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Made it to Vancouver! ⭐️ Vancouver has to be one of my favourite new cities we visited this year! I’m so glad we were able to visit during Autumn and now again for the holidays thanks to @inside_vancouver. 🎄 This city has so much holiday spirit and comes crazy alive at night, I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to in this incredible city. #VeryVancouver #ExploreBC #ad
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#LFC appearance 💯 for @nathaniel_clyne at the weekend! 🙌👏 #Liv#Liverpoola> #Liverpool #Clyne
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Mou udah berbinar-binar gini liat Matt, eh Mattnya datar amat! Jangan marah ya kalo ada cowo yang ngeliat Mou berbinar-binar juga! @mattnmou
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Exactly three years ago, I drew this about Chelsea sacking Mourinho بالضبط قبل ثلاث سنوات رسمت هذه الرسمة عن اقالة تشيلسي لمورينيو #mufc #Mourinho #cfc
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BALANCE is what keeps us walking the tightrope of staying healthy and not caring on days we go haywire. While it's important to focus on the right habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must strive to achieve a balance in whatever you do. There must be cheat (binge) days, because you can always balance it out with mindful eating the rest of the week. Not rocket science just #balance. #tuesdaythoughts #trick #lifehack #shilpakamantra #mindfuleating #healthylifestyle #fitness
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