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DO. BETTER. Do better do better do better motherfuckers AMERICA IS FUCKED UP RIGHT NOW!!! And “America” isn’t some distant fucking land were just outside looking in on and over the state of which, have no control... (my followers from USA) WE COMPOSE THE NATION BRO. We ARE America! The government isn’t some Darth Vader storm troopin ass, North Korea mind-control, monopolizing powerhouse we have no say and are helpless against... It’s a muthafuckin democracy! If only we would organize and take action, call our local gov and have our voices heard by people who make decisions in office NEARLY a QUARTER as often as we do on social media or just in spoken word when we bitch about the state of the nation to our peers... the influx of PUBLIC OPINION coming straight to their desks would be overwhelming and damn sure would be less easy to ignore! Lastly though guys, this racism shit really has to let up, man. Whenever I post something expressing my disdain for prejudice (and not stereotyping in comedy, because that shits hilarious and usually means well) a gang of dumb muthafuckers will comment that i hate my own race and they have to unfollow or even call me “Ni****Lover” (as if I’d feel insulted for that) .... goood muthafuckin riddance, you weren’t welcome here in the first place, I don’t even get what about me could draw you in enough to follow me in the first place when I’m cleaaaarly defiant of that types beliefs and opposing to those opinions... but also, it means I hate my race if i choose to love all others? Really? You don’t see that YOU and that thought process are what’s wrong here? Love all, respect all, that means I can’t also love white people? It’s not un-Caucasian of me to love and respect all. I mean, maybe it is historically (definitely is lol).... but is racism and prejudice really THAT deep rooted and embedded in people’s minds that they are unable to process this logic??? That crap... this school shooting shit... the shooting of unarmed kids, ALL THIS HATE! What is wrong with people!! We need to be the muthafuckin CHANGE my guy like shit is not going to fix ITSELF! We ARE America!!! Let’s do BETTER, AMERICA.
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Double up on em... hit em with the jiggle and the giggle 🤩 so this onesie from @prettylittlething was waaay too big on my waist and too small on my butt. Can’t do much about the (pan)cakes lol but amber and I got innovative and used a shoelace to corset the waist tighter. Still too big but as you can tell by my footwear (sneaks haha), I didn’t give a flyyyying fuh tonight lmao😂😂😂 btw lmfaoooo if this didn’t look Freddy Krueger enough already, I just realized I didn’t mute the shit Hahahahahaha watch it with the sound on 😂😂😂😂 HFS.
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Leaving my sweet valentines, my sis and nephews... heading back to LA, yall better show up and show out for when i host @argylehollywood tomorrow night for @nbaallstar to make it worth it!!! And I need a good Cupid style dickin down if we’re being honest so come correct and play your cards right lmaoooo. ps Leo’s face in the last one 😂😂😂😂😂 btw my sis says it’s frowned upon to mention needing penetration under a post with the children so I can put it down in pig Latin if that’ll help 😂 sheeeit I can put it down any which way nahmsayn🤪😏😉😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Be my valentine and i promise it’ll be litty•two•tittiesssss .....even if this pic leaves room for speculation in that dept... where the other titty at tho😂🧐👀
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Happy Valentine’s Day all my honey bunny suga plums😍🚀💦 How you celebrating? 👀
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@azizsupremeart back at it again reimagining your fav weirdo TAABG as another kick ass biddy 🤩🙌🏼
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Had so much fun working on @idirectorx movie @superflymovie in Atlanta this past week... and not gonna lie, I loved the sexy ass wardrobe from this scene😍😩🤩 my nudist ass barely needed that robe between takes lol..
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Join me next Thursday as i kick off Allstar weekend at @argylehollywood with a special performance by @moneybaggyo hosted by me and @yfnlucci is in my bio to get your tickets, bring me a booty squeeze
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Val’s days on the way... who’s gonna be celebrating with their RoboHoe? 😂😂😂
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Witcha strong ass lookin like Ivan Dragos girlfriend in Rocky IV or muhfuggin Draco Malfoy on roids 😂😂😂 who else hahahahaha👇🏼
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You don’t wanna zoom in on my feet in these pics, just trust me. Them dawgs is baaarkin 😂😂😂 so btw Amarie and I ran circles around each other to try to take natural, candid looking pics. I really hope somebody driving by on sunset snapped how dumb we looked hahahahaha
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