Weddings have always excited me, not just for the lively environment, the music and the food, but also for all the elegant dressing up I get to do! Shimmery nails, elegant lehengas, matching heels, everything perfect. And my Sonata watch is a must and a perfect addition to all my looks. The perfect combination of trendy and stylish with just the amount of bling and gold for the occasion. When it comes to my wedding looks, it's never complete without my Sonata. 🎥 - @indoframesproductions
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This the positive energy we needed ❤️ (via @creativenlb5)
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유겸 in LA🇺🇸 Film Ver. 📸 ⠀ 필름카메라로 포착한 유겸📸 그냥 셔터만 눌렀을 뿐인데도 화보다 화보🤭👏🏻 ⠀ #GOT7 #갓세븐 #유겸 #YUGYEOM #Dispatch #디스패치 #디패
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ไอ๊ไฮ​ มีใครคิดถึงเค้าบ้าง🍒
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Joel Embiid wore No. 24 for Kobe tonight and scored 24 points. On the Mamba’s patented fadeaway to hit 24 points, Embiid says he yelled “Kobe!”
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Amada? kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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Finds out no pants is the new trend...🌚✨
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