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(At birth) Mom: What should we name him? Daniel Boringcliffe? Dad: No, he’s way too cool for that. Doctor: I have an idea.
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Has anyone seen American Vandal, can we talk about it
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If you’re not following @ship you’re seriously missing out
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Going as the Turkey since there’s a 100% chance I’ll be roasted by family
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@_theblessedone is one of the few pages I genuinely recommend following
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I’ve been exposed
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Classic intro amiright
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@hilarious.ted is a must follow for all animal lovers
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No1 needs ur shit right now robot
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I found Shaggy @halfpastjiggle
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I dream of a better America
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@ship is my favorite page right now! P.S. RiRi 4 prez 😍
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