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Playing my new track “Blacksoul” on @flaixfmoficial! Will be released very soon on @nervousrecords . . #frandc #session #pioneerdj #life #dj #flaixfm #live #love #followme #newtracks #newmusic
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Life its amazing… Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen. You will meet that right person when you least expect it. And of course, the heart wants what it wants. But depending on your current #situation, you might be looking to balance everything out (your brain and your heart) to stay focused on yourself, your plans and to protect yourself from “your past experiences.” But be careful… If you focus too much on that “balance” you will start to become selfish (subconsciously) and you will place your #happiness on the side. Why? Because if you try to find the logic to everything you will be lost. “Logic is the art of going wrong with confidence.” My message today: Trust life a little bit and let it make you happy. #millionairementor
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Bet you've never made lasagna like this before 😲 . . . Get the recipe for Campfire Lasagna at FoodNetwork.com!
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#SeleçãoFeminina foi a campo nesta quinta-feira e realizou primeiro treino em Portugal! ⠀ O trabalho segue firme, com foco total na estreia da Copa do Mundo. 👊⚽🇧🇷 ⠀ Fotos: CBF
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