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After the storm. after the winds and rain associated with Storm Eleanor in UK, a rainbow brightens the horizon in the aptly named village of Dry Doddington. Photo Wendy McCallin #eleanor #storm #rain #rainbow #weather
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Luke Romick took this #WMOWaterWays photo in the village of Mcuba, Swaziland to show how access to a clean #water source brings new life to a community. To manage our limited water resources, we need to know where they are, in what quantity and quality, how variable they are, and how they will evolve in the foreseeable future. Click on the link in our bio to learn more about the WMO’s work in water 💧
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Wishing you a Happy New Year with this #WMOWaterWays photo by Ramanambahoaka Tolotra Andriamparany Mickael that screams pure joy! Have you thought about what #WaterAction you can take in 2018 to help achieve our #globalgoals? Taking short showers instead of baths can help save gallons of precious water. Using refillable water bottles can help reduce the waste that ends up in our waterways. Share your ideas in the comments below! 💧
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Ignacio Carmona’s #WMOWaterWays photo shows an Icelandic glacier lake which, apart from being visually arresting, is also a dramatic representation of #climatechange. The Jökulsárlón Lagoon didn’t exist 6 decades ago but is now Iceland’s deepest lake—and continues growing. 2017 saw the continued shrinking of the cryosphere; let’s make 2018 the year for #Cli#ClimateAction! What’s your 2018 #ClimateAction resolution?
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Palpasa Prajapati took this #WMOWaterWays photo to draw attention to Kathmandu’s ancient stone spouts, which serve as vital #water sources for communities but are rapidly drying up from “excessive groundwater extraction and unplanned urbanization.” WMO advocates for reliable hydrological data, which are critical for ensuring that water is available for all💧
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Today’s #WMOWaterWays photo by @najeebazad shows the Hindu Kush mountain range in the Central Highlands of Afghanistan. The WMO Afghanistan Early Warning Project, supported by @usaid.ofda, is building Afghanistan Meteorological Service’s capacity to bring timely weather and flood warnings to vulnerable communities, as Afghanistan is extremely exposed to hydrometeorological hazards, particularly floods and flash floods. Click on the link in our bio to learn more 🌊
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2017 brought major #drought to the Iberian Peninsula, as seen in this photo taken by António Francisco Ribeiro de Oliveira. The bridge of Rio Mourinho was submerged by the waters of Pego do Altar dam for 2 decades, but re-emerged with the dam only at 8% of its capacity. Drought is one of the key issues highlighted in the #WMOWaterWays photo competition.
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Today’s #WMOWaterWays photo was taken by Lydia Cuminsky in low-lying Bangladesh, a country vulnerable to #floods. Lydia photographed this woman walking peacefully through the wetland ecosystem to show “a society living with and around water through the opportunities and challenges it brings.” Learn more about how to “live with floods” at www.floodmanagement.info
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Today’s captivating #WMOWaterWays photo was taken by Arsenio Blanco Gayoso and highlights the critical role of #water as the the lifeblood of the biosphere 💧🌍
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Wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all those who celebrate this time of the year with this spectacular #WMOWaterWays photo! @zoran_stanko_photography beautifully captured the Peričnik Waterfall frozen in icicles and floes ❄️
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Jose Ramon Gomez Martin photographed these icicles in a river flowing from the Sierra de Gredos in Spain. Ice is one of the different forms water takes during the #hydrologicalcycle. #Didyouknow that ice can sublimate directly into water vapour? #WMOWaterWays
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This #WMOWaterWays photo taken by Ali Rostamiiranagh shows the impact of a long #drought and below-average rainfall in rural Iran. #Droughts are complex natural hazards with massive and persistent socioeconomic and environmental impacts. For advice on building drought resilience, visit the Integrated Drought Management Programme HelpDesk at www.droughtmanagement.info
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