I’ve been a been a chronic pot user for the last decade, I’ve used weed to deal with anxiety and depression caused by trauma during my youth. I chose weed over prescription drugs because I thought it was impossible to become dependent on weed but I was wrong (anything can become an addiction) Over the last few years I’ve sorted through those issues and I know I no longer need weed as a crutch but I haven’t been able to stop.. I’ve been in this haze for so long I don’t know what it’s like to be sober. My weed addiction has now become the cause of my depression, anxiety and frustration. I’ve tried quitting cold turkey many times over the last two years but I always fail and it makes me even more depressed. This time I’m trying a new approach: Week 1 - I’m taking a small 5mg edible dose of THC every 12 hours to help with the withdrawals for the next week. Week 2 - cut that dose to 2.5mg every 12 hours. Week 3 - I will go my first week with zero weed. Baby steps seem the best course of action to avoid failure. Yesterday was day 1 and extremely difficult. Today I’m excited to be starting day 2 of my journey, I’ve never made it this far before so I’m extremely hopeful that I will be able to beat this problem. I’m posting this to help keep me accountable. Please feel free to share any tips you may be able to give me while I try to break this habit ☺️
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