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✨✨✨NEW✨✨✨ Our makeup-melting Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil is now sumo sized! Available for a limited time, this treasure is twice the size of our original Camellia Cleansing Oil, at a special value. Visit the #linkinbio to shop this treasure. #tatcha
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The Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream is a luscious, rich blend of botanical extracts that soothe dry skin. Here’s what’s inside this dream cream 👇 💐Peony extract: known for its antioxidants and boosting microcirculation 💐Gardenia Fruit: helps reduce the loss of elasticity and dullness 💐Hadasei-3: our signature trio of Japanese superfoods that nourish skin with everything it needs for a healthy glow. #tatcha
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✨A golden moment for your skin and your senses!✨ Our Gold Camellia Beauty Oil nourishes skin, while its all-natural fragrance of green tea and young bamboo transports you to the Kyoto countryside. Leave a ✨ if you love this treasure too! #tatcha
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✨Dew wonders for your skin✨ Our Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is instant glow in a bottle. Here’s what’s inside this silky liquid moisturizer: ✨Botanical oils that hydrate skin while leaving it dewy—perfect to offset matte makeup or powder ✨Hyaluronic acid and squalane draw moisture to skin so it stays hydrated ✨Our signature trio of anti-aging Japanese superfoods: Green Tea, Rice and Red Algae. 📷 by @chyism #regram #tatcha
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A good skin day is just a cleanse away! Our newest treasure, The Deep Cleanse, is rich in these skin-loving ingredients: ✨Japanese Luffa Fruit: finely milled pieces of this fruit help unclog pores with non-abrasive physical exfoliation 🌹Japanese Wild Rose: minimizes the look of pores for smooth, flawless skin 👘Amino acids from silk: leave skin soft and nourished, so it doesn’t feel parched or tight after cleansing. Find this new treasure at @sephora or at the #linkinbio 💜 #tatcha
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💫Gentle, daily exfoliation helps to brighten and even out skin by clearing away dead skin cells. Our 4️⃣ Polished Rice Enzyme Powders use enzymatic exfoliation, perfectly tuned to your skin type: 💙 Indigo Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder: designed for sensitive, easily irritated skin. Made with comforting Colloidal Oatmeal and natural Japanese Indigo 💖Gentle Polished Rice Enzyme Powder: ideal for dry skin, with Licorice Root extract to soothe skin ⚪️Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder: made for normal to dry skin, this is the one for you if your skin tends to be combination, with drier cheeks. Crushed pearl conditions skin so it feels touchably-soft. 💚The Deep Polish: formulated for normal to oily skin, this treasure helps balance excess oil production while tightening pores with Japanese Wild Rose.
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✨All that glitters... is indeed gold in our Gold Spun Camellia Lip Balm!✨ Real 23-karat gold flakes are spun into this nourishing Lip Balm, made of pure Camellia Oil. #Tatcha tip: naturally plump your pout with hydration by applying a generous amount right before bed to wake up with soft, lush lips 👄 ✨Find this glowing treasure at @sephora.✨
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✨ With every drop, a golden glow. ✨ The Gold Camellia Beauty Oil is a feather-light, non-comedogenic oil that nourishes skin with antioxidants and leaves it velvety soft. How do you like to use this hydrating elixir? #tatcha
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✨THE SILK CREAM✨ Looking to winterize your skincare? Here’s how The Silk Cream gives normal to dry skin the look and feel of pure silk: 👘Advanced Silk Extracts form a weightless, moisture-binding veil over skin ⚪️ Akoya Pearl supports natural collagen for smooth, firmer skin 🍵 Our signature trio of Green Tea, Rice and Red Algae nourish skin for a healthy glow. Find this treasure at @sephora or at the #linkinbio 💜
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👩‍🎤Want to see the most out of your mask? Take 7 seconds to press in The Essence first—here’s why it makes any treatments that follow work better: 💦Floods skin with hydration: The Essence helps skin’s water channels flush with hydration, helping skincare absorb. Think of how a wet sponge drinks in anything it touches, compared to a dry one. 🍵Feeds skin with Japanese superfoods: The Essence is a concentration of 98.7% Green Tea, Rice and Algae which nourish skin for a healthy glow. ⚪️Gently resurfaces: the natural fermentation of our superfoods yields lactic acid, which smooths skin’s texture and gently exfoliates so that any treatments that follow do their best work. #tatcha
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The stunning glass tea house in Kyoto was one of our favorite art installations 💜! Where will you be traveling in 2018? 📷 by @kyotophotos #regram #tatcha
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✨New Year, new DEW✨ Introduce a new skincare ritual with our travel-sized treasures. They’re the perfect way to try something new—or to carry your favorites with you. Visit the #linkinbio to explore our collection. #tatcha
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