🐋 Beware, if you ever have the opportunity to hear the gloriously melodious songs of the Humpback whale while SCUBA diving, it may bring tears of joy to your eyes, thus making quite a mess of your face mask… On a cautionary side note, if you have the privilege of being close to a Humpback whale when it breaches out of the water, you too can end up with a welt the size of a walnut on your forehead from getting hit by a rogue barnacle projectile…!!! 🐋😱
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Regram from my side hustle @lovesoulsisters Sending love and light to all those marching in support of Women everywhere...#lovesoulsisters #womensupportingwomen #womenownedbusiness #wisewomen
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Keep learning and improving. #lavism
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Organizing your business is crucial to see results and to become successful. Always try to plan ahead in order to know what to do next. . This strategy makes you spend less time being ineffective and also become more intentional within your business. . As a business owner you need to plan ahead and to set the direction of your business. . Always ask yourself; what's the most important thing to do in order to grow your business and take the next step? . 📷: @ashleyrobertson
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Celeb spot!!! Finally got to meet this legend @simonecariss, co-founder of @girlsagenda. Awesome virtually, even better in real life. Both representing: Simone in pants, me in short jumpsuit. #fabulousfeminists #wisewomen #slay #AusOpen
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She looks wise. This works. 🤔 #googleportrait
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Altar for our mastermind group. Feeling blessed. #wisewomen #transformation
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beautiful artwork gifted from my soul sister @officialashleysirianni 🌝❤️ Tonight I gave myself 10 mins to journal the advice I’d leave behind for humans if I were to die right now. (As a creative writing exercise) Let’s see what I came up with: Do more research. • When they said you decide your happiness, they weren’t kidding. • As you evolve, you will understand certain things you could never see or hear before. It’s a frequency thing. • Be selective with your thoughts - they manifest your reality. • Yes, you do need to exercise, meditate, learn and create to balance yourself & self-discover. These are the building blocks for the life you dream of. • Don’t judge others, when you learn true compassion you will have reached a new, more holy level of being. • Depressed? Anxious? Move your body & chant! • Going vegan is the best way to preserve mankind & Mother Earth. • Focus on self-development, the right people (friends, lovers) will find you! • Disease is best to be treated naturally, with healthy diet, lifestyle and treatments from Mother Earth. • Be smart with your money - but don’t let it get to your head. You are abundance. The universe will take care of you if you lead your dreams, heal yourself & create! • “Oh well” is better than “what if”. • Trust your intuition! • No matter what, love overcomes fear. Learn to embrace, and not run away from change. • You won’t grow in your comfort zone, and what doesn’t grow, dies. • Go into nature often. • What would your advice be?! ⏬ #creative #writing #witch #wisewomen #moon #focus #journalling #thoughts #life #reflection #conscious #evolve
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I don't know about you, but my model didn't come with a rear view mirror. History is meant to be learned from, not lived in. . #ent#entrepreneures #entrepreneurlifestyle #lif#lifewelltravelled #lifelessons #entrepreneur #optimistic #goo#goo#goodvibey #goodvibe #goodvibe #goodvibez #fas#fashion/a> #fashiondaily #fashion #for#forward #businessman #businesswoman #forward #quotes #quotestoliveby #life #lifequotes #gentlemen #gentleman #mensfahion #attitude #fashions #wisewomen
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These women...great role models & friends... they share, inspire & I hang on their words through every fun-loving story... love our Friday nights together @sperrysbellemeade #friendships #wisewomen #laughterisgoodforthesoul
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Towering wise women and dreamy Venician skies on a Friday ❤️❤️❤️ #wisewomen #venice #tgif
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Say yes. Yes to wild combinations. Yes to the things that scare you but won't hurt you. Yes to new adventures or old ones. Yes to.... To much time is wasted in the debating. Just say yes and see what happens. You can always change your mind. Later. Tea and time, ya'll. #teaandtime #metaphysicalgoddess #choices
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“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” Happy Birthday, Dolly. 💋 #DollyParton #PositiveThinking #WiseWomen
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- NEW BLOG POST - This week I’m sharing a piece I did called The Cat/Dog Phenomenon - the cockamamie theory that may just be genius. Featuring my lovely little diagram here 👆 . Now those that know me won’t be surprised by this - but I’ve had this crazy theory that you can categorize people by personality traits as either a cat or a dog! Weird I know but trust me, have a read. . It’s a bit of fun and pretty spot on, so click the link in my bio and see whether you’re a cat or a dog. . Once you’ve had a read, comment either with a 🐱 or a 🐶 to show me what you are :)
