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Ryan Young Emmy award winning reporter, #Cnn Correspondent, FSU grad, lover of great images. #breakingnews @RyanYoungnews twitter
I just watched 50 strangers go crazy. They are taking pictures and sharing moments as the President walks by. #America #cnn #oregon #airforce1 #whitehouse @potus_official
36 1 2h
Love it!!!
Marine 1 in Oregon flying the President. #roseburg
10 4h
The President is in Oregon! Heavy security everywhere.
10 4h
West coast crew call was early. The President is heading to Oregon today. Live on the ground with the latest.
16 11h
Umpqua Community College
Tbt this Dolphin won't take no for an answer. #2013 warm water beach sand.#Bahamas #dolphinencounters
31 1 1d
This is a beautiful area of the country going thru a tremendous amount of pain right now. #Oregon #roseburg
13 3d
Lax ✈️Eug!
18 1 4d
Eugene Airport
👣 @7kix 💯..
We just aired the entire 5 minute interview with the father of the Umpqua Community College shooter. He told me "there are no words for how he feels for the victims families." #cnn
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@tvryanyoung check us out!! Great movement Awesome Cause💯
This is #WHGOFFICIAL @3kpmarketing
Gangs/Violence- L.A. just experienced one of it's deadliest months, 39 homicides. The stories seem strangely the same despite the coast difference. #sad
11 1 6d
According to the La Times 70 percent of the city's August homicides are believed to be gang related.
What a sunrise! Working in #la with the #chi team.
28 6d
Ord-Lax ✈️
15 1w
No one mentioned it but this stood out to me. Players praying during the game. #powerful
43 1 1w
There's something about praying men...
Guess who decided to come out in full force "The Hawk"! Man I don't like this dude way to early for all this lol!
13 1w
Really now words for this one.
10 2 1w
D. Rose might as well be the guy Samuel L. Jackson played in "Unbreakable" smdh
Rose out again! Broken bone in his face first day of practice.
5 2 1w
No way! This is the most unlucky always injured guy!
Chicago Supt. McCarthy talks strategy to deal with violence in the city. #chicago
12 1w
Chicago Police Department
Perfect Sunday...except for those Dolphins!
10 1w
My favorite building in Miami all decked out for the @miamidolphins. Yes sir #finsup!
28 1w
This kid from Florida just made a gesture on live TV. Lol!! Oh they look lost!
9 1 1w
I saw this too! It was sad but a good game
Live T.V. Changing the world wherever the Pope goes there are live cameras.
16 2w