🎙@furyphotography: This is Ava. She likes to workout and dress the part too. Not because anyone forces her to, but because she looks up to her parents and the way that they train. She will watch her parents workout then later on ask them how to do it so she can learn too. The last time I posted Ava and her sister there were a few people that commented having issues about the way they are dressed and that they are “too young” to workout. Children are sponges. Children mimicking their parents and surroundings. They want to be strong girls. Personally, I would much rather children be sponges for fitness rather than worse habits. . Ava x @furyphotography.
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De hoje #spfw
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FOXWOODS I am here! Can’t wait for opening night on Friday. Looking forward to seeing all you there ♥️ also, what a beautiful view of my room, which by the way, apparently, Al Pacino stayed in this exact room 😳
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Nomas porque es el famoso #mdn 🍑
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Vocês oram antes ou depois??? 😂😂😂 Acho que só durante não dá né kkkkkkkkkk Marquem os amigos.
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Free The Mandem🔐
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