Happy birthday to man like @fekkyofficial. 🎂 What is the hardest song you’ve heard from Fekky 💥
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Gaze in awe: An astronaut aboard the International Space Station (@ISS) snapped this image of the South Indian Ocean as the station flew 265 miles above the cloudy formation. The off-world laboratory orbits the Earth about every 90 minutes and helps us prepare for deep space exploration. The astronaut crews conduct experiments about Earth, space and the physical and biological sciences, benefitting people living on our home planet and future explorers. As a testbed for deep space exploration, the station is helping us learn how to keep astronauts healthy during long-duration space travel and demonstrating technologies for human and robotic exploration beyond low-Earth orbit. Image Credit: NASA #earth #NASA #clouds #space #views
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🗣 Магомед @Mustafaev__Magomed Мустафаев нацелен на реванш с Кевином @MoTownPhenom Ли после яркого возвращения на #UFCStPetersburg
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Behind the desk #lifestyle
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It’s 2 new pictures on my page so if you go flood them imma spam your page 🤤😂
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Unusual praise!
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