A GROUP. A STABLE. I'm here for this!!!! . . . #paige #paigewwe #wwe#wwee #wwe #raw #wwedivas #wwewomen #nxt #mandyrose #sonyadeville
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Shes backkkk😊😍 with company🙏 #wwe#wwee #wwe #paige #raw #wweraw #paigeturner #rampaige #nxt #wwewomen
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《Portrayal @gailkimitsme 》 《 November 20th,  2017 》 《 rosa isn't ready for Gail 》 ------------------------------------------------------ It's been almost over a year since I had a singles match and this coming up raw I go one on one with rosa. Oh rosa,  rosa,  Rosa you can never beat me,  you will never beat me! You see I am Gail Kim I am unstoppable I don't know how many times I got to say this but this is my era and nobody could stop me especially rosa!  Is rosa supposed to be my competition? No!  I'm not scared of her she's lucky that she gets to have a match with me she's lucky that she gets to be in era. Obviously I want to be champion but I gotta drag this rosa bitch and show her who I am!  And once that match happens I'm going to tear her up and the bell going to ring 1..2..3.. here is your winner Gail Kim! So rosa you better fear me because I am Gail Kim this is my era AND EMMA DON'T THINK I FORGOT ABOUT YOU BOO! BUT FIRST I GOTTA TEAR ROSA!  SEE YOU MONDAY BOO!
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She's back 😈😈😈 . . . #paige #paigewwe #wwe #raw #wwedivas #wwewomen
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She's back... Finally! @realpaigewwe
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WWE Survivor Series: Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Flair WINNER: Charlotte Flair #survivorseries #wwe #wwewomen #alexabliss #charlotteflair #womensrevolution #WomensTitle #womenswrestling
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《Portrayal @gailkimitsme 》 《 November 20th,  2017 》 《 smackdown watch out I'm coming 》 ------------------------------------------------------ Smackdown live I'm coming BITCH! You see everyone walks around thinking there the best around here well news flash your wrong! This is the gail Kim era! Nobody will stop me! So let's talk about some of the roster. We got smackdown live women's champion let's be real your only champion because of your looks you aren't a good wrestler! And brie oh brie you aren't nothing with out your other half! Without nikki your career is a nothing! Then we have the "princess of Staten Island " carmella omg she thinks she is the shit well let me tell you I might have to knock you out to show you, you aren't nothing but a trash can on the side line so stay there! Omg omg we have stank banks my favorite person,YEET! I'm so sick of everyone praising her like she's some god, you aren't close to a god you are lucky that you get to be a part of my era! Oh my god lana oh lana you have to be the biggest joke around here now, how do go from being a Manger to a wrestler pick your role and stay in it, wait let me pick your role MANGER! because you suck as a women wresleter! There charlotte, mickie, alexa, liv, naomi , nattie , paige and a few others. Every single one of you are in my era and need to get out of my era none of you will be me! I am a legend that paved the way for all you newbies so be damn grateful next time your in this ring so get reedy smackdown live because Gail Kim is coming bitches!
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