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You’re turning violet, Violet.
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Peak horror nerd. #deadlyfriend #kristyswanson
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Because it was an E.MO.TIONal year @carlyraejepsen @brightlightx2
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Saw a sneak preview of #shapeofwater tonight at #angelika with a great Q&A with my horror nerd hero #guillermodeltoro and the cast @therealoctaviaspencer #dougjones #michaelstuhlbarg. I liked it a lot.
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Back in #brooklyn editing @screamqueendoc with @the_end_productions and our intern @youthxtralarge. We’re getting real close y’all 😱👸🏼
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I honestly connected with @margotrobbie tonight as #tonyaharding far more than I ever thought possible. I will always love a rags to riches #whitetrash story even if it doesn’t end happily ever after. #allisonjaney for all the trophies.
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Just another #manicmooseday #foreverpuppy serving denim bad grrrl realness and post-summertime sadness beach vibes. New L🐶🐶ks coming soon from @shopdogdays
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Cabin fever setting in. All I can think about is #getout 🦌☕️🥄😱
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