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One of the most critically adored TV comedies in recent history, #CurbYourEnthusiasm, comes and goes as it pleases. In advance of Sunday's season premiere on @HBO, @vfhwd explores why Larry David took 17 years to make nine seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm—even though he says, "nothing else really gives me as much satisfaction as doing this" (link in bio). Photograph by Jonathan Becker.
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Happy 48th birthday to Oscar-winning actress @CatherineZetaJones (and her husband Michael Douglas!). Photograph by @MarioTestino for V.F. January 2001.
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October cover star @MeghanMarkle just made her first real joint official appearance with boyfriend Prince Harry. Of their relationship, the actress says, "I think it's really simple. We're two people who are really happy and in love." At the link in bio, see the couple laughing and holding hands in their debut at the #InvictusGames. Photograph by @therealpeterlindbergh.
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#Regram from @vfvanities: Two hours onstage with 17 costume changes, plus wigs and shoes, not to mention the creation of a complicated psyche torn between Love and Art. All of this is par for the course if you're the star of the stage adaption of 'The Red Shoes,' but for @NYCBallet's boldest ballerina, it's a dream come true. Meet @SaraMearns at the link in bio. Photograph by @PariDukovic.
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Anjelica Huston is proud of women's progress in Hollywood, but not without a grain of salt: "I can't say that I celebrate it without a hint of cynicism, because I think of how easily things can drop away and go back to the same old routine of being a boys' show." The Oscar-winning actress, author, animal lover, and certified Hollywood royalty speaks out about being a woman in Hollywood, her friend Harry Dean Stanton, and what the Emmys forgot at the link in bio. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz for V.F. September 1985.
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Jeremy Irons's purchase of a 15th-century Irish castle might, the actor admits, have been a midlife crisis—but what began as an eccentricity is now indisputably a home. At the castle, Irons says, "I'm away from everything. It's a wonderful feeling. And that's what it gives me." At the link in bio, see more photos and find out exactly how the magical retreat came to be. 📷: @simonuptonphotos
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Who's your selfie partner-in-crime? @ChanningTatum and @JennaDewan are set. 👌 At the link in bio, see more behind the scenes photos from the @KingsmanMovie premiere. 📷: @charliegrayphotographer
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While it may be some time until Prince William becomes King William—given his father, Prince Charles, will accede to the throne before him—that is certainly not going to stop people from theorizing about the day William, Kate, and their family move on into Buckingham Palace. At the link in bio, read more about how the Queen is "training" Prince William for the throne.
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"Whoever you've been and wherever you've been, it never leaves you." 67 years ago today, Bruce @Springsteen was born in the U.S.A. Happy birthday to The Boss. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.
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Happy birthday to #OrphanBlack star (and emoji queen) @TatianaMaslany!
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Fall is officially here! Time to get cozy for the next six months. 🍂 Photograph of Robert Pattinson by @Bruce_Weber for V.F. December 2009.
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#Regram from @vfhive: "These people are profoundly immoral." Watch Fran Lebowitz discuss Trump and his children in her latest video for the Hive. #FranSays
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