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Lentil lasagna food prep sold out today @healinghandskitchen Gluten free and dairy free
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“Are you on cloud 9 right now?” ~ Nick King #FordVRLab 👩🏽‍🏭🚙🏎⚡️#WISEWomen ✨
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Vegan steak tartare, made from chickpeas and beets @healinghandskitchen
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When you have #real #women and #friendships in your life, you talk about real subjects that stimulates #wisdom and forces you #grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally... Eliciting real #change in thought, decisions, and progression! I don't have many but I love you #ladies #queens 💕👑 I celebrate all that you are and are to be!!! 😘 #discussions #decisions #realtallk somebody's #futurewife #praying for #him and don't even know him! #preparing for who I #desire #godonmymind #wisewomen #kingdomwoman #movement ☝🙏😊
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What an incredible event last time with the top movers and shakers of networking for women! #exceptionalconnections #wisewomen #illuminatingwomen #ewomennetwork #hearttoheart
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What an incredible event last time with the top movers and shakers of networking for women! #exceptionalconnections #wisewomen #illuminatingwomen #ewomennetwork #hearttoheart
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Your best life is expressed from the inside out, by tapping the wisdom of your heart. The heart only speaks truth! Live your truth…shine on! #liveyourtruth #heartandsoulcoaching #wisewomen #shineon #bebrilliiant #lucyvcantu #womenwhoinspire #intuitiveliving #selfdiscovertoempower #femininefierce #wisdomoftheheart #awaken
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Trip to Andhra Pradesh: Last days I have been in Anantapur visiting the projects of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. In the picture I am with Anna Ferrer, who along with her late husband Vicente Ferrer, has been in India for 50 years fighting for the rights of the poor and dalits. It is incredible to see how a project that started with just two people has grown so much, and today benefits 3.5 million people and has more than 2500 employees. It has been really inspiring to be able to tell Anna about the work we do in Hetauda and to listen her wise words. #india #vicenteferrer #annaferrer #anantapur #andhrapradesh #ngo #inspiration #wisewords #wisewomen #empowerment #familiadehetauda #nepal #hetauda
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This is our living room at Franklin Arts Center. We call it The Gathering Place. This morning I had book club with amazing Wise Women. Our conversation included the desire to show up in life, pay attention, being heard = the gift of a listener, all of us matter in this world of ours, we're enough just as we are. #wisewomen #laughterisgoodforthesoul #mybrainerd@smallbusinessrevolution #friendshipisthebest #welearnfromeachother
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We are wise women 🙏🏼 We build UP our homes and those who live in them. ❤️ #IlluminateMyLifePlanner
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“I could never buy natural products, they’re too expensive” Sure, some companies may over charge, but ours are not expensive! Our thieves multipurpose cleaner lasts forever! It’s highly concentrated and has replaced EVERY. single. cleaner. In my home. Plus if you’re on essential rewards, you get cash back towards anything else you want to buy and free bonus products every month! :) I literally spray everything with this stuff! Sinks, mirrors, walls, floors - everything! It smells like Christmas and not like chemicals because it’s completely non toxic ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I used to get headaches from the cleaners I was using - now I’m left with a clean house and a clear head. ❤️ It’s my goal to help people see that there is another way than store bought chemicals that keep us sick. My suggestion is try our thieves household cleaner! You won’t regret it! 😘 #nat#naturalng #natural #clean #cleanliving #pure #thieves #essentialoils #goodvibes #toxicfree #frugal #savvy #wise #wisewomen #gatekeeper #momhack #momwin #healthylifestyle
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Keep the hope. #lavism
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Sometimes being wise means walking away! #sayingsofthewise #wisepeoplewalkaway #wisewomen #wisdompath
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I get asked often if I remember what it was like to live during the years when USSR collapsed. I would say it was fine. But here is my mother's memory: "Sometimes you had money but were afraid to spend it because you didn't know when next salary would come. Sometimes there was no food and no amount of money could buy it. One day all we had in the house was a loaf of dark bread. I didn't know what to give my children for breakfast and I just cut a slice of bread, put some oil and salt on it and gave it to my daughter. "Yay, my favorite!" She happily ate her breakfast, and I sighed with relief that she was happy."
