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My favorite exercise is between a lunge and a crunch.. it’s called a lunch. 😊
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Refinishing this old girl. I love an antique. I sanded the interior down a bit to scrap it up for a good load of paint but I’m kind of loving the character the sanded natural wood gives. Paint interior or not to paint? New pretty little green dress added into the armoire is by @faithandgraceclothing .
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Another snow day in. 🌨
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Eventful day today running around only for it to be in circles. 🏃‍♀️ lol. Ever have those days.. productive, yet absolutely not. 😂
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Someone wound up in my bed because she was scared of the dark. 😴 Raise you hand if you could sleep Monday away! 🙋‍♀️
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A little rearranging and update on isla’s room. I just can’t help myself. 🙈
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I’ll be married to this guy for NINE years come a week and half from now! 😘
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So proud of my girl today. 😘 She had a big day ahead of her and I’m happy she did so awesome!
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When you’re convinced Brother’s room is better than yours. #youhideinit🙈
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He loves his Sister and she loves... the Skittles she found on the bed. 🌈 #tastetherainbow
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When your super artsy talented friend surprises you with a fashion doodle!! @catplusmouse 😘♥️ #fangirlingout
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My shop restocked Turbans today @vannusco ☺️♥️
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