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Wij doen niet aan Cloutchase !!! Wie hoor je op deze. Bless die nieuwe booth van @iamdtrain 🔥🔥🌪🌪
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If you knew what I knew, you’d smirk too
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Adivinen a donde voy ? 🤭
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Paris💋 What’s your favorite thing about France ?♥️
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Leg day! Hitting these for 100 reps today. 50 each leg. -10 reps each leg -5 sets -plenty of rest for quality reps #onnit #kettlebell #workout #legday . Get my online Primal Kettlebell Course now to master your kettlebell technique available at EricLeija.com! Link in my bio! . ⚡️EricLeija.com⚡️
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