Rich-hued reflections. The splendor of vivid blue sapphires comes to life in this vibrant pair of earrings from #HarryWinston.
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Mire pra, po kur te jem 105? (Do e djegim ne koncert sebashku! 😅😅)
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This is a man's world.. But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman.. ♥️♠️
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@burberry is modernising its rich heritage with the new Union Sneaker. The updated silhouette features fused leather, a sport inspired rubber sole and the familiar "TB” initials stamped on the rear quarter. Burberry's new shoe is now available on their online store for $750. Photo: Burberry
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فالو کنید و کلی ایده بگیرید🙏 @kha@kha@kha@kha@khalaghiyaat @khalaghiyaat @khalaghiyaat @khalaghiyaat @khalaghiyaat
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1話 観ていただきありがとうございました!!🐎✨ ———————————————————— Thank you for watching the first episode of TWO WEEKS.🐎✨
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