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Production designer Judy Becker on the set of “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story,” which marks her second collaboration with director Ryan Murphy (@mrrpmurphy). There’s a science to the art of making one place look like another — no special effect could replace Becker's understanding of our associative visual vocabulary. Click the link in our bio to read how Becker's work manipulates the eye, and revisit our story on the visionaries behind the memorable worlds of film. Story by Boris Kachka, photo by @clarissabonet
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The Memphis-inspired exterior of @dizengof99, an Israeli restaurant in Moscow designed by @HarryNuriev. Click the link in our bio to get to know the man designing spaces for the Instagram age. Story by @amandafortini, photo by Blaine Davis (@blaineduh)
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How to wear an effortless, anything-goes clash of sportswear, tailoring and pattern. Photo by @laurenceellis, styling by @jasonrider
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In their book, “The Authentics,” the former interiors editor Dara Caponigro and the photographer Melanie Acevedo highlight the homes of creative people all over the world. Here, @lauracollobiano’s 16th-century manor house in the Tuscan town of Lucca. Photo by Melanie Acevedo. #RoomOfTheDay
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Keeping with the holiday-wish-list spirit, we asked T editors: What is the one tangible thing you would want this year — if time, money or accessibility were no object? Here, #KonstantinKakanias illustrates Alexa Brazilian's answer: “Lots of people stealthily steal ashtrays from hotels as souvenirs — an idea I’ve always thought was romantic. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible thief. Claridge’s (@claridgeshotel) in London, the Mayfair Art Deco grande dame, has a lovely unofficial service (they think of everything there) where if you approach the concierge, you can buy one of their square porcelain ashtrays painted with the hotel’s signature red, blue and gold coat of arms. I have several at home which I use to hold everything from matchbooks in the guest bathroom and earrings on my bedside table to olives and nuts during cocktail hour.” Click the link in our bio to see the T editors’ (fantasy) gift guide.
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Wintertime has, at long last, arrived in the Big Apple — and with it, elaborate window displays, slow-moving shoppers, those giant red Christmas-tree ornaments on Sixth Avenue, Bryant Park ice-skaters and (of course) fir trees and colorful light bulbs galore. Photos by @nikolatamindzic and Dina Litovsky (@dina_litovsky)
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“Woman in E” (2016), a performance piece by #RagnarKjartansson at the @reykjavikartmuseum. Nearly 10 years after a financial disaster, the Icelandic city of Reykjavik is remaking itself once again. Domestic projects like boutique hotels, locavore eateries and designer stores have infused Reykjavik — a compact city of just over 122,000 — with a truly global feel. Click the link in our bio for a guide to Reykjavik, as wonderfully weird as ever. Photo by Carlotta Cardana (@carlottaroid)
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#RoomOfTheDay: Inside the 400-year-old boat house of @mihjeans’s Chloe Lonsdale (@chloe_lonsdale), a desk scattered with love notes from her children, a dial phone (a joke gift from her husband) and a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” poster sun-faded to pastel perfection. Photo by Carlotta Cardana (@carlottaroid)
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Once a strictly supporting name, @doncheadle has emerged as a key player in a changing Hollywood. He is among the most prolific working artists today, and the opposite of what character actors used to be: Instead of playing types, he is hired for his ability to play no type at all, to disappear into roles completely while at the same time imbuing his performances with something memorable. Cheadle is currently at work on “Ball Street,” a comedy about 1987’s Black Monday crisis; he has also appeared in four @marvel films as Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes, and another will be released next year. Click the link in our bio to read our story on the new generation of character actors. Story by @bilgeebiri, photo by Emiliano Granado (@quesofrito)
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Guerrilla flower “flashes” — such as this fleeting installation of dahlias and hydrangeas arranged exclusively for T earlier this year in N.Y.C.’s West Village by Lewis Miller (@lewismillerdesign) — are taking the most evanescent of the decorative arts into places it has rarely gone. Unlike graffiti, which is meant to leave its mark on mostly urban environments for as long as possible, these installations attempt not to defy but to chronicle nature’s mutability. Photo by Nicholas Calcott (@ncott)
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#RoomOfTheDay: Inside Paris's Balagan (@balagan_paris), a @dorotheemeilichzon-designed Mediterranean restaurant from the Experimental Group. Balagan's multicultural menu was obvious inspiration for the sea-blue color palette, handmade tiles, mixed-ink fabrics, banquettes informed by traditional Moroccan furniture and gold #AlexanderGirard mirrors — all light and decidedly un-Parisian. Photo courtesy of @studio_letiquette
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Keeping with the holiday-wish-list spirit, we asked T editors: What is the one tangible thing you would want this year — if time, money or accessibility were no object? From magical desert water to mink curtains, the set of answers is a marvelous mix of items from so far and wide, it’s enough to keep us dreaming until 2018. Click the link in our bio to see the T editors' (fantasy) gift guide. Illustrations by #KonstantinKakanias
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