Stick love 💕 #sharpei #wombatwalks
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Had a very special visitor at sheep dogs today, one of my favourites, Miss Bella the wombat
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Tough day at the office
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Our volunteers taking the three musketeers on wombat walks! ☀️👌🏼 - #wombat #aus#australianwildlife #wildlife #australia #wombatwalks #nativewildlife #cute
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I don't know if you can make out that little hand there...but that's Teddy Zed giving me a thumbs up for today's workout! We attempted our first morning powerwalk since he was born and it worked! Fed him back to sleep at 5am, transferred him successfully to pram and then flew down our hill for my creekside workout! He only woke up briefly mid-walk to smile at me, and poo. (Lucky the smell of fallen mango masked that odour, hehe!) I'm on cloud nine after our success: Endorphins to tide me over for the rest of Day Two of School-holidays-with-4-kids-including-a-baby! And a hope that maybe this week I can start properly running again. #hyperventilateswithexcitement 💛 | #yellowgoesfaster #wombatwalks #yellowpramgoesfaster #teddyzed
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Powerwalking while watching this cherubic, squishable little face is way better than powerwaddling while caressing his womb-cradled bump. Sometimes I trip over my own feet though. And it's always a race against time: how many minutes can we make it today before I have to switch to carrying him in the sling!? A mighty good workout is pushing the pram up a steep hill while carrying bubba on my chest. 6 weeks postpartum and Mama is getting STRONG!#wombatwalks #yellowgoesfaster #fitmama #yellowpramgoesfaster
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I'm back to powerwalking - when the baby who likes to be held by mummy at ALL times permits, that is - and oh MAN it feels good! My trusty yellow pram and I are going to clock some serious running mileage together, but for now just graduating to powerwalking up hills feels deserving of a medal!! #alreadygotone #hesinthepram #wombatwalks #powerwalkingfetus #fitmama #yellowpramgoesfaster #teddyzed
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Much excitement! #wombatwalks #australiazoo
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A walk with my Wombat in the forest to complete a beautiful Sunday. {Terrible quality pic, but that's what you get with a self-timer into sunflare.} #wombatwalks #powerwalkingfetus
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