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This kid is developing his own style and it's awesome
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222 pre-orders for my novel, Rock of Ages! Eeee! Can you help me get to 750 to secure a publishing deal? (clickable link in profile!) #boo#booksam #books #fiction #appalachia #westvirginia #author #authorsofinstagram #booksofinstagram #writing #amwriting #amreading #reading
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Pajama day at school so Jonas wanted to wear his day time clothes to bed tonight
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Mail! A letter and Pokemon card from @aghphd and @annierheamd 's son! He's so excited. And the heart with two kids with glasses is the cutest thing ever.
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129 orders (17%!) of my pre-order goal in 5 days! Thank you, thank you to everyone who has already ordered! Helping me get to 750 helps me get my novel published-- my dream! Plus, I think and hope you will like my book! ♥️
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