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How best to bribe work colleagues? Baking a sunken apple and cinnamon cake and hoping that it might provide enough nourishment for the long weekend. Happy Wellington anniversary!! #sunkenapplecake #germanstyle #cinnamonapple #worklifebalance #wisechoice #wisewomen #dreamteam
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"We are hardwired to connect. Life is series of moments. Anxiety can be #revolutionary. In the past, we were cavemen, worrying about fighting off the saber-toothed tigers. Today, we scan our inbox for threats; an email from your boss reminding you about that deadline! Mother Nature is going to make sure that you start that anxiety cycle all over again. How do we reframe anxiety to be revolutionary?" - Crystal Lim Lange at CM/SG this morning. CreativeMornings/SG was held at lyf at the SMU in Singapore today, to kick off the brand new year. We had an absolutely incredible speaker: Crystal Lim- Lange, who is the Founder & CEO of Forest Wolf. [**She is a ground-breaking holistic education expert and mindset change expert. She pioneered "Roots and Wings" at the NUS, which is a large-scale #min#mindfulness and social emotional intelligence program, which prepares youth for an ever-changing world.**] ** partial copy credit to @cre@cre@creativemornings.sg She discussed the innovative ways in how we can learn to cope with Anxiety (especially in this digital age which tends removes us from connecting face to face): . . MIND - Focus on being present. You might have missed replying to emails, texts or calls, but it's to remember on focusing on being in the now. BODY - Mindfulness: reclaiming your energy, attention and focus. Breathe. Make your exhales much longer, focus on your breath even when your mind begins to wander. SPIRIT - Connect to what matters to you. EMOTIONS Connect with yourself. Remember to give yourself self-compassion. Crystal also talked about the benefit of going to somewhere which makes her feel small, in awe, like a monument or a mountain where the environment and surroundings essentially engulf you. Last but not least, she emphasised the importance of wise affirmation, which transcends through a lot of our lives: "FEEL THE FEAR BUT DO IT ANYWAY." . . . #CMAnxiety #cre#creativeings #anxiety #CrystalLimLange @creativemornings.sg @creativemornings #inspire #mindset #change #mind #emotions #body #spirit #reframe #fear #fearless #overcome #friday #ff #fridaymood #creative #wisewomen #leader
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With a grateful heart ❤️ Appreciation to all the women who joined us in circle on Monday evening for #thewildwomanproject new moon in Capricorn @hkhighkicks 🌚 I howl to the ancient wisdom in our bones. I bow to our brave sharing & sacred circle. I honor all the heart taps, women worldwide, together. ❣️Gratitude to all the gemstones that sparkle & guide us to our highest intentions. 🙏🏼 Thank you @wild.light.cassandra for leading a lovely evening of communion with beautiful women! Praise be! #wisewomen #sacredcircle #women #wisebones #ancientwisdom #gemstones #grateful @thewildwomanproject
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Behind the scenes today have just facilitated a Skype Session Alignment connecting me to a client in Ireland. What a contrast in climates. Expected here today 42C versus Ireland - 3C Technology is a great communicator linking us around the planet with like minded souls on this journey we call life! In gratitude for the gifts I have that can help others to shift and elevate their consciousness bringing them into Transformational Change. So where ever you are today stay cool or warm whatever the case maybe. We are all on this miraculous journey together even through the bumps and highs! If you can see the bumps as growth that is preparing you for something better this will support you through the process. #support #love #transmissions #soul #intuitition #nurtured #wisewomen #mentor #sacredheart #soulmate #source #multidimensional #healer #transformation #growth #mindfulness #trust #iamsafe #gratitude #feelings #inspiration
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spent this morning soaking up some beautiful wisdom from @alliemichellel and @raquellemantra on their Your Own Magic podcast with guest astrologist & author @jillwintersteen of @spiritdaughter. They talked of how deeply connected we are to the moon as people - and particularly as women - and how sacred that is. Jill wisely noted that as the ocean is directly affected by the moon creating the tides, and since our body is mostly water, how could we not be just as affected, too? Although I've known and said this in different ways myself, this truth finally hit me with complete clarity. They went on to talk about how we are all energetically interconnected in a kind of astrological web weaved by the planets and stars - happening no matter if we are aware of it or not. But if we can become aware of it, and more conscious of this magical and mysterious - and often invisible - world in which we live, we can have more tools to understand our lives and our patterns. And from there, we can learn to live a bit more graciously, with more awareness, acceptance, and understanding for ourselves and all other unique star-dwellers amongst us. Thank you for this magical podcast and sharing your learning, wise women! Beautiful artwork by @blueisabell 🌕🌿✨🌊
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This is not my chest, but such a good message for all of us. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about knowing you’re enough, being courageous and taking that leap. Inspired by two great @ted talks by @brenebrown and @reshmasaujani. Sometimes being sick in bed is a good time to infuse yourself with #wisewomen and fluids, of course.
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How you twist my limbs, mother, & while my flesh softens, beneath me you solidify, harder, & catch me when I fall
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Wild Woman Weekends 🌙 We're back in action after a two year break. If you are interested in joining us on a WWW send an email (letsgetcreating@gmail.com) to register your interest. We'll be running mini workshops at no cost, the only expense for you is accomodation. We're looking for sound healers, reiki healers, red tent faciliators, and more to tithe your time at a workshop. I'll personally be tithing by sharing crystal knowledge, meditation and more. We also have a river nearby for midnight swims!! Who's keen? Numbers are filling fast, we have room for 20. Food is a shared meal each so less cost as well. This truly is an event for all women in need of a sacred break away. 🌙
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