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What is a good sitcom that I should watch? I love the Office (obviously), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfeld, Malcolm in the Middle, and I am currently finishing up Community and I don’t know what to get into next 😭
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Em and her girls
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The feels
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Jealous puppy trying to steal the spotlight
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In honor of Valentines Day and how much we enjoy capturing LOVE, we will be offering 30 minute couple mini sessions in Clarion and Cook Forest for the whole month of February.$150. Dm us for details and to book!
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Oldie but goodie. ENGAGE with each other during your first dance. Nothing is worse than when a bride and groom just talk the whole time and there is no emotion. We want to see how you are feeling, especially the tears.
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About to be one. I love all the tiny moments leading up to the larger moments on a wedding day.
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So anxious to get out and shoot, but instead I’m sitting here with two kids fighting over blocks.
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Waiting for this baby to come! What’s taking so long!
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If you missed it, we posted some of our favorites from 2017 on the blog! >>>Link in bio<<<
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