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With deep flavours of cocoa and brown sugar, After Dark is the perfect reason to invite somebody back.
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Breathe in… and feel good. Our lovely, malty Decaffé blend is decaffeinated using natural water, for all the flavour without the kick.
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Just across the border from Kenya, the smallholder coffee farms that grow our Ugandan coffee are located high on the slopes of Mount Elgon – a 24 million-year-old extinct volcano, around a beautiful series of waterfalls called Sipi Falls. In the last year, we’ve invested £50,000 in water, energy and agriculture projects aimed at improving life for the coffee farmers and their communities. That includes a water pipeline which now brings clean, reliable water to around 700 households and a secondary school. 63 domestic biogas digesters have been built, replacing wood and paraffin burners with something cheaper and greener by using waste created by cows and goats for fuel. And we've been teaching farmers how to make compost from the outer parts of the coffee cherries, which are normally discarded when the beans are processed - saving them money and reducing waste at the same time as improving plant nutrition and soil fertility. You can read more about the project via the link in our bio.
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Here's a cocktail recipe to chase away the January drizzle - a Lychee & Lime Green Tea Mojito, created by our friends at @portobelloroadgin. 50ml Taylors Green Tea with Lychee & Lime 35ml Portobello Road Gin 15ml sugar syrup 20ml lime juice 1 inch cube of diced cucumber 8-10 mint leaves Soda water Garnish: mint spring, cucumber ribbons METHOD: Build and smuddle all the ingredients together in a collins glass with crushed ice and garnish.
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We're thrilled to bits to say that our miraculous coffee bags have been voted Product of the Year in the coffee category!
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Discover the naturally extraordinary flavour of our Green Tea with Mango & Cardamom - it's soft, sensuous and sweetly perfumed.
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This may look like a glorious Friday sunrise over Harrogate - but it's actually just what happens when we roast Hot Lava Java.
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Smooth and malty with a guilt-free note of caramel - our feelgood Decaffé coffee bags brew in your cup, for proper coffee with no fuss.
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Behora in Assam - one of four tea estates at which we're working with the Ethical Tea Partnership on a project to help empower tea estate communities and give them a greater voice. We hope this new way of working can be used as a model for the other estates we buy from in Assam. It’s a simple premise, but done properly it can create truly positive change. You can read the full story from the link in our bio.
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This utterly scrumptious-looking breakfast was created and photographed by @valentinahortus. It features pear and chocolate protein pancakes, coconut yogurt, raspberries, toasted almonds and fresh mint - accompanied by our delightful Green Tea with Jasmine.
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Meet our stunning new limited edition coffee, Expression. It's juicy and colourful with flavours of berries and floral blossom - a glorious way to brighten up January.
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It's a beautiful frosty morning in Harrogate.
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