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Need a home for your freshly cut Christmas tree after the holidays? The Zoo and Wildlife Safari Park will soon be accepting natural Christmas tree donations, which will provide enrichment opportunities for many of our animals. The official drop-off locations and timeframe donations will be accepted will be announced soon, but so you can start preparing your tree accordingly… For the safety of the animals, please use the following care and display guidelines: • Avoid any chemical preventative, decorative sprays or treatments such as fake snow, frost, ice, flame retardants, glitter or gloss, pet prevention products or non-natural additives that would extend the life of the tree. • Avoid fine tinsel, foil, garland or similar difficult-to-remove decorations that could become tangled in the branches or needles. If these materials are used, please ensure they are completely removed after use. Many animals will roll in or ingest various parts of the tree. These items can affect the overall health of our animals. • If any bulbs or ornaments break during the holidays, please carefully shake your tree after use to ensure its rid of broken pieces. • Carefully remove all hooks or strings used to attach ornaments, lights and other decorations. • General rule of thumb: Keep the trees as natural as possible, just as animals would find them in nature. • Only natural trees will be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact Guest Services at (402) 733-8401 or #OmahaZoo #WildlifeSafariPark #Christmas #christmastree #donate #enrichment
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Kilian Surat of Brookings, South Dakota just arrived in town late last night with Shelby Weier for a concert today and decided to visit the Zoo to see the #AfricanGrasslands for the first time. And now, as of 10:02 a.m. to be exact, he’s our #TwoMillionthVisitor of 2017! Congratulations Kilian! We hope you and Shelby enjoy your special day! Thank you to the both of you and to all of our visitors for allowing the Zoo to achieve another two millionth visitor milestone for the second year in a row. #Oma#Omaha/a> #Omaha #Nebraska
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Happy #InternationalSlothDay! Directly below the Desert Dome in Kingdoms of the Night, we have TWO: a 14-year-old male, Ezzie, and a three-year-old female, Boca. While they both are normally found in our South American exhibit, where they are from, Boca—being the youngster she is—still has a little growing up to do. So, for the time being, she’ll be living in our African exhibit. Once she matures, she will return to the South American exhibit to be with Ezzie. Boca came to our Zoo last summer to fulfill a breeding recommendation made by the Two-toed Sloth Species Survival Plan coordinator. Currently, our keeper staff is working with Boca to voluntarily participate in ultrasound training. So when the time comes, they can not only confirm a pregnancy, but monitor fetal development and be well-prepared for an upcoming birth. Sloths can be quite dangerous and should not be kept as the cute and cuddly pets they are perceived to be. To be successful, our keepers have developed a free-contact training program that takes advantage of cues that require movement on the animal’s part and only involves the use of minimal touch when introducing new items into the sloth’s environment, such as the wand of an ultrasound machine. #OmahaZoo #sloth #KingdomsoftheNight
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Murrey wasn’t expected to survive, but boy, look at her now! This common murre joins us from Nauset Beach in Orleans, Massachusetts, where she was found in February, cold and lethargic with a deep, two-inch-long laceration on her left thigh. Murrey, deemed a male at the time, was taken to Wild Care Inc., a wildlife rehabilitation center in Cape Cod, for immediate care. Not expecting him to survive the night, the Wild Care staff stabilized Murrey with warmth and fluids, administered antibiotics and cleaned and closed the wound. Much to their delight, Murrey’s will to survive carried him into the next morning. Once he was fully stable and eating on his own, Wild Care staff placed him into a seabird therapy pool filled with saltwater to condition his body and regain waterproofing—a seabird’s source of insulation against cold ocean temperatures. Murrey regained all of his waterproofing except for the area around the wound, making him non-releasable. Several months and 1,500 miles later, Murrey’s story continues with our common murre and puffins in the Scott Aquarium. By the way, as it turns out, according to DNA tests she’s a healthy female! #MurreyTheMurre #SavingSpecies #CommonMurre #bird #Seabird #Oma#Omaha/a> #ScottAquarium #Omaha #Nebraska #Orleans #Massachusetts #NausetBeach
