Wolf Alice wczorajszym występem rozpoczęli kolejny koncertowy sezon! Kto był wczoraj w warszawskich Hybrydach? Dajcie znać w komentarzach! #goaheadshow #wolfalice #sonbird #hybrydy #koncert #warszawa
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Yesterday in Warsaw at @wolfaliceband Many emotional waves and tears that happened, can tell how music affects us. Thank you for such an amazing night. #warsaw #hybrydy #wolfalice
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“I see the signs of a lifetime, you till I die” 😍😍 #wolfalice #dontdeletethekisses #charlixcx #remix #chill #morningtune #love
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#Repost @maheshmusic (@get_repost) ・・・ Okay, so this is big. I’m very excited to be joining the line up of Backdoors 2018 alongside @anderson._paak and the Free Nationals (can. not. wait. to see these guys live, unbelievable!), @wolfaliceband, @tesseractband, Prateek Kuhad, DIVINE, When Chai Met Toast, Watsky and Danny Goffey! I started my career as a musician at @the_hummingtree and I’m extremely fortunate to have the likes of @nikhil_barua who keeps coming back with so much more for the musicians and the music lovers around here. This is easily one of the biggest and the most special gigs I’ve been part of. What better way to share it than with this family. And for the first time - Mumbai, finally! And those of you who stick around here, thank you for consistently proving my doubts wrong every single day. See you on the 14th Feb in Mumbai and on 17th Feb in Bangalore. <3 #singer #songwriter #maheshmusic #gigs #backdoorsbytht #andersonpaak #wolfalice #tesseract #music
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นอร์เวย์กับเยอรมันมาถึงพร้อมกันเลย #thetempertrap #wolfalice
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So glad to begin this year with @wolfaliceband and my lovely @grinaaaa @realjawbreaker #wolfalice #hybrydy #warsaw
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Yeah we out here #wolfalice! #warsaw
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Me and you were meant to be in love ✨ #wolfalice #visionsoflife #hybrydy
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Super happy I chose Wolf Alice to be my 1st concert of 2018! They were mesmerizing 💖 #wolfalice #hybrydy #visionsoflife
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Still don’t like how they give you choices, I know it makes it easier, but it also adds bias. First year I haven’t added at least 2 tracks that they didn’t include (even though there was a Gambino track I liked more) had to leave out some good tracks too, Tash Sultana, Methyl Ethyl, Meg Mac and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets for example. Kudos for Triple J moving the countdown date too. ✌️ #triplej #hottest100 #hottest1002018 #vote #music #wes#westthebartonhelparty #westthebarton #becsandridge #wolfalice #thebeligerents #heapsgoodfriends #childishgambino #tameimpala #queensofthestoneage #qotsa #kflay #peace @becsandridge @kflay @childishgambino @queensofthestoneage @westthebarton @wolfaliceband @tame__impala @thebelligerents @heapsgoodfriends
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speachless after @wolfaliceband 🔥 #wolfalice
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#recommendation - @young_fathers - In My View ---- Rest assured that Young Fathers have lost none of their razor-sharp insight and penchant for subversive politicking. 'In My Mind' is the 2nd song to be released from their 3rd LP 'Cocoa Sugar', and it's perhaps their most danceable release to date. Home to textured synths and snares, a soft undulating drone, hushed vocals and an afrobeat foundation, a rhythmic exuberance offsets meta-level, lyrical intricacies. Dance or Die. #newmusic #art #visual #gracejones #aesthetic
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And even though it’s been a relaxing week, we can’t wait to get back, get these songs all hot and ready for some more shows!!!! Next one is at The Meatlocker in NJ on January 2n7th 😈n
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Finally get to sit down and listen to this “late to the party” album. I honestly didn’t expect too much from this album because I didn’t get to enjoy their debut at all. But Visions is an absolute wonderful swirling journey of an album. I want to talk about the track After the Zero Hour. I had to pinch myself during the song, as I thought I was hearing Grace Slick for a moment. The likeness of Ellie’s voice is uncanny. And then she breaks into a screaming rage on the next track Visions of a Life, which has to be my favourite track of the album. Anyone pick this for a favourite from 2017??? ____________________________________ Wolf Alice Visions of a Life (2017)
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We’ve been enjoying a nice, relaxing week, and what’s made it 100x better is all the support we’ve been getting from all of you on our new video for "Heaven". Thank you for helping us spread the word by sharing it with you friends! We love you guys!
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Koncert Wolf Alice, Praha/club Roxy #wolfalice #prague #roxy #concert #britishband #rock
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Two of us are in the Florida sun, and two of us are in the Jersey snow..but all four are sticky from head to toe. #staysticky
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Beautifully Unconventional #wolfalice #warsaw #concert
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