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If you thought Know or Go was scary on my talk show, wait til you see it on #GameofGames.
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These babies are so adorable, they deserve to be rated. #EllenRateMyBaby
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Who’s excited for the Last Jedi? #starwars
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This is your last chance to order holiday gifts from the Ellen Shop! Either that, or go with a last-minute toothbrush holder. Up to you. @theellenshop @iamjeanniek
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Thank you to everyone who watches me in Alabama, especially the peanut farmers.
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@HillaryClinton tells it like it is, on my show tomorrow.
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You’re gonna be blown away by my new show #GameofGames. Just like these contestants were.
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Welcome to Instagram, @Wil@WillSmith! Glad I could help. #Repost @WillSmith
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A little good can go a long way. #OneMillionActsOfGood Artwork by @rachelryle
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Last night. I am so incredibly grateful to these and all the firefighters. Thank you.
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@WillSmith’s shower song is absolutely perfect. #EllenShowMeMore
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Here’s the last episode of Season 1 of Summit. Their journey continues. #EllenSummitSeries
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