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Remembering Carrie Fisher, who would’ve turned 61 today.
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@ChipGaines shows Matt some love, @dollyparton stops by, and @alroker makes us laugh (as always). Check out this week's #sliceoforange, courtesy of #OrangeRoom producer @bhaviland.
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Happy Friday everyone! #todayshow (photo via @photonate)
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Tomorrow would have been Carrie Fisher’s 61st birthday. Take a look back at some of her appearances on TODAY over the years where she discussed her mother, her loves, and her incredible life. #TODAYFlashback #FlashbackFriday #CarrieFisher #StarWars
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@gailsimmonseats stopped by with some yummy recipes for game day this morning on TODAY! #todayshow #todayfood (photos via @photonate)
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Sheinelle caught up with the cast of @strangerthingstv to talk season two this morning on TODAY. #todayshow #strangerthings (photos via @nbcnewscrew)
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Good morning from the #TODAYPlaza! #todayshow (photos via @photonate)
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Happy birthday, @JohnKrasinski!
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We’re getting teary-eyed watching @Patriots player @langi_21 and his wife reunite in the hospital after a frightening car accident.
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It’s impossible for your day not to get better after looking at that face. #todayshow #todaypuppy (photo via @photonate)
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Hoda stopped by @megyntoday this morning in #Studio6A! #todayshow (photos via @photonate)
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@m_phelps00 this morning in #Studio1A. #todayshow (photos via @photonate)
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