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On a whole other level
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The Command Center getting a facelift
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The Doc has shut down the Command Center for the holidays. Firm handshakes for all the support. Feliz Navidad Jesus.
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Made a proper purchase since these sound so damn good on the secondary command center.
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New Google prototype scopes being tested.
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The Ethiopian poisonous caterpillar, aka Slick Daddy, up close and personal.
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4 new emotes = 1 powerful emoticon
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Feeling so damn good for my #TurboTuesdays stream.
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It's almost time.
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For those #LevitySky fans of Dr DisRespect, a brief reunion and sneak peek. Streaming resumes tomorrow at 3pm PST and I already have goosebumps!
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When your stream is maximized with energy and you're feeling so damn good as an elite gamer. This pictures defines it all...
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This pre-stream meal will fuel me to the end.
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