We went to Victor Moses' old school (@hasn_pe) to watch Nigeria beat Iceland...and then @Mysdiggi and @Gemin1_LDN gave it a rap rematch 🔥💯🙌
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thank u to all my friends & fam for loving me over the past 2 years even when i didn’t make it easy... 💞 working on myself every day to be the best version of me i can be. not giving up when things feel too tough or stressful! it’s a process! i swear each & every one of you is worth fighting for. even if you feel that you are in the lowest, darkest place now & you just want to give up... you never know when the next day will be the day you turn everything around for the better. there is a light at the end of the tunnel... sometimes the ‘tunnel’ is a long, dark, spooky obstacle filled tunnel, but eventually you will find the ‘light’ again! NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. YOU ARE *WORTH IT*!!
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วันนี้มาทั้ง #เอวเยี่ยม #เยมัน #เกาหลี ซี๊ดดดด~~~
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Mantıklı 😄 @zaliminkizi1
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