A perfect review for 18|8 Louisville and stylist Shelby! (502) 257-0077 for an appointment today.💈✂️ #Louisville #louisvilleky #louisvillesalon #louisvillehairstylist #louisvillebarber #louisvillebarbershops #salon #stylist #barber #barbershop #yelplouisville #igerslouisville #188louisville
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“I’m the director of human prosperity for UofL’s Engage Lead Serve Board. We try to focus on socioeconomic issues happening in our city so we figured Wayside Christian Mission would be a great place to volunteer and give back to people who don’t have a place to stay. • It’s important to give back because you never know what someone else might be going through and it could put a smile on their face.”
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The Radiant Touch wants to welcome April Sea to the family. April is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is a graduate from The Louisville School Of Massage. She has a extensive experience in working in the chiropractic field and also the spa industry. Her massages are a perfect mix of therapeutic and relaxation so you can get the best of both worlds. Schedule an appointment with her today! theradianttouch.massagetherapy.com #louisvilleky #yel#yelploulle #yelplou #bullittcounty #shepherdsville #massagetherapy #massagetherapist #louisvillespa #louisvillemom #louisvillelocal #louisvillekentucky
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@fourrosesbourbon Single Barrels anyone?
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“To see my daughter flourish and become her own human being is really powerful for me to watch right now. The best part about being a mom is that unconditional love. Whenever we part, she gives me a kiss and tells me she loves me…I just think that’s so rare and kind of unusual for a teenager these days. • Racism is taught. I’ve taught my daughter to not see color but to see people for who they are. She’s had friends of all different colors and they’ve been together since first grade. They still keep in touch. • I love to remind people that tomorrow is a new day. You get to start all over. Whatever mistakes you made today, don’t beat yourself up about it. Start tomorrow with a new slate.”
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Our Top Selling Local Artist of 2017 was none other than @house_of_medal and they fully restocked our supply yesterday! Come check out their amazing handmade Real Coin Jewelry!
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I don't really have a big sweet tooth, but if I'm going to eat a donut, might as well eat a fancy (and very delicious) one like one of these @hifivedoughnuts. And they're so pretty looking!
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“I love meteorology. Meteorology is something I’ve loved since third grade and its one of the things I would like to go to school for. • I’ve dealt with mental health issues my whole life, but one of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced was in 2001 when my father passed away. • Washing dishes is a job I have here through Wayside Christian Mission. • If I could offer a piece of advice to the world, I would say to end the hatred towards one another, quit being racist, and bring peace into your life by accepting Christ.”
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NEW Liquor Scented Candles are in! The Bourbon & Spice scent is amazing and our favorite!
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Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr. The man, the myth, the legend. At the Old Fire Copper Distillery
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Hospitality appreciation day at @buffalotracedistillery - taking tours and tasting product
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“I seek inspiration from everywhere. In my opinion, you can find a lesson in anything, good or bad. My father inspires me, but not for the reasons you would think - I don’t want to be anything like him. My mother inspires me because that is someone who grinds every day to make sure I have what I need. My nieces, my nephews, and my cousins inspire me because I know the younger ones are all looking up to me and if I make it, they will have hope. • To me, community means love. When you love something so much, you’re willing to give what you have to see that community grow. You do things for those around you because you have faith they would do the same for you. But don’t let people doing things for you be the reason why you do things for others. • Success changes every day for me. I define success as being a better person than you were yesterday and being content with yourself. Success can’t be material. • Favorite characteristic about myself? I feel like people listen to me. I feel like I have a presence more than anything else. People always tell me they see something in me.”
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mini smoothie with @thelifebar chocomaca protein mix n’ topped with @purely_elizabeth probiotic chocolate granola 👅 • • • • #gloutenfree #glutenfree #glutenfreesmoothie #smo#smoothies #smoothie #glutenfreelunch #glutenfreesnack #louisvillelocal #yelplouisville #louisvilleeats
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The latest 6ft Kentucky from Powerful @joey2spikes is just as amazing as always! This one is done in a Herringbone Pattern finished in his "Rustic White"!
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Shine for the beautiful person you are. #loveyourself #bedifferent #knowyourworth
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A fresh look for a client at 18|8 Louisville by Shelby. Call (502) 257-0077 or book with her today! 💈✂️ #yelplouisville #igerslouisville #louisville #louisvilleky #louisvillesalon #louisvillehairstylist #louisvillebarbers #louisvillebarbershop #salon #hairstylist #barber #barbershop
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#Repost @weare1804 with @get_repost ・・・ @magbooth in the house for tomorrow’s Co-Work It! with Yelp!!!
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“I’m passionate about music and fashion. I love music because music has always been there for me. I love fashion because I always like to stand out from everyone else. I try to find stuff that no one else would feel confident wearing, which involves a lot of online and thrift shopping. • Being epileptic is one of the most difficult things I’m dealing with right now.”
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#hopslam is in stock! Get it before it’s gone!
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Beautiful curved top Bookcase finished in our Black Harvest with Standard Distressing and Teak Brown Stained interior!
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Yes we are open! Come see us today. (502) 257-077 for an appointment today or walk in. 💈✂️#yelplouisville #igerslouisville #louisville #louisvilleky #louisvillebarber #louisvillebarbershop #louisvillesalon #louisvillehairstylist
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All this snow got you down? Shannon still has some appointments open this week schedule online at theradianttouch.massagetherapy.com you deserve it!
