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Warmer days
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Is it summer yet? I want to ride. K thx bye.
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Launching into the new year like...
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Shoei X-14 / X-Spirit III 馃敧__
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Check out the full video on my YouTube channel if you haven鈥檛 already. 馃 (link in bio)
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New video is up! (link in bio) 馃き | Photo by @kyle_s2k
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Devil鈥檚 Chariot
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Details. 馃敧__ | YouTube: thatflyeuroguy
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YouTube: thatflyeuroguy 馃敧__
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Throwback 馃嵃 | YouTube: thatflyeuroguy
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An $80,000 piece of fine Bavarian track only art. Had a great time at IMS in NYC. Video will be up on my YouTube soon. (thatflyeuroguy)
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YouTube: thatflyeuroguy
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