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“We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams.” || #NotesFromTheField x @jamiraburley ✊🏾⚡️ | 📸by @chi_chi.ari
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“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” | #NotesFromTheField x @jovelroystan x @skylarmarshai ✊🏾 | 📸by @chi_chi.ari
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What happens when you put incredible creatives in a room together? Incredible things. #NotesFromTheField x @johnhenrystyle ✊🏾⚡️ | 📸by @chi_chi.ari
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Some conversations are better face to face. ✨ #NotesFromTheField
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When every the best seat. #NotesFromTheField
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Over the weekend, we hosted an exclusive brunch filled to the brim with inspiring creatives to celebrate @HBO’s newest film #Not#NotesFromTheField. Creator & playright @annadeaveresmith discussed her inspiration for the film & the bigger social justice questions that the film begs us to answer. #NotesFromTheField premieres this Saturday on HBO. ⚡️✊🏾 📷 #shotbyMarkC
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"I'm still a work in progress & I hope to always be. It's funny because a small voice inside will say, "You can't" but then I do & the voice will say "Well, that was an exception..." It's a constant tug of war between two voices-- the one that's scared she can't and the one who knows she can." --Lupita Nyong'o
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"I quit my job and for almost two years, I didn't tell anyone--not even my family & friends. And for those two years I enrolled in acting classes. You can try your passion for a while & if it doesn't work out, at least you tried. I think that's why I quit my job & went back to acting...I didn't want to look up and say, "Man I wish I could have been an actor. I wish I tried." - Jay Ellis ⚡️
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Do what you can to walk amongst giants. 🖤
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“I like to prove people wrong—It almost excites me. I know what they’re expecting & I can’t wait to show them that I’m here to exceed those expectations. I never settle. I'll wait forever before I do that." —Rihanna || Happy Birthday Kween! ✨👑
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National Black Panther Weekend is coming to an end but we’re going to be screaming #WakandaForever ... Forever. Thank you to @gritsandgospel, @thegirlmob, @marija_abney & the 250 creatives that came out to experience this legendary movie with us. ✊🏾✨
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Happy Presidents’ Day, Mr. President.
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