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couldn’t sleep so this was the outcome of some grey paint and some eyeshadow
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happy sunday!!!!THANK YALL FOR 700k ON YOUTUBE I LUV U GUYS 2 DEATH WOW IM SO HAPPY!!!!! have a good day 2day watch sum football go to church do whatevr u do but watch my new yt vid while u @ it :):):) link in bio❤️❤️❤️
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i know i look mad but i'm not this just how my face built
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here's me today and can comeone tell me why a pic of my bloody knee got 150k likes and about 4k hate comments who did i hurt while i was sleeep lmk
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here for a good time and at this rate obviously not a long time
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i'm here to stop the hurricane
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this is my fav shirt
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nothing new except i got new makeup and this bout as good as i'll ever look
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disposable cameras are the best thing since sliced bread
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hello this me rn!!!! and i know i cut my hair yesterday only to wear extensions today!!!! most of my decisions are impulsive and i usually regret them right after!!!!
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cut mi hair off using dog shears
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