Thank you @drjgreenwood - we LOVE our new dog bowl :) #rocky #handmade #cheers
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Someone else is praying to receive the same things that you complain about. Stay thankful at all times.
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Карди Би выпустила новый совместный клип на песню Ring с певицей Kehlani! 💥 Как тебе такой дуэт? #peopletalkru #кардиби
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The future is now 🤣🧐🙌🏼 #fr7👑 #miasanmia @nsuele25 @jok_32
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When we are set for .... 💎💃🏻💄👀
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What does our future hold? That I can't be sure of, but one thing for certain is that it's me and you against it all @livvlo ❤️ Happy 2nd x
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Новое фото малышки Тру 😍 Похожа на Хлои? #хлоикардашьян #peopletalkru
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این تکست چقدر لایک داشت؟😍 . . 😍🤗😍لایک . 🤗 پیجمون تازه راه اندازی شده..با فالو کردن حمایتمون کنید😍 . . @dok@dok@dok@dok@dokhii_art . 😊💕 @dokhii_art . . @dokhii_art @dokhii_art . 😉 با لایک کردن حمایتمون کنید🧡💛 . @dokhii_art 🌼fllow🌸 @dokhtar_nevis 🖤fllow❤ @text_dokhtarane 😻fllow🙈 @majaleye_modha 👜fllow💅 @khahari_official 🤰fllow🙍‍♀️ @badkonake_meshki 🖤fllow🎈 @radiokhat 🦉fllow🦉 @fashi0n_irani 😋fllow😍
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