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Happy National Veterinary Technician Week! Our fab five care for the Zoo’s 1,415 or so species. That’s including fish and invertebrates! Each of these ladies could see anywhere between five to 10 animals in a single morning alone, whether it be for a wellness check-up or a complex medical procedure. Not to mention, they’re the first line of defense for our animals at #WildlifeSafariPark, too. Joan, Nicole, Chelsea, Wrandi, Kaytlin and even Misty, our medical records staff member… Thank you for all you do! #OmahaZoo #VetTech #animal #care
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Another cool thing about #okapi are their impressive tongues. The next time you're near their neck of the woods, in the shaded yard with our Abyssinian ground hornbills next to the Durham Lodge and the main entrance of the Lied Jungle, just wait for it. Kali and Jabari's are long enough to lick their own eyes and ears! (Video footage by: Jami Guernsey and Corissa Mangus, keepers) #WorldOkapiDay #OmahaZoo #giraffe
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It’s #WorldOkapiDay, in other words, World Kali and Jabari Day! You could also argue it’s World Forest #Giraffe Day! #Okapi are sometimes referred to as such, being the only living relatives to giraffes and because of where they live. These guys inhabit the dense, lowland rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo in #Africa. They are so elusive that this animal was just discovered at the start of the 20th century. In the last 15 years, their population has declined by half due to deforestation, poaching and mining and have become #endangered, according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Did you know? Okapi actually speak a secret language. Mothers use infrasonic sounds, calls with very low frequencies, to communicate with their young. These mutterings are so low, in fact, that predators, even humans, cannot hear them. (Photos by: Josh Shandera and Corissa Mangus, keepers) #OmahaZoo
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Calling all educators, both aspiring, current and anywhere in between! If you’re looking to have some fun at the Zoo, our Education Department is expanding with some part-time job opportunities. We’re currently seeking: **Interpretive Guides** Fun, outgoing and well-spoken individuals to help us continue to enhance the visitor experience through interactive learning and sharing knowledge about the Zoo, such as exhibit and animal information, with guests. **Afterschool Staff and Assistant Site Coordinator** Go-getters responsible for advancing youth development in our after-school program by establishing programs, activities and services that prepare students for success, as well as develop partnerships with community leaders and organizations to create and enhance opportunities for students. CLICK the link in our profile to apply. If you have questions about these positions, please contact our Human Resources Department at 402-738-2082. #oma#omaha/a> #jobs #hiring #education #omaha #nebraska #apply #parttime
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Two tons of ivory, representing 100 elephants lost to poaching, is being crushed in #CentralPark today to send a clear message on behalf of elephants: the illegal ivory trade must be stopped. Help up keep the momentum going by signing up for #10DaysForElephants. Click the link in our profile to join! You'll receive 10 easy, fun, impactful actions in the 10 days leading up to #WorldElephantDay on Saturday, August 12. #IvoryCrush #NYC #OmahaZoo #elephants #96elephants
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Congratulations to Dave Albrecht of Lincoln, Nebraska, our #OneMillionthVisitor. The wonderful smiles surrounding him are those of his family: wife, Trish, their two children, Ethan and Lauren, and their children’s friends, Taytum and Trey. He arrived at 9:34 a.m. and was welcomed by an entourage of animal ambassadors. As our special guest, he received a complimentary Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium membership, a Zoo gift basket, all-day ride wristbands, a gift card to use at the Zoo and a unique Zoo tour. We hope you had a great time today! #OmahaZoo #familyfun
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Look who stopped by to see the Zoo, hangout with our visitors and say hello to the fam down in Kingdoms of the Night... @albertthegator, who’s in town for the @ncaacws! Did you know? #KingdomsOfTheNight is the world’s largest indoor nocturnal exhibit, which is also home to the world’s largest indoor swamp. #Oma#OmahaGators #AdventuresWithAlbert #CWS #OmahaZoo #Omaha #Nebraska
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Get a load of these newbies! This #nurseshark and #Queensland #grouper made their debut in the #ScottAquarium shark tunnel today. These species are no strangers to the exhibit, as we currently have both. But the sheer size of both animals make them significant additions, as they are the largest of their kind here at the Zoo. The nurse shark is about seven feet in length with a 46-inch girth. The Queensland grouper is about five feet in total length. #Oma#OmahaZoo #Omaha #Nebraska #new #animals #shark #fish #familyfun
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