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Loving this compilation by our educator @hairpaintingdiaries creating a dimensional faux balayage by using traditional lightener with 10 vol in foils. Applying a root shadow in a tear drop application and glossing with 8V+5N @redken shades EQ 👉🏼👉🏼SWIPE FOR THE AMAZING AFTER 👉🏼👉🏼
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This babe was created with babylights and a gloss with 9v by our talented educator @alicialovesbalayage 😍
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Our latest article for @american_salon ❤️ When it comes to running a business, knowing what’s working and what’s not helps prevent those random panic attacks where you question not just your business, but your purpose in life—yes, we know you’ve had them. Before you throw yourself over the coals, set yourself up for success by taking it upon yourself to track and better understand the inner workings of your business. Below, we have nine of the most important metrics you should be tracking in your business: 1. Number of new clients (per week and per month) 2. Number of referral clients (per week and per month) 3. Number of repeat clients (per week and per month) 4. Number of clients you pre-booked 5. The cost per service vs the amount charged 6. The number of clients that bought retail 7. The average retail income per client 8. Where did new clients come from? 9. Most common services (per week and per month) Now that you can see where your clients are coming from and you’ve got a clear view on your retention rate, you’ll have a better idea of where you should be devoting more energy in your business, and you can further fuel the areas of your business that are working for you.
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Loving this hue 😍created by @yelena_chaulk_hair_ This strawberry blonde was achieved by applying a warm base and bumping up the developer. If you have issues with coppers fading, you can use the natural underlying warmth in the hair, without having to deposit a lot of red. For example, in @wellahair instead of using 7/34 + 20 vol, using 7/7 and 30 vol will give you a similar result, but with minimal fade. This look was finished off with open air balayage and a warm gloss 🙌🏼
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Obsessed with this stunning post-session Client selfie created by @balayagebylauren 😍 Do you encourage your clients to take their own pics too? There’s something special about a photo a Client takes of themselves🔮 The magic of them seeing their own beauty is unmatched 🙌🏼
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NEW CLASS SCHEDULE 👆🏼New Razor & Creative classes added as well as another Vivids course 🙌🏼 Our fall classes are almost all sold out and we've got amazing new courses like our Razor Cutting Advanced & Vivids series that we are so pumped to share with this amazing community! Tag a friend who you want to bring to your next class and let's create some amazing hair this summer 🙌🏼❤️ {50% deposits now available at check out!} Now accepting reservations for: ✖️Balayage Essentials (Level 1) ✖️Razor Cutting Essentials (Level 1) ✖️The Business Workshop: Branding (Level 1) ✖️ The Business of Vivids: 2 Day (Level 1 & 2) ✖️Balayage Advanced (Level 2) ✖️Blondes Advanced (Level 2) ✖️Razor Cutting Advanced (Level 2) ✖️Balayage Creative: Live Models (Level 3) We have even more 2018 classes available on the website 😍 Register Now at: We only go where we are requested so if you don't see your area on the map, let us know if you know of a salon that would be interested in hosting and we'd be happy to come! To request a class at your salon, visit our Host A Class page:
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Babylights and open air painting was used to achieve this summer blonde, created by @yelena_chaulk_hair_ "To get the ends and front pieces to pop, I pull the foils out when they're almost done processing and balayage over them, to give a melted, natural look."
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Beautiful Blonde Bob created by @the_blondologist 💁🏼 using @Joico Freeplay, glossed with @euforainternational LA 9.01 NA 10.0 10.12 7vol doubled 😍
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⬇️Free Download ⬇️ We know that the opinions on online scheduling vary as widely as opinions on Personal IGs and All in ones but we wanted you to be able to take the next step in your digital world with knowledge so we did some digging on your behalf… No software is one-size-fits-all so we broke down some of the most important benefits and drawbacks to the leading software on the market for busy stylists. This is not to say that you need to make the jump to letting your clients book themselves, only that if you are ready- we want to make that transition easier because we get asked on the daily how and where we schedule our clients behind the chair. This breakdown is in no particular order but each software included is one that we believe brings something special to the table! We also created a side-by-side comparison so you can focus on the features that matter most to your business, check the bottom of the post for and the ebook download ⬇️ Check out our blog for the full post or go straight to: ✌🏼
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Our amazing educator @hairpaintingdiaries created dimensional faux balayage by using traditional lightener with 10 vol in foils. Applying a root shadow in a tear drop 💧 application and glossing with 8V+5N @redken shades EQ ✨ Her Balayage Tip: I like painting using my small framar brush because it gives me an even surface. I feel that I can spread the traditional lightener a little easier than a clay and I can get a higher lift. I mix a little bit thicker so I can have more control and diffusing the lead in is easier as well. If I want to isolate, I will use a foil or my balay wrap" 🙌🏼 SWIPE FOR THE PROCESS & FINISHED LOOK 😍
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This gorgeous number was created with some singles and slants for maximum brightness by our very own amazing @ginajoneshair
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🙌🏼 Loving this Balayage retouch our amazing #bofbeducator @sherriswann created with @jackwinncolor Paint & 40 volume. Then toned with a root shadow of @redken Shades EQ 8N & clear in zone 1 And 9V & clear for front hairline & ends 😍
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