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They say to never look back unless it’s to... blah blah blah. Happy Sundae! 😭😭😭
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Mama said knock you out 👊🏼
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If a stomach scratch is the worst thing that happened in a workout then you’re winning 👊🏼 @ryderwear leggings “tamra10” @brickhausbody 💪🏼
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Well here’s one way to keep them out the DMs 😭😭🙌🏼🙌🏼
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Becoming the woman I’ve always dreamt to be. Dae x Dae. @star_lashextensions you never fail me 😘😘
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2018 is looking real BRIGHT ✨
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Warriors need solace too. There’s a balance to everything. The fight isn’t always the one that’s out in the open. Moments of peace allow for the mind to rebuild, focus, and perform the task at a higher level. Rest is critical. Go within and find that calm. Let your mind relax and center yourself. It isn’t always about going hard 24/7. Don’t be discouraged when things aren’t moving for you. Maybe you’re preparing for something huge. Be ready for it so when the time comes... GO HARD AND GIVE IT ALL YOU HAVE. @ryderwear “tamra10”
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I’m such a weirdo but I look forward to weekends because I get two more days to focus on my work. ✔️✔️ #creativefreak #BRICKHAUSBODY
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🎥 New YouTube is up like promised! I still suck at filming but I’m working on it!! Thank you for your support because I know you’ve been asking for it so I’m going to stay consistent now! 💣💣This is by far one of the gnarliest workouts I’ve done so don’t feel like you have to jump right into it! 🔗 in bio! Love u all!!
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LOOKING BACK... I think it’s essential to look back on how far you’ve come and take note of the hard work you’ve put in. We so often get caught up in all we haven’t accomplished yet and where we still would like to go or what we’d like to have. We forget all the struggles to get to where we’re even standing right now, and the fact that we’re standing!! Wow! Humans are natural fighters and we will continue to have that innate ability, no matter what the circumstance, even if it’s over finances, business, health, or love. It’s in our DNA to survive and to THRIVE. So take a moment to revel in all you’ve done to get HERE and now take a deep breath and go WHAT NOW!?! Life is incredibly short so make the most out of each moment!
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Thinkin of a master plan... Shot for @privesunless
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➕love to my city & my team @ryderwear “TAMRA10” to order ✔️
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