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“I wish drugs didn’t exist. Drugs kill people and I’ve seen too many people OD.”
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Skills include hanging out with dogs and eating junk food 🐶🥖🧀💁🏼 #Tas#TasteLouisville #TasteLou
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awesome monday night with @yelplouisville at @gravelybrewing.🍺✨
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thank you @lotusfoods for getting me through the stomach flu 🤒😩 - GF, reduced sodium, rice based ramen • • • • #gloutenfree #glutenfree #lotusfoods #milletandbrownriceramen #yelplouisville #eatlovelouisville #glutenfreesoup #louisvillenoms #louisvilleeats #louisvillefood
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Happy MLK Day from all of us at 18|8 Louisville. Come see us tomorrow from 10-8PM. (502) 257-0077 💈✂️#yelplouisville #igerslouisville #188louisville #louisvillehairstylist #louisvillesalon #louisvillebarber #louisvillebarbershop #barber #barbershop #salon #hairstylist
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“I’m most proud of my mom and dad, especially my mom. She took good care of all six of us. • When I wake up in the morning and see that God has blessed me with another day, I am filled with so much happiness and joy.”
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Weller anyone?
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"Fly a helicopter. That is the one thing that I want to do before I die, not ride in it, fly it. • The happiest days of my life have been probably Christmas for a long time. There is just something so nice about the lights and the music, the way everything slows down, even for just a second. • The hardest thing would be the loss of my father, there are a few things that still remind me so much of him. Derby every year always brings up a lot of memories of my Dad. He loved derby and went something like 50 years in a row. • This year I want to take better care of my health. That is why I am out now, trying to move around a little and not sit in the house, trying to be a little more active. I have got to start cutting down on so many sugars, breads and potatoes too."
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Which would you choose?
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I used to be passionate about working out but now I would say I’m passionate about photography. I’ve noticed that when you have a good picture of yourself, it’s such a confidence booster - which is why I enjoy doing photography. I love to make people feel more confident about themselves. • Although I appreciate and encourage seriousness at certain times, if I could change one thing about the world, I would like there to be more humor. Some people are too serious and can’t enjoy a few minutes of laughter. Personally, that’s just the type of guy I am, I can’t spend the day without laughing.”
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My husband's new favorite place for banh mi and mine for grilled lemongrass pork vermicelli bowl in Louisville. Check out this new Vietnamese restaurant in South Louisville, A Chau Restaurant, for some delicious eats. #louofftrack #eatlovelouisville #yelplouisville #louisvillefoodie #tastylou #vietnamesefood
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We’ll be open today at 4. And we’ll have some @fourrosesbourbon treats for everyone! All of our private select single barrels will on sale for this wintry weather. Stop in and warm up!
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"I been up here for like a year, I am from Orlando, Florida. I do a lot of volunteer stuff and work with non-profits – I love the atmosphere, the people and culture of Louisville, but I hate the drug use. There is a serious problem here in Louisville. • I genuinely think I will change the world one day, I want to produce movies and music. I am fascinated with the underlying meanings in movies, you know like the way they pick out certain colors of cars, a certain number of people walking past and other things of that nature. I want to provide love and brotherhood to the parts of the movies that you subconsciously watch."
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Only bar in town with five different discontinued bottle-in-bond bourbons. $6 each
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Hey #lou#louisvilleky, don’t miss your chance to catch FLIGHT; it’s a Red light special 🚨🚨🚨Mark your calendar for Saturday, February 10th at Louisville Turners Circus (3125 Upper River Road). Show starts at 8pm and doors open at 7:30pm. Stunning, Spectacular, Breathtaking and Delicious describes this unique performance! Aerialists, 🔥Eaters, Jugglers and Magicians with an adult theme! Wine tastings with🍷and White wines. Must be 21+ to attend! $12 @ the door! #louisvilleky #sharelouisville #loumag #igerslouisville #louisvilleperformingarts #yelplouisville #louisvilleinsider
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We will be open at four if you’re looking for a retreat from the ice and snow. Be safe out there and don’t worry! Everything will be just fine.
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Yes! We are open at 18|8 Louisville. Come in and see us today! (502) 257-0077 for an appointment today. 💈✂️ #yelplouisville #igerslouisville #louisville #louisvilleky #louisvillebarber #louisvillebarbershop #louisvillesalon #louisvillehairstylist #barber #barbershop #salon #hairstylist
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“You could put a tarp over this thing and live in it if you wanted to. All it took was a tricycle, a kitchen chair, a wheelchair and a crutch. If I was homeless here in Louisville I would just make me one of these and roll around with my campsite because I am for sure not pushing a grocery cart around.”
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These are our features this week, beer and shot specials, our featured cocktails and bourbon. Stop in and try something! #vintagebourbon #vintagewhiskey
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We can make you look almost this good at 18|8 Louisville. Come in and see us today! (502) 257-0077 ✂️💈#yelplouisville #igerslouisville #louisville #louisvilleky #louisvillesalon #louisvillehairstylist #louisvillebarber #louisvillebarbershop #188louisville
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Apparently it’s #NationalHotToddyDay. But it’s also in the 60s today in Louisville! That being said we’ll be happy to make you one if you wish!
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