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‘A company that waived it’s patent rights so that everyone could benefit’! @volvocars now that’s #con#consciousluxury Where are you celebrating 🎄? Wherever you go, Travel safe this holiday season- ❤️ #wanderwelltm #conscious #holidaygift #yyc #global #luxury #impact #travel #healthiswealth #wanderintowellness Image courtesy @volvocarusa #volvo #cars
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Give the gift of glowing skin! 1. Skincare is a really high priority for us, and @xot@xotreatmentroom XO PM oil serum stands up to the task. It’s a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and lipids that hydrate, plump and calm... all while you sleep! 2. We love anything customized! Treat your loved ones to XO’s custom facials (XOA) this season and you’ll meet everyone’s needs. 3. Their new XO Moisture Mass is the key to combating the city’s dry climate. The continuous release formula means your skin will stay hydrated from morning til night. xo #wishlist #giftguide #givingseason #skincare #modelskin #clearskin #yycfacials #xotreatmentroom #yycbeauty #freshface #beauty #selfcare #glowgirl #luxelife #calgaryskincare #yycskincare #calgaryfacials #thenoblesgiftguide #shoplocal #shoplocalyyc #holidayshopping #wellness @xotreatmentroom ft @kimbotlay
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Today’s Holiday Gift Guide is all about #FashionFriday. 1. Every woman needs a versatile silk scarf in her repertoire. @Irene_Rasetti’s collection of one-of-a-kind scarves and tops are hand dyed using plant materials like eucalyptus leaves, dahlias and roses. 2. Quality over quantity this holiday. The talented @ann@annekeforbes creates thoughtful, classic made-to-measure outerwear - like this two button wool and cashmere overcoat - and is everything we love about slow fashion. 3. Model street style secret: Keep it simple and add a statement piece. Enter @tal@taleestudio. Inspired by boating knots her father taught her to tie when she was young, Lorraine Lee’s line of statement jewellery will elevate any outfit. Ft @rachelhunter._ wearing @annekeforbes x @irene_rasetti x @taleestudio #yyc #canada #impact #conscious #healthiswealth #luxury #giftguide #calgary #global #beauty
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On the hunt for last-minute luxurious eco-friendly holiday gifts? Our pick is skin and body care expert, @nea@nealsyardremediescanada. 1. It’s so important to take care of your skin, from head to toe. This uplifting citrus-scented organic hand wash and lotion duo make a perfect host/hostess gift. Plus, the beautiful blue bottles made from 100% recycled materials look great on anyone’s vanity. 2. Need a perfect stocking stuffer? We’re all about a good nighttime ritual. @nealsyardremediescanada just launched a new pillow mist that’s a blend of relaxing French lavender, vetiver, geranium, and mandarin to help soothe the mind before bed for a deeper sleep. 3. We're also loving their line of frankincense products – perfect for combating anxiety while reducing fine lines. The Frankincense Intense Gift Box includes some of their most popular products – a refining cleanser, age-defying concentrate, and firming cream – which makes your life easy. Thanks @aniab Image @stalman #yyc #influencer #london #canada #beauty #skin #giftguide #christmas
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#TuesdayTravel Holiday Gift Guide! ✈️ 🌎 1. Getting enough beauty sleep is key, but it’s not always easy when you’re traveling. These 100% natural mulberry silk eye masks by makeup artist and beauty expert, @bydariiaday, help calm the nervous system so you fall asleep easier. They’re smooth and gentle for your eye area and dermatologically tested for the most sensitive skin. 2. Gift a travel experience with purpose. @wej@wejourney creates six to nine-day immersive trips to transform both the communities they visit and the travelers. You start by working alongside local volunteers to complete a project – such as building homes and renovating schools – then travel to a beautiful destination to explore and relax. You can take part in meditation, yoga, and surfing classes, and engage in group discussions to reflect on your experience. 3. A gift for the wanderer: an artisan-made bag by @fee@feed! The socially conscious fashion company works with cooperatives in Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, El Salvador, and Peru to fight hunger and provide sustainable livelihoods to underserved populations. Each product has a number stamped on it that signifies the amount of meals provided to the country with its purchase. #healthiswealth #wellbeing #travel #model #beauty #sleep #giftguide ft @devoneguy x @feed @wejourney @tourismcalgary
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Holiday Gift Guides with @thenoblesmgmt #WellnessWednesday Holiday Gift Guide! 🌙💫Our lives can get exceptionally busy - especially over the holidays - which is why scheduling in ‘me-time’ every day to help bring balance isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. @dha@dha@dhararituals is a Calgary-based company that specializes in Ayurvedic self-care home and beauty products. 1. Botanical essences and oils have long played an important role in rebalancing our systems within Ayurveda. This natural, non-synthetic perfume roll, Acharya, provides rich, leathery and balsamic notes mixed with Lavender, Lavandin, and Clary Sage. “Blending a true vision of Paris suave mixed with Indian Spice.” 2. Daily self-care rituals are a way to exercise consciousness and nourish your body, mind and spirit. For those just starting on their wellness journey, @dhararituals offers a morning ritual box containing everything you need to start each day off right – the Clarity Nasya Oil, Abhyanga Therapeutic Body Oil, Refresh Pulling Oil and Copper Tongue Scraper. 3. Seasonal approaches to self-care are incredibly important. Now that the snow and cold have hit, we should all be including warming, calming, and stabilizing qualities in our lifestyle. This handmade botanical therapeutic Vata Balancing Body Oil is designed to relax, uplift, soothe and nourish, and it’s a simple way to incorporate self-care into your everyday healthy ritual. #wellbeing #healthiswealth #beauty #global #gift #christmas ft @gypsyliife @dhararituals
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Exclusive @milazovko editorial for WanderWell featuring model @rachelhunter._ @noblesfutures styling @pau_ramis x hmua @oliviakmakeupartist #ethical #wellbeing #wellness #wanderintowellness #vancouver #conscious #sustainable #canadian Canadian premier travel and style wellness for your wellbeing platform, Launching 2018
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Because it’s #chictobegreen with @aniab x @maisondemode wearing the perfect chic, luxurious glasses @westwardleaning, a passionate California-based company that supports a variety of philanthropic groups. #MAISONDEMODE #value #mindful #luxury #style #california #influencer #wellbeing #act #support #consciouspurchase #maisondemode #aniab Photography: @stalman
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