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Visiting a tea farm near the Imenti Tea Factory in Kenya.
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Yes, Decaffé and Hot Lava Java move in different social circles - one's all about cosy evenings in with a book, the other prefers all-night raves. But behind the scenes, they actually love hanging out together. Look, here they are enjoying a tasting session.
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This is an illustration by Suthipa Kamyam, who created the artwork for our single origin coffee. It's a work in progress called "A Blue Garden" and it shows her distinctive style - a blend of bold and intricate, weaving beautiful patterns with a limited colour palette. You can find more of Suthipa's work at @toeytoeytoeytoeytoey.
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Toasted almond slivers, cinnamon quills, Angostura bitters, lemon peel... looks like somebody's been making cocktails. Our Scottish Breakfast tea also features in this photograph by @forthrightwandering from Ohio - you can spot the tag up there in the top left. In America, we're known best for our range of classic teas and infusions (like Scottish Breakfast). You can find them in the UK too, though generally in independent shops rather than supermarkets. Just drop us a note at hello@taylorstea.co.uk if you'd ever like us to help you find them.
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Every batch of coffee that heads out the doors here at Taylors has been been taste tested to make sure it's perfect. This morning we're drinking Fika, one of our newest coffees - a crisp, Scandinavian-inspired roast which tastes like toffee and hazelnuts.
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If the style of those brushstrokes looks familiar, it's because the artist, @davidbatespainter, is the man behind the beautiful artwork on our green teas and fruit & herbal infusions. This is called Aspen Glow, painted in oil on canvas, and it shows a scene in an aspen grove that was lit from outside - creating an interesting combination of cool light and warm shadows.
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We've been busy in the kitchen with @creatingforgood, cooking up a global menu inspired by the flavour notes of our single origin coffees. To find out more about our #CFGExtraordinaryJourney project, click the link in our bio.
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This is Riskrem, a traditional Scandinavian dessert made with cold rice pudding, sugar and sour cherries. With our Sour Cherry infusion as its inspiration, it was created by @eatnorse - an amazing Nordic influenced restaurant in our home town of Harrogate - and served at a dinner we shared with our #CFGExtraordinaryJourney creators. You can find out more about that project by clicking the link in our bio.
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This is a photograph from our friends at @kewgardens - a swamp cypress whose delicate leaves are turning copper and gold as the season changes. It's one of the few conifers which is deciduous rather than evergreen. For an autumnal flavour to match this autumn sight, it's tough to beat a mug of our Spiced Apple infusion. It's deep, warming and sweet - and its ingredients have been given the thumbs up for purity and quality by the botanists at Kew.
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We're in Malton today meeting some inspiring independent food producers - from micro roasters to butchers, brewers and bakers. If you love flavour, we highly recommend a visit.
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When the natural ingredients in our fruit and herbal infusions brew, the hot water blooms with colour as well as flavour. Sweet Rhubarb, Sour Cherry and Rose Lemonade have created a delightfully fruity palette of pinks and purples for @hare_in_the_moonlight's paintings. "Interesting to see how colours change when on paper and built up in layers," she says, adding: "I had a lot of fun drinking the tea."
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We're collaborating with a group of eight amazing creators, @creatingforgood and @womenforwomenuk in a project called the Extraordinary Journey (you can find out about it by clicking the link in our bio). One of the eight is @candidsbyjo, pictured here exploring her invitation to the project. You can see why we're so taken with her visual style.
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