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Oh these are going to be fantastic. Thank you Anna @cur@curvyyoga. Another gift to show that we are all #whatayogilookslike! Available in mid January 2018 #Repost @curvyyoga ・・・ Y’all ask. I answer. 💗#sneakpeek . . Should be ready by mid-Jan!
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#Repost @carlystong ・・・ So ... this happened today! Tune into @kathrynbruniyoung's Mindful Strength podcast every week because it's awesome but ALSO in the new year because yours truly will be on the podcast talking mindful strength, body positivity, and accessibility. #mindfulstrength #accessibleyoga #yoga #podcasting #kby #bodypositivity #bopo #isthisthingon
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#Repost @jointheteatv ・・・ TOMORROW is our Get2Know Dana Smith video! Tune in at 9:00 am on our YouTube!
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#Repost @omgirlalli ・・・ Ok @essence!!! So happy to see some of my favorite #wellness practitioners sharing their heart-work!!! 🧘🏽‍♂️Each of them bring something to the table that is soooooo needed in this world particularly for Black folks right now!!! #Gratitude 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Get up on this #blackgirlmagic if your IG feed doesn’t already look like over half of this list!!! 💗🙌🏽✨ #2017 #mentalhealth #selfcare #selflove #yoga #planttherapy #tarot
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“ We need to be prepared with skills and techniques to make all our students safe and comfortable in our classes.” @jivana108 - #repost ・・・ Check out my new article for @yoga_international on “Making Yoga Accessible: Techniques for Adapting Asana.” Link in my bio. Photo by @saritphoto #accessibleyoga
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“Yoga is for the people by the people. Yoga is a social movement that has easily coopted by capitalism and classism. Remember isms divide us based on power and privilege. No one person deserves Yoga more than any other person. Be wary of huge companies and corporations who want to brand Yoga as an exclusive club. You too deserve Yoga. Yes it is for you. It’s not about fancy poses or expensive sports wear or communities that don’t represent all of us. It’s about finding your breath and standing in your power; connecting with others to take a stand. I have noticed a shift in our culture that has been growing for a while. It’s a widening Precipice were people with money, privilege and power try to silence the voices of people who are doing the work and have less money. This is not Yoga. Things are being taken from us that belong to us. Fight back! Resist! Persist! Speak up. Let’s stand together and remember Yoga is for all of us!” @diannebondyyoga #repost ・・・ #thisiswhatayogilookslike #reclaimingmyspace #yogaforall #yogaandbodyimage #resistpersist @yogasteya @bod@bodypositiveyoga_ @aliciahiggison @melmelklein @ybicoalition @bodypositiveyoga @yoga_international @the_zen_mama @themilitantbaker @nataliecummingsyoga @angela_dawn_yoga
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Great interview about why representation matters for queer and trans yogis, along with some advice for teachers and studios to create more inclusive spaces from our partners at @yog@yogabuzz! #representationmatters #wha#whatayogilookslike #yog#yogabuzz #yogaforall #ybi#ybi#ybicoalition #queeryoga #eve#everybodyisayogabody #Repost @yogabuzz ・・・ Today, @dstew1935 and @aprilfudgey chatted about why visibility and representation on the mat is important for queer and trans yogis. They also offer some great advice for yoga teachers and studios for creating more inclusive spaces. Check out the interview on @ybicoalition's Facebook page! #yogabuzz #changethefaceofyoga #yogadisruptors #ybic #ybicoalition #accessibleyoga #whatayogilookslike #everybodyisayogabody #trans #ftm #transgender #lgb#lgbt> #lgbt #stlouisgram
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Create peace and joy in your life and in your community by spending a half-day of space and time to connect with something special – you! Join Susanna Barkataki and Dr. Neelam Pathikonda for a group community/self care experience at Green Tree Yoga Meditation Foundation in Los Angeles on December 27th. Learn more: #greentreeyogala #mindfulnessretreat #yog#yogala #yoga @greentreeyogala @susannabarkataki #restandrestore #communityyoga #ybicoalition #whatayogilookslike #communitycare
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We're so excited to co-host Introduction to Restorative Yoga for Race Based Traumatic Stress Injury© with Gail Parker at @greentreela 2/3/18! Race based stress and trauma are so common in communities of color that we are not always aware of their negative impact on our health and well-being. Yet, race based traumatic stress injury is real and pervasive contributing to anxiety, and levels of distress that compromise overall health and a general sense of well-being. Restorative Yoga is a self-care tool that can help effectively manage the stresses and trauma that arise from the daily-lived experiences of persons of color. In this workshop you will learn: • What Race Based Traumatic Stress Injury is, and how it differs from PTSD • How to identify areas of stress and trauma • How to utilize Restorative Yoga as a self-care tool to effectively manage the stresses and traumas that arise from daily-lived experiences as a person of color • How Restorative Yoga buffers the nervous system, increases resilience, and strengthens your psychological immune system. Sign up at #raceandyoga #restorativeyoga #greentreeyoga #layogaevent #ybicoalition #yogaforall #pocyoga #whatayogilookslike
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What would happen if we changed our perception from 'body image', (viewing ourselves from the outside-in) to embodiment which instead opens us to an experience of our bodies from the ‘inside-out’. "...turn your attention inward – focus on function rather than form, wellbeing rather than weight, embodiment rather than body image. And be especially careful not to tie your perception of your worth or value as a person to your appearance." Janet Lowndes @yogapsychologist, Mind Body Well #bodyimage #bodypositive #bodypositiveblog #yogabodyimage #whatayogilookslike
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#Repost @drj@drjennycopeland ・・・ Reclaim Your Story with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and Yoga for All! Tickets are still available for this raffle which includes a one year membership in @yogasteya - an online yoga studio featuring the Yoga for All philosophy and @diannebondyyoga . Join @drjennycopeland @ybicoalition and @downtownyoga_jomo and help us raise funds and awareness for LaFayette House @lafayettehouse1978 - a women's shelter in southwest Missouri. Tickets can be purchased at Tune into a special Facebook live with Downtown Yoga, Friday December 15 for the winners of the Instagram yoga challenge and raffles. ⠀⠀ #soulspaceyoginisunite #lovecallsup#empoweredwomen #embodylove#iambodypositive #whatayogilookslike
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