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Before there were soccer moms, there were army moms (and dads) and they drove this. Meet the Jeep. Designed in the late 1930s for the United States military, a light, rugged and durable 4x4 was born and never looked back. Fast forward to the ‘70s and suddenly I was in the fan club, big time, but probably subconsciously (I mean I was driving a trike at the time). It was the cool car on Mork & Mindy (Mindy drove), it was Daisy’s car on the Dukes of Hazard and it was my ‘78 Tonka truck pictured here (well of course I kept it!) In the 80’s it had that cameo in Back to the Future with Michael J Fox using it to pull him on his skateboard around Hill Valley (swoon) and it was Cher Horowitz’s first car in Clueless (she did some damage but hey it’s a Jeep it can take it). Now here I am, driving a 'Limited Edition' Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - the ultra special “Chief Edition" which is a throwback to the ‘70s Cherokee Chief. Full circle moment in the very best way. Does it do everything a soccer mom needs it to do? Yes. Does it make you smile every time you see it? Oh yeah. I can't tell you how many people have said “Nice Jeep” to me…I’ve only had it for 5 days. I say “thanks!” and pretend it's mine. Someday soon it will be 💙 #Jeep #Wrangler #Unlimited #V6 #4x4 #LovedYouSinceForever #ChiefEdition #trucksofinstagram #ClimbEveryMountain #carsofinstagram #instacar #instadaily #instagood #DreamTruck @jeep @jeepca
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Never have I ever had dinner in a Dealership, surrounded by Aston Martins, seated beside fellow car girl and president of Aston Martin The Americas. It wasn't just any dinner - a 5-star delectable feast with an Aston Martin eclair for dessert (whaaat!?) Of course not just any dealership, Aston Martin Uptown by Grand Touring…it’s like my fantasy garage come to life. And not just any car company president….a southern girl by way of the UK with a natural passion for cars, her family and all-things Aston Martin. Plus 25 other interesting, intelligent Aston-Martin-loving women sharing stories ranging from how they became a pilot to Gloria Steinem’s recent visit to Toronto. All the while surrounded by those Aston Martins. DB11s mostly, speaking to me as they do without words. Plus hot pink roses, lillies and champagne. This night was a total first, a welcome first and one I will tell people about for years to come. Thank you 😘 @kammrukidnme @grandtouringautos @lauraschwab1 @astonmartinlagonda @astonmartinamericas #AstonMartin #DB11 #DreamCar #DreamDealership #LadiesNightDoneRight #carsofinstagram #JamesBond #instacar #instadaily #instagood
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seriously...there was an audience! what a privilege sharing an event with @garyvee and a couple hundred car peeps 🚗thx @kijijicanada 😘 #DealerTalkX #DealershipOfTheFuture #YYZ #car#carsstagram #trucksofinstagram #cars #carsandcoffee #future #instacar #instadaily #instagood #hometown #the6 @yellowhouseevents
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Before SUVs had acronyms as names, there was this. Hello, Tahoe. I can't think of a better name for a big, rugged-yet-beautiful, American-made SUV. It condures up images of that big (almost Great) lake, those big mountains, and those cool people in that ski village with fur hats and expensive hot chocolate. It’s also very easy to justify if you live north of the 40th parallel - 4WD (or 2WD - you decide), latest tech, serious safety features, whisper quiet, smooth-as-butter V8, tows over 4 tons (literally) and seats up to 8 (say what). What a sweet way to get all those ankle-biters to one place. When the Tahoe shows up at Chuck-E-Cheese the manager immediately calls for reinforcements. No matter how many people you pack in, even just one (plus mini schnauzer), the personal space will seduce you. Oh, and it’s looks. A total White Knight all the way. 🏰🐎🌄 #Chevrolet #Tahoe #RST #MadeInTheUSA #AdmiredByAll #LakeTahoe #Dreams #OnRoad + #OffRoad #4x4 #LikeARock #trucksofinstagram #carsofinstagram #instacar #instadaily #instagood #chevy @chevroletcanada
