S T R E S S I N ' L A S T N I G H T ! Tryna conceptualize. 👍
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Одинаковые сны, никаких понятий о печали, нет. Tbt. 🌪🍦🍧💔 #ig_worldclub #vscofeature #vsco_best #vscocamgram #vscorus #vscoonly #throwback #TBT #ig_moscow #zoo #ig_captures #memories #missingyou
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Happiness!! Amanhã é o dia ❤️❤️ @luisjibrin @dalia_beauty_clinic
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if there were any more left of me, it’d give it to you #MANIA
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the odds are here
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i wanna be your vaccum cleaner, breathing in your dust #vsco #canon #50mm
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Hoy puedo asegurar que el universo está en paz. Hoy puedo asegurar que luego de tanta agonía, llega la alegría. Puedo decir que en base a tu mirada escribiría la más hermosa poesía. Puedo afirmar que te quiero, y que podría arriesgar todo por tenerte a mí lado. Puedo sospechar que siempre serás el tesoro más puro que pude haber encontrado, y el que más me dolerá perder. Me diste el empujón para sanar, me diste tu amor para cambiar, me diste la mano e hiciste que vea que puedo ser mejor, me agarraste de los hombros y no me dejaste caer. Me diste todo lo que necesitaba, y ahora lo puedo ver.-Acrónica. Analógica por: @ave_satani_ #35mm • • #vsco #ootd #grunge #softgrunge #tumblr #iphoneonly #style #indie #grungeblog #pale #instalike #instagood #likeforlike #pastelgrunge #hipster #vscocam #vscofeature #weheartit #outfit #tumblrgirl #vscogood #shootingday #vscophile #vscopn #vscogram #darkgrunge #urbanoutffiters #grungefashion #igersbaas
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summer na please😬
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Minha vida mudou depois desses produtos!
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Filthy 🎶👌
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We all have that one friend that you can never get a cute pic with 👯 @jaderana
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☑ Day 9 of 9 Pit Senyor!
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early morning ✧☽
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☑ Day 8 of 9
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☑ Day 7 of 9
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In the bathroom, broom broom
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foodcourt shots
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Та, кто справляется с моими истериками, бровями, одеждами, отправляет домой в нужный момент, слушает пьяные разговоры, делит комнату метр на метр и лежит на пляже в ожидании пока я превращусь в уголёк 💕
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Happy 10th Birthday, pretty and sweet Milani😍🎂 ✨✨Thank you for being nice to me😘 All the best✨✨✨From your proud cousin🐾🐾 Reef😝❤️ #Reefthebosty 🐾🐾
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Lifedance 2k18
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Space Age Love Song. 🌸💙
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I’ve made peace with the fact that I might have to go through this period of my life on my own.. People are so quick to misjudge, even your closest friends, so quick to turn on you once they see you evolve or change your habits a little or something like that.. Everyone is used to you acting a certain way and there’s no room to change or grow out of that or even make one mistake.. It’s disappointing to see people you once considered family kick you when you’re down instead of helping you up.. disappointing to realize that nobody really cares what you’re going through, everyone is just using you for one reason or another. It’s all good though, still feeling good still feeling blessed, I know that everything happens for a reason and it all works out in my favor at the end
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“the most beautiful part was, i wasn’t even looking when i found you.” ❤️
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Mangiare e amare, come unire due delle cose più belle del mondo // 5️⃣✨🥂@wilvise •
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Look above.
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You are the best thing that’s ever been mine... 💛
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Monlou ☕
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Awesome gifts come in big & small packages. They can also come unwrapped.🙃😉 Anthem is hands down my most favorite Ayn Rand novel, but I never had a physical copy of my own! Haha! I still remember the chills when I first read this superb book.⚡️ Rom bought me a first US print, unabridged edition of the novel (I got lucky finding it at @armadillospillow!) as a gift! And since I do the gift-wrapping at home and I know what it is😂, I just “wrapped” it with a string and some floral touch — tada! Husband’s gift for moi. Can’t wait to re-read it! Who needs sleep?🤷🏻‍♀️ #friyay
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· sobre as águas: Ele
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S/o to Brad for embracing the pink wall ✨
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