TSR STAFF: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ _____________________________________ #ValentinesDay may be over but that doesn’t mean we’re done hearing about and seeing what God did for others on that day. A group of black men who’ve been friends since elementary school got together and did the damn thang for their ladies for #VDay! _____________________________________ They catered to them all night with a 5 star-esq dinner where they served each of their girls with their favorite foods from their favorite places. They were decked out from head to toe, had the romantic vibes going, and treated their ladies like the queens they are all night. _____________________________________ The boys named their restaurant “La Blaque Men Don’t Cheat”, had cute lil’ menus, candles and errthang. We see y’all!!! 🎥: @youlovechey_
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我只要一有動靜 阿胖就來關切😘 #我是一個小胖紙名字叫百威
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อยากจะเดินทางตามดาวซักที cr.📷@tawan_v
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*ไปดูเร็ววววว!!! แม่เล่าถึงเรื่องในอดีต!!!! ขำๆ “พาเธอกลับบ้าน” #คำเตือนโลกสวยอย่าดูมันหยาบโลนลูก#ใครโลกไม่สวยเชิญค่ะอย่างขำ#เอาฮ่าก็ว่ากันไป!!!! @dj_matoom
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방송 매니저 구해요 #중국어 잘하시는분으로 Dm 주세요 找广播经纪人 中文,韩语说得好的人
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#PressPlay: #JoynerLucas got all the goodies 😩👀 What snacks/candy would y’alls goodie drawers be filled with #Roommates? 👀
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