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Taylor E Lee Excessive coffee drinker, brunch seeker, and movie quoter.
Somewhere on a beach feelin real free with my travel gal ❤️💙 #happymemorialday
90 3 1 15h
Destin Beach
@chrisadaniels yes it's beautiful!
the hostess with the mostess ;)
85 1 2 1d
Destin, Florida
Alright alright alright. 🍋😋
100 1 2 1w
Lemon Bar
How to prepare for the work week ahead...
106 1 2w
Le Bain at The Standard, High Line
It's safe to say work is the last thing you're thinking about in this photo..
Rooftop views every night please🌃💕🍾🌟
79 3 2 2w
230 Fifth Rooftop Garden
I <3 NYC
So pretty!! 😘
NYC nights ✨
109 5 2w
Manhattan, New York
Looks so empty..
Omg you're a city babe! And I want your jump suit. Where is it from?!
My girl is back and we back at it👊🏼
122 4 2 2w
Downtown Jacksonville
Look at them 🔫's!!
Hulk status
Happy Mother's Day, Shelly Lee. You're so lucky to have me as your child. I love you. Tonight, I'll even let you cook me dinner. 😌
93 3w
I ❤️ FL (& this girl).
79 1 3w
Saint Augustine, Florida
Hey boy, you gonna share that pizza? #eyesontheprize
81 3 1 month ago
Bacon fest with bae 🐷
92 1 1 month ago
Blackfinn Ameripub - Jacksonville
She took me out to the ballgame #blessed
93 3 1 3/30/2016
Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville
Pretty sunset but prettier ladies! And I have to know, who turned out to have the cuter roster?? (FSU obvs.) ❤️💛
@saramp92 haha lets just say my friend Sara is always right about guys 😉
We're not allowed to participate in Easter egg hunts anymore so we might as well take a picture together. #siblingselfie
111 3/28/2016
suit & tide 🌴
129 3 3/21/2016
Neptune Beach, Florida
Cute gurrrr
So stylish 😎
They bring out my best dance moves🤗
79 1 2 3/20/2016
Historic St. Augustine
I love this picture because my grandma REALLY wanted us to get one together in front of the car (we even cut in front of some people). Well this is all we were able to get. Although we totally aren't ready, it captures our similar personalities perfectly: confused & sassy. I love you, Janie Lee. #BackToTheFuture #DeLorean #JacksonvilleSymphony
67 3/13/2016
Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts
Goat selfie🐐 (this is what dreams are made of)
127 1 3/7/2016
A long work week is made all the better when you dominate in trivia at your favorite bar/pizzeria. #trivianation #science 💁🏼❤️🍷
79 1 4 3/4/2016
Sidecar Jax
You're looking extra nice
Life is rough when you're artsy, yet so Duval🙄
108 4 2 2/29/2016
Jacksonville, Florida
Great picture 👍🏻
One of my fave cities in FL..leads to St. Augustine
"The grass withers, the flower fades" | After a long discussion at dinner tonight with my best friend, I can't help but feel compelled to share how His love ran through me. It's Valentine's Day. A day of "love." As humans, we focus so much on material objects, our relationships, and what we want to achieve. However, this is all temporary and we can't forget that grass dies, flowers fade, and people will come in and out of our lives... But God's love stands firm forever. The only thing that stands firm. Forever. That my friends, is true love.
81 1 2/15/2016
That's one big flower! Haha but very nice message!