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Why would anyone want to watch a show on ABC that bad mouths anyone's faith.  Your faith is a personal belief solely to you and a group of others that believe the same thing.  For someone on a national show to basically say that you cannot have your own belief in accordance with the first amendment of the Constitution, we question her loyalty to our country.  Do you want to watch her show?
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Liberals have a distorted logic when it comes to emotional issues.  When it comes to guns, they downright make up so called facts to explain why law abiding citizens should not have guns.  Obviously, it is OK for criminals to have them since they do not follow the law anyway.
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This kid supports #POTUS
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Double tap to show your support for #POTUS
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Smart beautiful woman with the right view on feminism. @tomilahren
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Happy Valentine’s Day! #POTUS
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Our service men and women deserve a parade. #MAGA
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Don't bite the hand that feeds. #conservatives #usa
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The true hard working Americans voted Trump.
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Very good movie 😎
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Oh no. Is he going to make it?😂😂😂
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Tomi is spot on! ❤️ @tomilahren
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He helped weak kid to stand firm. What a nice guy. 😂 #NationalAnthem #MAGA
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He realized that socialism sucks. 😂😂
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The jokes are on you Barry.😂😂😂
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Democrats don't like Trump and they praise Haiti as a beautiful place, and yet we don't see them moving there. 😂😂😂
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Communist pigeons... 😂😂😂
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