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Lately I've been focused too much on the end destination 🌈 Sometimes it's okay to wander the road, it's already pretty awesome. You just don't see it anymore if you're only looking in the future.
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I bet they be talkin’ on what’s gonna’ go down that night
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• BEAUTY IN FRAMES • ____________________________________________ Photographed by 👤 : @superbficial Model 👤 : @mathildaaaa Selected by 👥 : @9thstreets _____________________________________________________ ______________[ 🌐 MOBS FAMILY 🌐]______________ #LightMobs | #WildMobs | #FilmMobs | #GearMobs | #DarkMobs | #StateVibes | #AerialMobs | #VisualMobs | #StreetMobs | #TravelMobs | #HypedMobs | #PortraitMobs #MinimalMobs | #SymmetricalMobs ______________________________________________________ Tag 2 friends in the comment, get chance to be featured!🔥
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~ Old brick buildings bring life.
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Feels good to be back in the place I called home for so long.
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📍: Egypt 📷: @wanderingwheatleys
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Cielo de sierra 👌🏻
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Ready to send it later this week ⛷🤙🏼 @sam_daly17
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Santorini marks the spot of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history. The buildings of Santorini are similar to that of the other Cyclades, low-lying cubical houses, made of local stone and white or lime washed with various volcanic ashes used as colours. The houses are dug sideways or downwards into the surrounding pumice creating rooms that are cool is summer and warm in winter. . . . . . . . . . . . #instapassport #thecreative #aroundtheworldpix #ig_masterpiece #theprettycities #flashesofdelight #travelog #mytinyatlas #visualmobs #theglobewanderer #forahappymoment #exploringtheglobe #travelon #awesome_earthpix #campinassp #visualoflife #roamtheplanet #unlimitedparadise #dametraveler #San#Santorini #santoriniisland #greecestagram #Santorin #santorinigreece #unlimitedsantorini #latergram
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Snow effect
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Left, Right or Center? 🏡Weekend walk in Notting Hill🚶....Seems like summer/spring is slowly creeping back to the UK☉🌝 ..... PS: Who's watching the #BAFTA tonight?
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What summer days by the lake are about. 😍🌊🐕 Great 📸 @wanderlustness #queenstown #newzealand #puppies
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It’s no longer possible to climb barefoot atop Bagan’s ancient temples. It’s been banned to preserve the integrity of these incredible temples that date back to the 10th century, and to hopefully secure Bagan’s status as a Unesco World Heritage site. So, it’s a great and necessary decision. But still, nothing will ever come close to being the only people atop this ancient structure as the sun went down, or climbing the famous Sweshandaw Pagoda and looking out across the vast landscape of thousands of temples. Unforgettable, and we’re beyond grateful to have experienced it. Is there something you’ve done or seen on your travels that’s no longer possible to see or do as a tourist? July, 2016. #ashgrovetravels
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Happy Chinese New Year 2018 , a bit late but better late than never 🗿👋🏾 #visitmelbourne #citykillerz #symmetricalmonsters
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Leaving Mexico for Cuba 🇨🇺 Mexico was beauuutiful!! But I was sick every day since the day I arrived 😿 and food situation was a little difficult for me. But I will never forget this trip. Pyramids of Teotihuacan. Not too much known about founders of these pyramids, but they look like space stations. Aztec civilization discovered, but they have already existed. They were used for burying people like the ones in Egypt, but these ones are much bigger size and the whole site looks like a space station. Scientists found liquid mercury inside , which has no practical purpose for ancient civilizations, but it could have potentially been an important element of machinery due to its unusual physical and chemical characteristics. Same liquid mercury was found in Chinese tombs, which have 🐉 symbols very similar to the ones in Mexican pyramids . Coincidence or no? Do you believe that pyramids were built by aliens? 👽
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One of my favourite places
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@ybs_skola Drops his #Visual to “The Top” and it’s a dope 🎥
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Find your way to the top 📷 :@leiozy
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It’s raining today. But yesterday it was like this. 🙌🏻 A reminder to make hay when the suns shining. 📷👌🏻The weather can change so quickly in a small island like Ireland so you have to be ready to embrace it. Took a walk along the Lagan yesterday admiring all the new building work 👍🏻 . #belfast #lovebelfast #photographbelfast #belfastphoto #shootfromthehip #explorecapturecreate #visualambassador #visualmobs #ireland #northerireland #lookup #blueskies #citygram#instacity #igersbelfast
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I was trapped in the city. Then I asked is that really such a bad thing?
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#PortHarcourt - #Lagos 🗓 19 FEB @ 11AM 🛩 PHENOM 300 | 6 SEATS 💰 DM OR CALL +234.701.409.3009 FOR PRICE.
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First time trying steel wool. It was definitely a cool experiment. I’ll do it again but in a better location. This spot was improvised because we couldn’t find this abandoned train car.
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What... a whirlwind. 🎡
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Navarino bay! 🇬🇷
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Ливорно - отличный город, если ничего от него не ждёшь. Говорят, так и с жизнью работает. Мне дали два превосходных совета в жизни. Первый вы уже сто миллионов раз от меня слышали. Он звучит так: «Ты работаешь в коммуникациях. Ты должна знать, что люди нестабильны, а 90% из них ебанные психи». Отлично помогает и по сей день. Даже лучше совета представить иррационального человека в слезах радости, в страхе, отчаянии, тревоге или, например, переживающим, что любовь всей его жизни не перезванивает, то есть очеловечить. Даже самого отъявленного мудака, который срывается на вас, потому что настроение (на самом деле нет, но об этом в другой раз), можно искусственно очеловечить в вашем воображении. Второй совет как раз отлично подходит к Ливорно. Control your expectations.
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