@fbelibi1 one-handed 😳 (via @ljoy_)
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Porque lo difícil se consigue Y lo imposible SE INTENTA!! 💥✔️ Yo confío en lo mejor @weiderspain 🥇 #teamweider #supplements #me #model #fit #gym #mh
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June can’t get here soon enough 🍿
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~heart breakin on the daily, can you save me?~ 💔😈 #TBT LINK IN BIO
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Don’t let 2019 surprise you, get started on your game plan now! The seeds you plant today, will be the fruit you eat in 2019. The time you put in today towards your goals, will be the treasures you enjoy in 2019. I have faith in you Warrior! 2019 is going to be Your Year! Now get to work!!! The world is waiting on you, to break their paradigms, on the outcome of believing in dreams. The world is watching you, so let them know you are not playing foolish games. 2019 is game time!!! (Tag A Warrior who you believe is about to have an explosive victory in 2019! ) Shirt by: @hightco a brand that focuses on raising your self esteem 😎🤙🏽
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@kingjames’ dunks over the past month... 🔨😳 Lakers vs. Rockets - 8pm ET on TNT!
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by @danielmeigs for @nashvillescene ———> https://www.nashvillescene.com/music/cover-story/article/21036268/year-in-music-2018
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