I was listening to two friends discuss whether one of them was ready to take the plunge and enter a new relationship. The other looked her dead in the eyes and asked, “are you ready to be hurt by the person?” We were struck by the question. She continued, “ in order to truly connect with someone, you must make yourself vulnerable. To be vulnerable is to be open to the deepest forms of connection but it also leaves you open to being hurt. So, if you’re not ready to be hurt by that person, then you’re not ready for a relationship.” (A little context: the unsure friend had recently left a serious relationship. Anyone else feel like there were a lot of breakups last year??) I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. How we search for idyllic love when relationships can sometimes be difficult. Two individuals who try to choose love and each other and often succeed, but sometimes, end up intentionally or unintentionally hurting one another. - I know there a lot of people who struggle with boundaries and knowing their worth, but there are also those of us who struggle with opening ourselves to love out of fear of getting hurt. But then I started really thinking about it... Yes, there are those who struggle to open out of fear but there’s also sometimes a guarding of your heart that you shouldn’t fight- an intuition that something just isn’t right. Maybe then we’re scared to open our of love for ourselves. ❣️ #chooselove
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When you binged on pasta and now you are talking to your food baby like love it 😂💀😩 🍝 W/ @photofinishes x @paradisechallenge
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Cotton Candy Clouds ☁️
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🇵🇾Mañana empieza una nueva etapa pero yo sigo con la pasión y misma ilusión de siempre. #FuerzaParaguay #NoviaDeLaAlbirroja #Oñondive 🇵🇾
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