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Let go. Why do you cling to pain? There is nothing you can do about the wrongs of yesterday. It is not yours to judge. Why hold on to the very thing which keeps you from hope 🙏🏻 #withselflove #selfbelief #confidence #selfworth #selfesteem #coaching #anxietyawareness #instacoaching
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Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it. Sadly, this can be a vicious circle: people who lack self-confidence can find everything difficult. The good news is that self-confidence really can be learned and built on. And, whether you’re working on your own confidence or building the confidence of people around you, it’s well-worth the effort! Click the link in bio and get started x#withselflove#selfconfidence #selfbelief #confid nice #anxietysucks
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It's time to stop hiding behind this cloud and dive right out of it. It is time to stop believing what others say and to share with the world who you really are and what you struggle with. No one should ever have to live in fear of talking about something that bothers them or that is affecting their life. Don’t pretend to be ok if you are not ok. Speak out be brave ask for help 🙏🏻. #endthestigma #mentalhealthawareness #anxietysucks #bebrave #beyourself❤️
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With age comes wisdom and more self confidence , education of self help at least that's what my mother always told me. It's a basic notion that as we mature, we learn more about life. As I get older, I've learned that there are certain ways to live your life that bring happiness and other ways that just bring stress. Life is about finding what makes you happy, and removing those things that make you upset. Someone told me, "life is good if you know how to live it." It was that simple statement, that obvious truth, that changed the way I saw everything in my life. I suddenly realised that I don't have to hold myself to a certain standard of what people consider "the norm." I don't need to live my life following ideal notions of what people want to see. I can break out of that and just be myself. It took a long time to figure out, but the secret to life really is not giving a damn. Because caring about what other people think will never bring you happiness. #withselflove #withselfconfidence #anxietyfree
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Are you a worry wart? Do you constantly worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, or even next year? I think most of us fall into this category – at least every now and then. We all have that sore spot, and we tend to live too much in the future (or some, too much in the past) instead of the present. But the truth is that the only place we can do anything about our situation is in the present. It is only now that we have a say about anything at all. What’s in the past is in the past and we cannot rewind time in any way. What comes next is only in the future’s grasp, too far out of reach. So worrying about what troubles are to come surely is only going to take away today’s peace. Worrying about what’s going to happen in the future is like washing an already clean plate – it serves no purpose. Worrying about tomorrow will never do anything for you but make you miserable today. Because what happens if tomorrow comes and whatever you were worrying about doesn’t happen? You will have worried for nothing, in complete vain! Isn’t it better then, to believe that only good things will come, so that at least you haven’t felt miserable for nothing? Be a little naïve, for your own happiness sake. See every situation as something fun, something interesting. Believe that only good things will come to you. Worst case scenario, things turn out difficult every now and then, but at least you didn’t have to worry about it two weeks, two months, or maybe even two years prior. Enjoy your now and let whatever needs to come, come. Embrace everything that is life right here and now, and you will find that it’s much easier to get through anything that is thrown at you in the future. #withselflove #stopworrying #behappy #feelconfident #feelfree #nofears
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In a society where having the perfect body is important, those who feel like they don’t meet these standards have a hard time being as open with their bodies and that alone creates anxiety, low self esteem and extreme pressures on ourselves. Your body does so much for you, and we sometimes forget just how amazing it is. It helps us breathe, eat, laugh, dance, sing, smile, and countless other things that are so important. We all look different and beautiful on the outside, and all bodies are good bodies because they keep us alive and happy. Even with a healthy lifestyle, it can be difficult to have a healthy mindset. Maybe you're eating and exercising in a healthy way, but you feel like you still don’t look like any of the people in the media. It can be disheartening, but you have to remember what happens behind the scenes of those photos and videos. Looking like the models on TV or magazines is an unrealistic standard to hold yourself to; the models themselves don't even look like that! Photoshop is so prevalent in this industry that literally no one can look like these pictures, not even the people in them. Letting someone on a computer with a fancy editing program dictate how you should look isn't fair to anyone. be proud of your body. It does so much for you, and when you think about everything it does, your body is so cool! No one is made the same way, no one looks the same way, and yet we're all so beautiful. Stop comparing yourself to others, and start being proud of the body you have. Be confident with what you have; no one looks like you. #withselflove #bodyconfidence #selfesteem #freecourse #anxietyhelp #anxietyreliever #anxietycoach #feelfree CLICK LINK IN BIO TO START YOUR FREE COURSE
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Life has it’s ups and downs. It’s perfectly normal. Trying to find the source of your unhappiness will only bring you even more unhappiness. So stop it! Stop asking yourself: “Why do I feel so bad? What is causing me to experience al these ups and downs? Why am I so unhappy. And instead, ask yourself: “What makes me happy? What are the things that cause me to experience joy and gratitude?” And let your mind look for those things, the things that make you feel good, and no longer the things that cause you to feel burned out, anxious, fearful and unhappy. There’s nothing wrong with feeling down from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with feeling cranky, angry and irritated. You can’t always be happy. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling without judging and condemning yourself for not being ‘perfect’. For not being the ‘positive’ person you thought yourself to be. Understand that positive people get angry too. Positive people have bad days as well. So just be gentle with yourself. Don’t burden yourself in vain. Allow whatever you are feeling to just be, without labeling it as good or bad. #withselflove #giveyourselftime #bekindtoyou #itsok
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Your Sunday night reminder 🙏#withselflove #astepatatime #adayatatime #anxietyisreal #anxietyisasickness
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Overthinking is as debilitating as it is common. It can stop you from enjoying social events, disturb your sleep, undermine your job performance and even ruin your holidays. Typically, it also comes with all the physical discomforts of ANXIETY. This means that overthinking leaves you not only mentally distressed but also exhausted. If this picture sounds familiar, you’re probably desperate to work out how to stop overthinking your life and start living. However, you may have already tried to change and found it an insurmountable hurdle. Try our coaching videos link in the bio 👌. #withselflove #stopoverthinking #dealwithanxiety #feelfree #feelyourself #behappier #takeyourpowerback
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Anxiety is not helped by inaction and thinking dark thoughts while shutting yourself up at home. Instead, look for ways to become busy that you could keep your mind out of your worries. Engaging in a hobby or other enjoyable activity can help reduce your anxiety. Seek out someone you can discuss your problems and concerns with. Having someone to talk to will help you feel more calm and understood, which will lessen your anxiety. Speaking with others about your problems can benefit you and reduce daily anxiety. Take some time and list what is causing you stress in life. Separate the items you cannot change from the items that you can. Focus on changing what can be changed, and don’t worry about the ones that can’t.#withselflove #anxietysucks #believeinyourself #askforhelp
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Trying to “be gentle” means not further contributing to your sufferings. It means being aware of the setbacks and practice understanding of your own situation. It means trying to ease your situation as much as you can by little acts of kindness towards yourself. #withselflove #selflove #kindness #selfrespect
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Many of us get stuck in that place of fear, doubt, and shame that holds us back from realizing our true potential. When we can accept that we are simply human, it becomes easier to accept who we are as individuals. All of us have something to offer this massive, abundant world. Yes, even you. #wit#withselflove #withselflove #loveyourself #selfacceptance #selfconfidence #selfesteem #strong #powerful
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