Если кто-то вдруг твой выключил звук🎚посмотри в глаза 👀 и СДЕЛАЙ ГРОМЧЕ🔥пусть запомнят звук 😉📸 @margarita_keosidi 👗 @aleksandrina_collection
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Future Barber in the Making: Learn Step By Step How To Cut & Fade Your Own Hair by downloading the @sel@selfcutsystem Educational App using the @selfcutsystem Portable Three Way Mirror. Tag Someone To Get You The Perfect Father’s Day Gift 🎁 Go to www.selfcutsystem.com Use Promo Code: TSR10 for $10 off #selfcutsystem #selfcutsystemworks #selfhaircut #cutownhair #perfectgift Self Haircut by @niccobarbero
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It’s a nice day for a bike ride 😉
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Boa noite amrs ❤️🤘🏻
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Happy Father’s Day, from me and my only begotten kid, @harleyquinnsmith! We had family vegan brunch at @crossroadskitchen and I got to wear my new #badnewsbears crest (by @jeffquigley & @jimedelston). #KevinSmith #harleyquinnsmith #fathersday
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please don’t be temporary
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