To all my fellow Americans and beautiful people out there struggling and being affected by the new executive orders of our president. #bepatient #theLordiswithyou #nevergiveup #weareallhuman #wecanovercomeanythingtogether
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Going through a box of memories. Think I know who had the other half of this but irrelevant now as only one person has always been my constant #mysisterismybestestfriend #loveforlife #mysisterisbetterthanyours #wecanovercomeanythingtogether @staceasaurus
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#TBT 1986 Me in 4th grade I was bullied and unhappy. I cried everyday I had to go to school. No child should have to experience that pain. It's on my heart to tackle childhood obesity. It's a preventable problem, but in the United States it is only getting worse?! Childhood obesity is a serious problem!! Approximately 17 % of kids 2-19 are obese. It went from 7% in 1980- 17% in 2016. I have been soul searching and I think I found my calling, my purpose. There are millions of programs, formats and plans for adults to get healthy but minimal ones for children. I want to help lay a foundation for our future adults. They deserve a chance to have a healthy start in life. I don't know what or how exactly, but today I can start by being an example to my own children. It is possible! I lost and maintained it for most of my adult life. I have reversed my risk of diabetes and heart problems that all run in my family. @michelleobama #childhoodobesity#letsmovecampaign#childhoodobesityawareness#healthy#ourfuturegenerations#wecanovercomeanythingtogether#wecanchange#letsdothis#gethealthy#strongkids#strongteens#inspired#mypassion
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