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Never forget and always remember why. My grandfather and his brothers volunteered to fight in World War 2, the same way their father did for WW1. He was 18 when he joined the Queen's Own Rifles in Toronto. He went to Camp Borden near Barrie for basic training. He was then sent to England with the army for more training and learned to fire rifles and a Bren gun and ride a motorcycle well enough to put it down, turn it around and high tail it back to camp as a scout to alert of any enemy up ahead. When D Day operation finally begun, he went with the Canadian Army to France and they landed at Juno Beach where they finally fought the Germans back towards a town called Caen. The British and Americans landed at different places along the same beach and this attack was the beginning of the end for Hitler. My grandpa was badly injured by mortar fire and almost lost his arm and sent Horsham in England to recover. The doctors wanted to amputate his arm but he refused and eventually healed enough to make it work very well for him but he always lived with some shrapnel in him. He was eventually well enough to be shipped back to Toronto where he continued his rehab at Sunnybrook Hospital. All three brothers miraculously made it out alive and went on to start a business together but my grandfather rarely spoke about the war. One thing was clear though - he never had any regret. When that War came about, him and his brothers were ‘all in’. There was no doubt about their duty and their fight for freedom. As a young country, both World Wars formed the Canadian values we hold true today. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month I take a good, long moment to think about what it must have been like for my 18 year-old grandfather and send him my love and gratitude. His generation and the one before his are why we are able to go about our business on a sunny November Saturday. One of the best days was standing on Juno Beach with my Dad, seeing the same bleak cold landscape that my grandpa would have seen as he said a prayer and jumped into the freezing cold ocean to protect my rights and freedoms. Thank you Grandpa, we will never forget and we will never forget why. ❤️🙏🌺
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happy to be back with @kijijicanada at their #DealerTalkX conference as a speaker in #Toronto 🌃 Join me Nov 16! Also a great opportunity for car peeps to see @garyvee do his thing!!! ✨click DealerTalk.ca to get on the waitlist now!!! #DealershipOfTheFuture #car#carsofinstagram #trucksofinstagram #instacar #instadaily #instagood #cars #carsandcoffee #hometown #the6 @yellowhouseevents
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Before there were crossovers there was this. The mighty 4Runner. Drop her in four-by and climb that rock. Or leave her in two-by and own that Costco parking lot. No one can intimidate you in a 4Runner - your presence is felt, seen and often admired. And you can't call a snow day when you own one. When that snow-pocalypse hits you will book-it to be the first one out on that fresh powder (or slush) for your rush-hour adventure. No need for snow tires when you have all-terrains (cost-saving tip). I’ve wanted one since the ‘80s and it still goes with my horse-ranch-hunter-boots dream. Long live the 4Runner (or at least until I can have my own) 🤠❤️🐎 #Toyota #4Runner #MadeInJapan #LovedInCanada #TRDPro #Horses #HunterBoots #4x4 #offroading #instacar #instadaily #instagood @toyotacanada (oh...and it's "Cavalry Blue" I mean...) ✨😜#carsofinstagram #trucksofinstagram
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oh ain't she sweet ✨#SpiritOfEcstasy 🕊tune in to @morningshowto thursday/9:15 for TYCOON CARS 🎩#RollsRoyce #Ghost @rollsroycecars #billionairetoys #car#carsofinstagram #cars #instacar #instadaily #instagood @grandtouringautos @kammrukidnme
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when James Bond has kids...this will be his ride 😍 the SEXIEST sports coupe w/ 4 doors 🔥#AstonMartin #Rapide 🇬🇧#V12 #BadBoy @astonmartinlagonda @grandtouringautos @kammrukidnme #Supercar #DreamCar #DailyDriver #cars #carsofinstagram #instacar #instadaily #instagood #JamesBond
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