happy place ✨
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Work-life balance. I'm not saying it's a must have or must do. It's something you need to live harmoniously in life. Because without it, how could you possibly go into places where you can be you? Where you can be with someone you love? Or where you can find peace and serenity in life? @uni@uniqloficial @uniqlo #UniqloWherever #UniqloPH
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Cuando tienes tus Doc's puestos también tienes puesto ese viaje inolvidable, ese concierto a el que no podías faltar y esas experiencias que están por comenzar. Comparte esos momentos a través del numeral #drmartenscolombia #drmartensstyle #worndifferent
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SoHo Sunday Strollin'
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Do you Want me to show My Vonda?? But now only Pascal. @drmartensofficial #WORNDIFFERENT #drmartens
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