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We developed LEAN SHAKE™ to specifically support active women who want to get leaner, stronger, and more toned. It is high in protein & high in fibre with just 97 calories per serving. Plus it contains a range of popular ingredients to help with weight loss, energy metabolism and thyroid function. Avaliable in Strawberry Cupcake 🍰 or Chocolate Brownie 🍫 #WMN
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When you feel good, it shows @zoe.fisk #WMN
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Make it a lifestyle, not a duty. #WMN
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"I don’t believe in magic formulas. I train hard and always make sure I eat healthy, nutritious foods – well, most of the time anyway. LEAN 11™ is a nice addition to my routine so I’m always at my best. " - @lucymeck1
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"Every girl wants to look and feel their best, and I’m no different. I take 1 capsule of RADIANCE CAPSULES™ every morning when I wake up. It’s become a bit of a ritual now and it means I always start the day with a smile." @lucymeck1
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Formulated for women to support a healthy and active lifestyle, WMN® is our range of high quality, female specific, vitamins, minerals as well as delicious protein shakes. @zoe.fisk 💕
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Daily Protein™ is a quality everyday protein shake from WMN™. It’s expertly formulated for active women who want to support their training and activity. #WMN
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The WMN® range contains everything you need to set you on your way to achieving your goals in 2018 🙌 It tastes great too 😉 #WMN
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Have you tried our Daily Protein™? @zoe.fisk is obssessed with our Chocolate Brownie flavour 🍫 Quality protein with just 99 Kcals per serving 💗 #WMN
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🎉 WMN® GIVEAWAY! 🎉 In honour of our new women's range we're offering you a chance to win the entire collection... Worth over £100! To enter: 1. Follow @WMNcom 2. Like this post 3. Tag 2 friends below 👇 Winners will be announced on 8/01/2018 #WMN #Competition
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You work hard, train hard, play hard and squeeze the most out of every minute. So support your body with an all-round multivitamin, created specifically for women. Active WMN™ #WMN
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"Health and wellness is extremely important to me. I spend long hours working in the office, modelling and training. I always try to eat healthily to give myself the best possible platform to succeed, and WMN really helps with that. As a range of supplements to support my active lifestyle, it’s perfect." - @lucymeck1 #WMN
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