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Let's talk about some serious #mondaymotivation. Here I was trying to keep my eyes closed so that I couldn't be the glutton that I am & pounce upon that little thing I was lying on 馃嵀馃嵀馃槣馃槣 #TTGoesToBali
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It's impossible to go forward while looking back. Don't look back because you are not going that way. But, if it makes a good pose, chuck all such quotes & just do it.
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Living life on the edge... But guess who became a paparazzi & invaded my privacy?! None other than @rinklemukherjee #Paparazzi + #Sis = #paparazzis #TTGoesToBali
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Trying to climb the tree like a 馃悞! Typical me!
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If one of our most favorite thing is taking a selfie, then we can't control ourselves when we have the opportunity to take one with the view of the gorgeous ocean and infinity pool. So first, let me try & take a #selfie #TTGoesToBali
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Being a li'l extra doesn't hurt anybody! #TTGoesToBali
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You might be thinking I was trying to look all glam but I was actually trying to check out what the ceiling is made of! Now you know! #TTGoesToIndonesia
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So totally in love with the appeal of Balinese villas #TTGoesToBali
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I'm not as tall as you think! Peep toes work 鉁岋笍#LifeInBali #TTGoesToBali
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Stay gold under the bright sky and wear a watch that adds to your mood @paul_hewitt #sailorline & #ancuff in #rosegold at a location that's about 馃寠 & 鈿擄笍 #paulhewitt #getanchored
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In my 3-day stay overlooking the Canggu Beach, never even for a second I stopped being mesmerized by this view! Wouldn't mind making this suite my bedroom for the rest of my life! #oceanview #iwokeuplikethis #TTGoesToBali
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I am a bird that's planning to live life in a deep, dark jungle. My nest would typically be at the edge of the hill. Don't worry, I wouldn't fall. I would fly!!
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