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Lately my cuts have me missing East London...... never have I been so influenced by a place creatively....I’ve worked there, had my neck, back and hand tattoo’d there, my favourite clothes shops, restaurants and street art pieces are there.... even had the best first date there 💕
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3 weeks ago I completely changed the way I skin fade. Did it the way people have been telling me for 3 years NOT to. It works for me. Sometimes you have to experiment a bit to find what works for you in the way you work. No real way is wrong....unless you are a crown stealer. That’s so wrong.
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I wish when you hit 20k, Instagram sent you a cheque for £20k.....I’d buy so much stuff...a stone island coat...a 5d mk IV...a gold Rolex...an arsenal season ticket...I’m still pleased though. Thanks for the follow 👊🏽❤️ (if anyone has any of that that they wanna send my way, just shout)
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‘Alright dad, look I’m in an advert in a magazine’
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I got the board in LA...... 🇺🇸
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#rihrihsaid “White girl wasted on that brown liquor.... I’m too lit to dim down a notch.....” 📷 : @toastiestyles #JDisKing 🥃
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Boundary Festival with these beauts yesterday ❤️ I drank a little so I remember 10% of even being there.... That 10% was class! .... (much birthday love to @rebelclash for sorting it out 🌊)
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In an industry where everyone has an opinion....Its good to work as if You don’t care about a single one. Be creative. Be different.
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I wonder what life would of been like if I went and got an office job after uni...... Boring. ‘High + Tight’ - @theblackhouseclub
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Found an old @johnnyschopshopbarbers portrait....
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