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Today's #MomentOfZen: Oirase Stream (奥入瀬渓流) in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Many thanks to Lee Tsz Cheung for submitting this serene image to the #WMOWaterWays photo competition! Do you have beautiful water photos to share? Join the competition through the link in our bio. Contest rules are translated in Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish and Russian on the WMO website!
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"Peace" by Carlos Calvo Sancho shows the stunning #Skógafoss waterfall in #Iceland and is one of the entries for the #WMOWaterWays photo competition. Want to share your beautiful #water photos? Join through the link in our bio!💧
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Yoga at the Indian display exhibit at UN climate change negotiations. #yoga #climatechange #india
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As seen from above. The UN climate change negotiations in Bonn. Lots of walks in the rain! #COP23 #climatechange #weloveeeatjer #moodyskies #germany #bonn
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Carnival comes to COP23. Today is the start of the carnival season in Bonn, bring some cheer to UN climate change conference #carnival #germany #climatechange #whatanoise
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Today is #Water Action Day at #COP23. This beautiful image, submitted by @lucasjames24 to our #WMO#WMOWaterWays photo competition, captures the spirit of the day and comes with a wonderful message, too: "When you give water, you give life. When children don't have to walk to get water, they can go to school, hold a job or help provide for their families! This community in Swaziland welcomes a new life." . Do you have beautiful water photos to share? Click on the link in our bio to join the competition and tag your photos #WMOWaterWays
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Demand for fresh water is growing as is the local, national and cross-border competition for this limited resource, leading to rising water stress around the world. Extensive knowledge of water resources and the availability of data on water quantity and quality is crucial. Better data, information and knowledge can greatly improve environmental protection. Smartphones and innovative new apps have revolutionized the way water data can be gathered and the role citizens can play in contributing to water monitoring at the local level. Read more: http://bit.ly/2zwI75t #water #innovation #data #monitoring #cop23
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Great double rainbow in General Rica, Rio Negro, Argentina via @smn_argentina Photo @kalenet #Weloveweather #rainbow #somewhereovertherainbow #argentina #weather
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Join us today, 8 November 2017, 14:00 at the #COP23 #ClimateAction Studio for a UN CC:Learn #ClimateClassroom session led by the director for the Global Framework on Climate Services. The lesson is on #ClimateServices for Decision Making. Don't miss it!
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El año 2017 va camino de ser uno de los tres años más cálidos, con registros de tiempo extremo sin precedentes, de acuerdo a la versión provisional de la Declaración sobre el estado del #clima mundial de la Organización Meteorológica Mundial. El informe de la OMM destaca el impacto sobre la seguridad humana, el bienestar y el medioambiente. #cop23
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D'après la déclaration provisoire de l'OMM sur l'état du #climat mondial: Marquée par des phénomènes extrêmes record, 2017 est en passe de figurer au palmarès des trois années les plus chaudes. Le rapport met en évidence les répercussions sur la santé humaine, la qualité de vie et l'environnement. #cop23
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2017 is set to be in top three hottest years, with record-breaking extreme weather, according to the WMO's provisional statement on the State of the #Climate. The report also highlights impacts on human safety, well-being and the environment. #cop23
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