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set design before the re-designed
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pre-fall @off____white™
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@off____white fw18 men’s Off-White™ runway show ~ steaming live on www.off- —white.com ~ link in bio now
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primary show note in one iphone photo. pattern cutting an interns closet with a “twist”. fw18 men’s Off-White™ runway show titled “Business Casual” streaming live on www.off- - -white.com at 11 am Paris local time - link in bio
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runway show -3 days
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scoring runway show music while wandering soho
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sketching “sculptures” w/ @takashipom
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2008-2017 ~ 3rd tee I ever made sarah luckily agreed to make for her store in 2008. made 2 more for @sarahandelman & @colette a couple weeks ago. little did they know their idea launched a million more ideas and just as many kids dreams.... 💙✨™ #coletteforever
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