in Hill Valley yesterday nxt to the clock tower.... 1 point 21 Jiggawatts fam 😬🔥❤️. Mi trabajo es DIVERTIDO!!!!!! (My job is fun AF). SWIPE RIGHT
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Көріп жатырсыздар ма? @balgynbek_off не деп отыр тағы? 😡
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💜دوستاتون رو #تگ_کنید 💜 . . دوست واقعی کسی است که دستِ تو را بگیرد ولی قلبِ تو را لمس کند... . . 👤 #گابریل_گارسیا_مارکز 📌دوستــاتون رو تگ کنید...♥️ 📌ممنـون از هَمراهی♥️
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American sweetlove @KatGraham makes a statement in Paris in #JeanPaulGaultier!
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