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teramaze 2018 starring Dean Wells, Nathan Peachey, Jonah Weingarten, Jon Beckx, Andrew Cameron, Nick Ross. coming to a theatre near you!! #teramaze #mascotlabelgroup
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keen do get back on stage..
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@the_real_jonah_w laying down some more keys for the new teramaze album .
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New Trivium has Peachey hooked! Here's a little mini acoustic cover of "Heart From Your Hate" @triviumband #teramaze #newalbum2018 #progmetal #aussieprog #acousticcovers #trivium #metal
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It Finally begins.. Vocal recording day 1 at Wells Productions Studios for the new TERAMAZE with @deanwellsguitar and @nathanpeacheyy . check here for more updates! let's Go! #telefunkenmics #neve #chameleonlabs #protools #progmetal #nextlevel
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***STUDIO ANNOUNCEMENT*** We are extremely excited to announce that Rob Brens of (I Built the Sky, Hadal Maw) will be playing/recording drums on the new TERAMAZE album. Rob is one of the most sought after drummers in Australia and is a master of his craft and has also lent his services to great acts such James Norbert Ivanyi, Rival Fire,King Parrot, Schoenberg Automation and many more. We can’t wait to show you what Rob will bring to this new album. For info on Rob go like his page- https://www.facebook.com/robbrens/ http://www.rob-brens.com Stay Tuned for studio updates… Rob Brens TERAMAZE
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@nathanpeacheyy and @the_real_jonah_w in atlanta listening to the new teramaze demos
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****New Member Announcement**** Teramaze would like to welcome aboard from the U.S.A one of the most exciting keyboard players in progressive metal and an absolute amazing person""JONAH WEINGARTEN"". We couldn't be happier to join forces with Jonah and yes, he will be on the brand new TERAMAZE album set for a 2018 release. Make Jonah feel welcome!! **This guy is Keyboard wizard and fits our musical style Perfect!! Make Jonah feel welcome!! TERAMAZE @the_real_jonah_w
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Hey guys! We loved it at Progpower, but we still have all these shirts to put fans into! Anyone want one? Message us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know! $25 plus postage #merch #teramaze #bandshirts #peacheyneedsapunch #newalbum2018
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Peachey getting in with the fans! Said he had a unforgettable time with everyone, thanks for the well wishes! #teramaze #progpower #newalbum2018 #bringiton #nevergiveup
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